Archive | November 21, 2008

wow! A picture actually at school!! lol!
This is usually where I wait for my parents and bro to pick me up. Next to a bush… under a tree kinda…

Wow my face looks chubby… lol!
I never borther to put on make-up at school. I think its funny XD Since tihs one girl in my 4th period ALWAYS puts on make-up in there. I’m like wtf? I so wanna see all the girls without make-up one day. I bet half of them

Buy anyways. So I was reading things online. And I came to a game site where I was just reading cause… the font colors were all different and pretty… XDD Yea…

Yet! IT was interesting. These two couples found each other in game and really love each other. Now… can that really work out? I thought it never could… but its like finding personality out before looks. Cause in person people go for looks and not personality. I mean…really… what happens if you go with someone.. just because? Thats the worst. MAybe not TOTALLY bad, but it doesn’t last.

So people say yay to online dating.. whatever. It depends. Meeting people off of a game, lots of them are awsome! Really! I love meeting people online~ It’s just a way to connect the world. Its not bad to have friends~


Yum… fruitie


Random much? Yea xD

Cute little plastic glass huh? of course~

But anyways! School? Nothing special. Thought of a new idea. Didn’t finish it XD I have a tendency of not finishing things if I stop.. doing it >.<;; Its a bad habit. I know. Which is why I want to get all my supplies for cosplay before I start cause then I’ll finish it most likely~ OR do most of it at least. If time permits.

Anything else… not really!! lol. Today has been simple.

Oh oh~ Just as a forwarning to people that now me less than the others. Really… if its obvious that I’m mad or sad, don’t ask stupidly “are you mad?” cause I’ll end up being sarcastic and say… “nooo >.>;;” and then somehow it’ll be belieable and nothing would be said XD

I don’t crave for attention… THAT much anyways. Its usually if im mad/sad, I’ll come to you if I need consuel. But usually I’m good on my own~ I can express my feelings just fine I believe. If you wanan push my buttons… be careful which ones~