Cause I like Snow :D


Yea I like snow and strapping myself onto a slippery board and flying down a slope LOL! xD 2nd time going up the slope and well… it went a lot better! For one the snow was ALOT better than last year but still left something to be desired. At least we didn’t have any dirt patches this time xD And snow (even if it was man made) was able to be kicked up if you wanted to do that.


It was cold though. My nose… PINK! I think I took this selfie before going down the slop at all… so it was early. It was cold. And I haven’t gone down at all which warms up my body. Plus the lift going up is always FREEZING T.T Oh. And no, I’m not on a dance team, this is my sister’s sweater XDDD I couldn’t find any of my warm ones before leaving! That’s Jasmine in the back. You can tell she’s ready xD

The funny thing is that my bindings were all weird (rentals T.T) so I actually needed help to strap myself in each time. It sucked. But you needed to like push and pull.. it was weird.


So the guys took a but just trying to fix my binding on top of the slopes… not scary at all right? Let’s just tell nikki her stuff is weird after getting to the top >.> That first run was SO terribly bad for me. I kept falling from just being unstable and not used to it T.T And the soreness… halp.

But after 2 runs I was barely falling and it was quite fun :D


I borrowed some goggles from a friend which was SUPER useful. I want ones myself but… probably better ones. =3 Cause yea. I have the money (<- totally saying that in a sarcastic tone) That’s Gee in the picture with alex’s goggles. Look at dem man hands. LOL sorry. I’m done >.>;;

Overall it was really fun. We’re planning to go more than once each year though… cause just once is just not enough!! I had a run where I didn’t fall at all`~~~~~~ And then another run where I took the go pro down with me half the way! Hopefully Heather finishes a video of that and I can post it up whenever that’s all done and ready :D I think there is another video of me just eating it (yea somehow they get me falling badly … anything. everywhere.) I have a huge bruise on my knee from getting stuck from the lift and just sliding/falling. And then nice soft spot on my left butt from just falling and I swear I bounced xD

Ok. That’s it for the snow part~


The snoow!!!


My mini snowboard, a cute pic, a resting pic, and a scenery pic!

This is my first time seeing/feeling/face-eating/falling/slipping in snow since I was in elementary school!! And it was SO fun =3 The top picture pretty much sums it up xD We came to the spot.. parked and went “wow it’s hot outside” which kind of sucked to be honest. But it meant that I could easily just snowboard with my jacket opened and my hair up without freezing to death. Down side? Not much snow if any… so it was all nice and icy/slushy. But we managed xD

So like any newbie snowboarder… I fell. Alot. xD BUT, most of it was calculated so I fell on my butt which in all honesty isn’t that sore o.o (I guess all the butt workouts help? LOL) And my legs are also not very sore… thighs slightly though. But I didn’t think I’d need so much arm strength o.o Mainly for getting up after falling around so much xD It was great though, the dopples were REALLY patient with us 3 and didn’t mind all the falls/breaks xD I was so tired just getting up from falling so 3rd time down the hill I just vowed to not fall so I would be less tired xDDD But no… after the 2nd run I got the hang of it pretty well o.o Our “instructors” were so proud of us =3 Said we didn’t fall so much comparatively.

Although I did unfortunately fall on my knees a few times which wouldn’t be so bad until you fall on just.. ice =.= It Hurt… so I have a few lovely bruises to keep as a reminder… but I blame the conditions for that. Luckily the dirt and ice taught us really well how to steer ourselves and get over slush/ice without freaking out xD

 photo 20140215_165602_zps2d71e58d.jpg

Pacchi: Hi!!

Pacchi came along with the trip as my “pillow” xP Can’t forget a stuffed animals when your on trips away from home xD

 photo 20140215_132506_zps7f6b50b2.jpg

Om nomnom!

After 2 runs down the intermediate hill (yea… our “instructors” refused to let us do the smaller one) we were tired and hungry xD Luckily Jasmine is awesome and packs a mean sandwich =3 Granted the mayo basically exploded on her (lol!) we were able to get a break in, water, and a nice lunch :D

Ah I can’t forget the classic selfie picture =3 I took this after I did … 4 runs down the hill? Including a short break which made the trip… about maybe 6 hours?

 photo 20140215_164440_zps852383d5.jpg

Bruised and tattered, I will still take a picture with the map behind me xD

So you can see some eye bags… (I woke up early.. slept late…) What I loved was being able to wear Gee’s leather jacket after it all =3 Seriously… guy jackets are SO warm. I looked so thug in it… it was awesome. Threw my scarf with it and had some jeans on. If I was wearing my boots it would have been perfect xD

Alright. Back to my normal days~~ Thanks to Jas/Alex for the massive amounts of food preparation and teaching us. Thanks to Heather for the drive and the cooking. Super thanks to Gee for putting it all together and giving us a free stay :D Definitely a great trip that I think we all needed~


