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Recap 2012 time!


Enjoy this remix of k-pop 2012 songs~ It’s creative…. but it’s okay. Just okay xD Props to the guy who did this~

This year’s coming to an end and…. it doesn’t feel like I did enough!  But I am proud of what I did end up getting done… This year wasn’t the greatest for me but… I know next year is my redemption year and it will. be. better!

So I complied a little collage of my memorable accomplishments… I think. 2012 recap

You can see my Sakura ball gown, Arch Bishop photoshoot, Pichu photoshoot, Actal making of Pichu, Gee-ki Artist Alley table at AM2, and my two sketches as I’ve been trying to work on drawing out designs more ^^

So I’m happy that this year is coming to an end, a fresh start no? Okay not really… but close enough~ I have cake and sparkling apple juice waiting for me in the new year ^^

Happy New Years everyone ^^





My new storage unit ^^ It’s already FILLED with fabric.. mainly extras which I use for various things…. it’s quite fun to see it filled with all the colors~~ I’ve just been working on ALA stuff… I have my Jolteon Gijinka all planned out! I’m really excited for it… =33 and -hopefully- it’s all under $20 cause honestly I can’t afford it if it’s much more than that >.< But hopefully it will work out…. I want to wear a blonde wig with it but that just seems like a hassle xDD Plus wigs are pretty uncomfy… so Jolteon with black hair? I hope that’s not too odd. Who knows.. maybe I’ll try it with the blonde wig day of con~

OTher than that… back to doing some work~


Purple… in 3D


My purple 3DS my brother got me for Christmas =3 I love it! wish I had games for it though T,T You can also kinda tell the nails I have.. my cousin did them for me xD A bit dark for my liking but I like them anyways. He also put mini crystals on each flower which I thought was a really nice touch =3 My sister also recently got glow in the dark nail polish… I wonder if it works xD Well.. works WELL. xD

So I have a week until ALA and it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m working on redoing the props for Sakura and making a few new outfits… can I do it? I dunno. Maybe. I want to get a staff done.. and 2 mini outfits. one for my one for Gee.. ( I’ve been slacking with my own outfits… you can only imagine his xD) So sorry for the lack of blogging .. I really have to say my life isnt THAT interesting lol…

But I can tell you that I watched a movie on netflix recently called Princess: A modern Fairytale. And I thought it was really cute! My takeaway from the movie was to just… do things you love which can include walking around in poofy dresses normally and cloaks for when you want to “be invisible” cause that totally works. xP No really. I want to make cloaks…. so instead of trying to rush asuna I might just make a cloak for myself and GEe cause.. you know what? It’s winter here. It’s FREEZING. I want a nice cloak >.>


Merry. Happy, Jolly, Chirstmas~

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all~~~

So I said I’d take some pictures and… well here, let me share the massive present pile my house had:


That’s pretty much the side pile of it… it’s just because there are a lot of people in the house.. so everyone had a decent amount of presents… except for me of course since grandma wrote the names wrong on some of them so my sister and my cousin got some of my gifts >.> And I feel bad about going up to them and saying “yea… those are mine… >.>” But at the same time I barely got.. anything. Let’s see.. I got:

A nerf gun. courtesy of my brother.
A new keyboard which works the same way as my old one lol!
A pin holder for sewing
A jewelry display holder thing
annnd…. I think that’s it. I think.
OH wait! eeyore too. But that’s from white elephant game =3

Other than that I was suppose to get a pair of jeans and headphones. In which my sister who got the jeans got another 4 pairs and my cousin who got the headphone got 2…. so at the same time I shouldn’t feel bad >.>?

Anyways… here’s a picture from what I Basically looked like for Chirstmas~


Really..santa-like~ But it was fun =3 Since I don’t think I could wear this outfit at any other time without it being too overly “christmassy” xD

Hope everyone had a happy day~ If not… well the New Year is coming up! At least it’s something to look forward too~ We did survive the end of the world~

Now … just that awkward time between Christmas and New Years…. What do I do >.>


A pre-Christmas


So our Christmas eve is basically Christmas morning for alot of people xD After church we always open our presents because honestly by that time it’s officially “Christmas” anyways! Well the “loot” post will come around tomorrow.. maybe. hopefully~ And more pictures of today tomorrow because I’m tired and it’s about 2am right now xD (trying to stalk santa, not working xD)

Anyways grandma wrote most of the tags this year…. because she’s the master at wrapping gifts xD My brother had it so she even wrapped her own xD It was hilarious. I think that’s what made opening presents so fun, grandma~ She wrote my name as Chang again -.- every year!!! Well.. okay not EVERY, there was once a time where she got it right…. way back when. lol~ (and no, I won’t tell you what my asian name really is, but it’s close enough to Chang honestly…. and I’m not saying Chang isn’t cool.. he’s in Mulan!!) So I thought I’d share though… xDDD

Man…. Chirstmas…. <3