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Yep. We’re team #HELP! why? Cause we were calling in for the hints and kinda just went… help QQ But it was fun~ We’re kinda puzzle nerds so this was quite the experience o.o

We did the Harry Potter room! It was basically a small room with some secret puzzles that involved some magic… wands… and .. MATH QQ Luckily I didn’t have to do any of the math stuff >> LOL But I did do the poking around and just kinda prance about and look for the odd ways to figure out the puzzles. But hey. At least we did it so something is right with this team! :D

Since then we’re been like… LETS DO IT AGAIN! also with the “we can do one too right?!” but I think we all have so much on our plates none of us have time to go off create an intricate puzzle like that. But hey, that on the bucket list doesn’t sound so bad right?

I’m a hufflepuff btw. Dunno why but way back when I could actually get sorted on Pottermore it wouldn’t let me in anything but hufflepuff =.= I tried to be a ravenclaw >> OH well. Just meant to be, but hufflepuffs kinda grow on you anyways so I kinda like it now xD


a country club view


Sometime last week I got dragged off to some seminar for real estate by my family. I was quite annoyed at it I admit. But it was at a nice venue aka a country club so at least the amenities were quite nice~ That and the speaker was actually really interesting … and motivating. Sometimes I like the motivation speech other than “JUST DO IT” XD Even though that’s probably what it was in the a nutshell lol~ So actually what I took out of it was to create a schedule for myself. Set production goals. And find innovative ways to get out there! Now combining that with the great book I’ve been reading I have a better grasp on what I’m doing. And with that I decided to really drive forward and not getting distracted. I wake up earlier (yay!) and I have a set schedule unless theres events (like this week! I have photoshoots to manage~) I’m literally constantly having one part of this business on my mind at all times. I’m really trying to go forward because I don’t want my friends to worry so badly XDDD Cause it’s a trend I’m seeing and it’s kinda sad…. for me =.=

Driving forward! YOSH! These next few years I can see being really rough already… but I mean I’ve been getting through this dirt path just fine already. I should be able to use the tricks up my sleeve to get there a little easier right? xD

Although I admit that not having a pet to talk to has kinda gotten to me. I don’t even have a fish anymore QQ Sooo… I have resulting to turning to my trusty stuffed animals! yep. Talking to things that literally won’t do anything back. But sometimes that’s nice anyways. (that or I’m finally going crazy. eh. not too crazy at least?)

Anyways. Enjoy the view of greenery. XD Back to some work and then I get to sleep early for another early wake up! yay~


pudy lookin rocks


Excited to finally get some rocks for some accesories I’ve been trying to dip my hand into~ I’ve always been told to not take my hobby into my work but … that’s what I’ve done. And I’m not hating it cause I get new hobbies and I still love my work xD It’s wonderful. Still fighting off parents about getting a certification that doesn’t mean anything to me =.= Maybe they’ll come around, who knows maybe I’ll come around. But I’m glad to have a good team close to me~ Wish I did have a partner in this though. Still working on that XD

Anyways. THESE ROCKS. So they are rose quartz grade A. I got a pound of them to test out some wire wrapping and what not. I mean if I can’t use them then I think they will look pretty in a fish bowl or just to hold my brushes up more >> sooo win win?

I’m not gonna lie I’ve been a bit lazy lately. Been playing Sims 3 again cause different careers lol. I never got a chance to really explore and what not. But been doing that… meh. Which honestly sims passes the time so quick it’s kinda amazing. but I have so much to do and I really don’t wanna fall into the trap of slacking off even though I mainly work from home. So guess what?! STARBUCKS~ LOL I wonder if anyone tried to put starbucks as thier office and take off coffee as an office expense… lol. I dunno if that would work. I highly doubt it tho xD




DESSERT …day :D Orginally we went for boba but we didn’t know our favorite boba place closed on Tuesday… EVERY TUESDAYS.How sad is that. Oh well. Luckily a new ice cream shop opened up right next to it! :D So we ended up getting some pretty dang good ice cream! Mine was a Earl Grey Lavender Gelato blend and the bright orange one is Gee’s Sunset passion fruit sorbet that was actually quite yummuy :D So win win~ Was great xD

It was a great day yesterday but today… eh. Meh.

incoming shoes

My weakness… shoes.

BUT I have a good reason for buying them!! REALLY! One of them is white for the purpose of photoshoots for the many white dresses I’ll be making~ And then I bought another pair of lower kitten heels in bronze cause.. well it was cheap and they make great cosplay shoes to paint :D May paint it a different more interesting color but bronze is kinda cool on its own xD BUT they are shipping so pictures later if anything~

Anyways yes. I did that today.. bought shoes… as well as took a break day with Heather and we went swimming with her doggie and chilled out… watched some of her shows. Ate dinner with her parents… and then dessert with friends! That was quite interesting xD