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You know I really appreciate the arts a lot.. but that doesn’t mean I appreciate other things too! I was at a restaurant … I think Islands Burgers and it was playing some surfing and snowboarding on their TVs. I was just looking at it in awe as people were able to do such cool things on a board and be so.. fearless o.o That kind of skill you just see and you can’t… hate it. Just.. awe’s everywhere xDD But that thought then translated to other things! Like Singing and dancing! Both take a lot of control and a sense of being outgoing.
Now then I thought about cosplays… where I’m hoping people, regular normal people who don’t really know about it, can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making a flawless and detailed outfit/props. I’ve gotten comments where people thought I bought a cosplay instead of making it but what they probably don’t realize is that someone has to make it to begin with. It’s all man-made. So even store bought clothes I can see the work (and the not-work where it looks horrible). So no, I don’t buy my outfits. If I buy a piece I usually state it somewhere xD Usually like a dress shirt or something though…

That’s my rant.. xD Back to creating… and drooling over some artwork xD <- that’s another one. We know art has to be created by someone… so it’s never argued it’s fake like autotune or machinery… which both is really just a helping tool to make everything look a little nicer xD But I think people start to appreciate something more once they try to do it themselves and realize how difficult it is. Oh the rants =.= sorry!


Not how I wanted

Note: Picture is NOT mine, click it to go to the home of it ^-^

This is kind of what I felt like today… and last night. I FINALLY found the fabric that I found acceptable to use for the commission I have up next =3 But but, I wanted to do a circle skirt with a striped pattern and I had to wrap my brain around how I would do it >.< In the end… completely had to work it out on paper to finally get exactly how I wanted to do it as well as how much fabric I need~
But it was frustrating cause I was seriously basically tangled in a ribbon for awhile too xD

I think its cute.. man how much I love bows T.T No idea why… certain things just calls to you, you know?

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break right now! I’m happeehh~
It’s great because I’ll be spending a lot of time to myself and family versus friends and school. A change for a week you know~

I wonder if I scare some of my friends away. It was so annoying when an old… ‘friend’ saw me in the hallway, I was reading btw, and he gives me a look like “wth?!” so I say.. hi! Then he goes on asking me why im there… in a really accusing tone… Then he dares to mention my Hunny Bunny asking is he’s dead yet and that he’ll go KICK him… kick.. kic— /SLAP!
….. okay so that’s what I wanted to do, of course I couldn’t. It’s always so annoying, why do you have to try to make fun of me and laugh in between every word, I’m not trying to make you laugh. Think being mean is funny?! Have a decent sense of humor yes? It’s usually better if both people are laughing -.- My gosh… he takes jokes way too far >.> (I can see why he’s banned from some dorm rooms…)

Other than that. I had a nice day of spilling coffee on myself and walking alot T.T


Loving Fabric


This is one of the cutest fabric I have come across yet. Like… seriously. I am absolutely in love with it!!! I’m thinking of what to do with it… probably will use it as an accent piece in me 2nd projec t I’m thinking of. But isnt it cute?! I need to get like 3 yards of that… I seriously really love it. What’s better, is that it’s not really.. lace lace? So it won’t get caught in stuff so easily… kyaaa~~~ IM SO EXCITED!!

I decided to just get the fabric instead of waiting for.. money? I’m thinking of it as an investment right now. oh… wait… here’s the ramble.

Today I got very…offended. Someone call me and my friends.. rude. … RUDE! rude and that we’ll be dropouts, we don’t study, and blah blah. It was really surprising. It was completely out of line even if she was an old hag. If she only came over and told us we were being loud, could we please be quieter… it would be okay. We all would’ve put on smiles and said “oh sorry, we didn’t realize that… okay!”
It just… really annoyed me that people are so.. rude. The irony huh. But I guess she didnt accuse herself of being nice.. lol!!

Lol.. I find it funny someone thinks…. ahhh… I don’t even have words for it. I really don’t. If she wants to compare lives… even achievements? I have a few things in my sleeves~

Okay.. I feel very happy now that I have some devious plans in my head… =3


Football. Cosplay. and prom?!


(Paragraph taken from Cosplay.com from Kasinator.)

I figured it out! I figured out the why!!!

For as long as we have existed in our fandom. People outside our circle have wondered why we do this? Why do we play dressup and go to a comic book convention? Like many people. I couldn’t really explain it. I just liked it. Plain and simple. I couldn’t tell people why I paid an arm and a leg for something that happens every con. But now I get it. This is like the prom for us! Or the big football game!

Think about it. People at football games pay big bucks for a huge TV or tickets to the game they can see on TV for free, and if that’s not enough, they paint their faces and wear Viking helmets and cheese hats and even go streaking across the field.

And what about the prom people who pull out every possible expense for one night of their lives? They pay for the perfect dress, buy the limo, fight for the title of king and queen! What are we doing that is so different?

Now after reading this I was smiling like crazy. I didn’t really know why others couldn’t understand either and I think this statement does it just right.
I didn’t spend much money for prom. Nor did I really care if I did. For some girls the rush of it … is all they have. They had to wait 17~19 years for it! But me… what’s so different… that’s right xD I have cosplaying.

People use so many methods to escape from reality. Watch tv endlessly. Play games. Go to games.
I guess going to cons is just more direct. Well as it seems. Dressing up as a character.
I do it cause I wanna show off xD I want to show the world what I can do with myself and my talents!

So rawr to everyone out there who doesn’t appreciate cosplay. It’s like saying I don’t appreciate people who go to football games. That they are useless.
But in fact if millions like football. And another million likes anime/cosplay stuff. Doesn’t that make them the same in a sense?


sleepy and mean

So yesterday I was panicking about… school work and all.
I even started to use my planner again cause I can’t keep everything straight in my head anymore >.<

Even still, I wish there was… less work? lol! ddduh xD
I got less sleep last night… I think the last time I looked at the clock was at 12:30 or so.
Got up at 6 >.< What a drag! T.T;;

Today I’ve been making a fool out of myself a lot xD
Saying things I normally wouldn’t say to. I will not repeat them.

I just wanna take a nap. Which shouldn’t be so hard in the comfy booth seats I’m in right now.
But I’m by myself and that doesnt seem right to be sleeping and no one watching… well over my stuff and what not.

I want a hair cut…

I’m full off Togo’s sandwhich. I eat when I’m sad. Hence why I don’t like being sad alot.
Or I eat when I’m bored! lol~

Now I really do think imma fall asleep…

oh btw: People on Deviantart are mean. I think I will keep saying that until it stops. Highly doubt it though. But seriously? Why put down someone else’s hard work if it’s not bad. Just cause its simple does not mean its not pretty. And if I wanted to get a job It wouldn’t be hard to get one.