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Trying to be cute


:D So I joined a group on a whim called Summoner’s Cafe! It’s pretty much a fan service cafe where they hold events all themed for League of Legends!! I know.. not really my type of scene especially since I can’t act cute in front of people so often. >> BUT, Caitlyn, the character I maido-upped, is kinda a serious type of person and a bad arse sheriff! WITH A RIFLE! Sooo. Yea. Hopefully less cute and more sassy on my part~ I thought I’d try something different and it’s a way to meet other people :D Plus I’ve been to a few events because of the group and it’s been a learning experience. Although I do have to admit at times I feel a little ostracized as I’m one of the new girls and kinda going in this without knowing anyone…. I’m an awkward person so I don’t think that helps me at all either T.T BUT! I mean… hey. for the love of league~~ <3 Although the Tera playing and Hearthstone has been more apparent lately xD

So I took some selfie pictures awhile back cause some people needed to OK the outfit design~ Although after taking the picture I realized I needed more white on the top so I added cute frills to the top brown straps~ I like it :D Was fun to make since I used a really nice thick knit fabric that just is SO soft. Both the white and black is soft to touch and I just wanna pet myself. … … ok yea that was a weird sentence LOL

Like my hat? Made out of foam. =3 I accidentally squished it and it just popped back into it’s shape!

To see the photoshoot picture you can go here to Summoner’s Cafe FB page :D

Now onto some other designs of my own!



Because we all feel insecure at one point or another… or many times in life! And most of us are probably a mix of some of these types just making you a unique kind of insecure person! Personally though? I fall with the deflector category >> I tend to use humor to shy the attention away from me quite often… and mainly cause it works so well! :D (we all have our problems ok?!) xD And then mix in pretty much all the rest and you have me as well! YAY! I think that’s why I’m slightly awkward too. I can’t socialize normally =.= I had an event recently and I noticed I can talk to the more awkward people (like meee!) so much easier than the more outgoing ones or the really active ones. But even still that didn’t mean I didn’t TRY anyways.

Anyways if you haven’t checked out the girl in the video Anna Akana, you really should. I love how she’s witty and just does her own thing and runs with it. It’s given me a little bit of a push to just.. be the weird self and it’s so much more appealing I think than trying to change to fit in a certain group. (which I tried… alot) and then I find myself going “this is weird” and just go back to being normal which usually result in the girls looking at me weird and ditching me anyways (and I like to believe they would’ve anyways… xD) But don’t take that as sad… it just happens in life. People aren’t gonna click with you but when some do it’s just wonderful~ So I feel blessed I have the friends who will take me in last minute or freak out if I need their help randomly or if I see a cute guy and start fan girling enough to try to sneak a snap in for them to see LOL. Yea. That last tidbit happens rarely. >>

So yea! That’s my little rant of today. Don’t ever feel bad about being insecure… just find ways to use it to your advantage and embrace it! But that also doesn’t mean never change, I think just try to be confident in yourself and the tidbits of insecurity will go away~

I also would like to mention happy Memorial Day~ I had a wonderful (sorta.) day at home with no makeup and in PJs~ After the long weekend I had.. I needed it. Could’ve used less mother whine tho. Fun fact? Got home past 1 am the past two days T.T


Weird self


Same day… different me xDD The picture on left was after a mini shoot for a group~ They redid my makeup and it was quite… different. Which you can’t really tell from the picture since I was doing weird faces for selfies XDD The two behind me were doing them until they realized how stupid we probably looked xDDDD oh gosh. the things they do~ And the picture on the right was after I took off the wig and some of the makeup! We were waiting for fooood! At one of our favorite sushi restaurant~~ They always have some sort of a wait but all worth it once we devour like 6 hand rolls =3

Quite interesting days~ Bought some more fabric paint as well and more food things! Which im kinda sad how I bought dessert and ended up not being able to eat alot of it so I saved it and it went bad T.T So sad!!!

More cosplay updates sooon! Or sketch updates o.o I have a lot to update just less time to… well.. update. Hm. I gotta get my priorities straight lol!

Hope you enjoy the weird selfies!!


Wig time!


Finally got around to fixing up the horridly shiny wig I bought! Weee! I actually got it for the steampunk lolita outfit but ended up thinking I’ll look like a tree with all the brownery… so I bought a silver wig which is what you see int he pictures~ But then I have this brown wig sitting around and I thought.. why not straighten it and try out the fabric softener and baby powder! I’m actually quite happy with the results. It just looks softer and smells less like plastic but more florally from the chemicals now xD

Fun stuff though~ Can’t wait to see how my other wigs with the same horrid shine looks after all this too!

Been sketching and sewing~ Finally started on Ahri for AX! Really exciting stuff. sorta. kinda. well. yea. we’ll go with that XD

Still struggling with deciding on getting a part time job. mainly for the stable income but taking time away from the creating and designing is also a trade off :/ so who knows. maybe i’ll apply anyways and see if I get it? hur. I can see gee’s face already shaking his head and telling me to just make up my mind QQ I need to make a pros and cons chart >>


Frilly frills of a skirt


Created a ruffly underskirt for a little project I’ve been working on~ I tried it with the outfit I was wearing that day and wala! More girlie version of me XDD I need to really update more but it seems like errands and games are just taking over my life T.T Games mainly. I may have to cut back now >> That or just work twice as hard to justify it! lol!!

So I actually go back to job hunting every now and then when I think “hmm.. money. yea. that sounds good” and as I go through the motions I find myself hating it a little bit more each time. And Yes what I want to do is much harder and in the realm of the unknown but.. eh. you know what. I think I can live with just taking a leap of faith. So that’s what happens each time I go and actively seek a regular 8-5 job employment. By the time I find 3rd pratical job for myself I’ve already lost about 80% of my drive. Something about just employing for the sake of money just hurts a little. but money drives what we do and passion is a luxury. I believe tho. I HAVE FAITH! That my designs will come to life and one day I can be a part of people’s magical days (weddings/events/etcetc)

Oh! like my new cardigan? Bought it mainly for my sister but it’s grown on me >> so I’ve been wearing it xD I thought it was more her style but I guess not, well. luckily for me it’s getting warmer (ha… I say that but it’s been raining randomly)

Anyways. hope you like~ I really want to update more on what I’ve been working on but can’t just yet T.T