Party, Mushu, Games, fun~


Woke up all nice and early to go drive around… 2 hours to Gee’s place for a Graduation party! It was actually pretty fun… minus the sleepy parts where I was just tired with no one around to suck the energy out of xP So as a gift from his family he actually got a bearded lizard which was quite fun to “play” with and watch around. Quite an interesting creature… you can see him up there on the left eating something and on the right just looking cool xP His name is mushu…. but Jasmine thought of a cool name too: Godzilla. xDDD

The small picture on the top if a picture of us… It’s not suppose to look cute… at the time I was actually trying to puff my cheeks and blow air at him xD So not really cute on my part… on the bottom is a selfie while Hea drives us to his house~We came around 1pm and left at 11pm =.= Crazy. But fun! Played Cards Against Humanity (quite the game with friends.. please, 18+ only) and then alot of Super Smash Brawl which I still own at =3 And no, pikachu is not THAT cheap >.> Look at kirby gosh.

The food was AMAZING~ I love the cream puffs =3 The chicken… etc etc. I was super amazed his mom did it all in the morning by herself, that’s just awesome right there. I admit… I wanna be able to do that some day xD

So yep! That’s my little party day where I come home around 1am and my mother comes and says “you go out too much” which is crazy to hear since it’s the first time I have really been out in 2 weeks…. and she still expects me to leave fridays so I don’t see the problem here xD I’m letting my “me time” slack >.>;;

From this day I did get to see what awesome group of friends I have~ It’s true how they say the group of friends you make in college tend to stick around… so it’s quite amazing the family I have =3 What’s the best? They all know the cosplayer me and the designing/sewist me! And it’s such a moral boost since my family at home don’t… really know much of anything. I’m lucky to have such great friends =3 And boyfriend! Cause he’s pretty much the glue that brought us together~ (and now he cant get it apart LOL)


Me summed up

 photo smiles_zps4545c6cc.gif

Gee has to mention that this is me summed up in a gif… (other than the fact that it IS me…) but what he meant is that… I do this alot apparently? Just look lost and then smile lol! I was organizing my picture files which I haven’t done since… the year started. But I went through some old pictures and found some consecutive ones and googled how to make a gif! Soooo… I found out how to make a gif in photoshop =3 And this is the result~!!!

(Btw I’ve been wearing that grey skirt like no other lately! I want to make another one in black ~ except maybe less drastic ruffles cause I can’t wear that skirt in the wind for the life of me LOL!)

Anyways today was productive~ I was asked to take my sister out show shopping so I did and she picked out some tennis shoes for herself then looked at me when it came to pay =.= So that’s a $20 gone xD And then I paid for boba and I’m thinking “man I’m too nice now…” And then I went off to the office! Where I finished cutting the fabric for Inu x Boku SS cosplay =3 and then also started on the archer bow~ Yes. My ALA debut cosplay is an archer! But you’ll have to wait for the info on my cosplay blog =P (or my facebook page?! oh whut?? :P)

And so I went home and then decided to go see my mother perform in an annual choir thing that was held at our church (once in what… every 10 years I think?) and I won’t lie that was pretty darn boring. …yea. You can only imagine. BUT! She didn’t know I was gonna go so it was a surprise for her xD I could tell she was happy (and she fed me =3) and I mean… parents go through those shows just to watch their kids (although I don’t think she ever went to any of mine…) but now she’s more of the kid than anything xD It’s funny.

So I go home, try to work out a bit and one contact gets stuck and refuses to go out of my eye. I went on a yawning and trying to make myself spree!! Not very fun but who knew eyedrops x 4 would work (I’m guessing 3 out of the 4 didn’t actually hit my eyeball…)

Now? Well now I try to figure stuff out for the store.. ALA… and all that lovely stuff. ESPECIALLY kickstarter. /been neglecting it T.T



Let’s do this post in pictures yes? =3

So today was the magical day where we actually went on an unofficial “double date” with some friends and the guys actually planned everything out as a surprise to the girls! So let’s start the adventure!
 photo DSC_0535_zpsb97ba051.jpg

First off we got lunch at a Dim Sum place that was… actually pretty cheap o.o I was surprised.. and with that I kinda wish I got a dessert plate >.> xD But afterwards we took the drive alllll the way to a place known for it’s Library, Art collections, and botanical gardens =3 Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? It was =3

It is an enormous place which we actually didn’t get to explore all of! But super pretty =3 so we walked… and walked alot.

 photo DSC_0511_zps71283d96.jpg

This is me and the other Asuna from AX! Yea. We made friends with them =3 With both our guys in tow, they took all the pictures while we enjoyed the sights and let them take pictures of us xD Honestly? They were mainly testing their cameras out and working on “directing” Although I think I messed that up by taking the camera away and taking pictures of them xP

 photo DSC_0547_zps2819ef4e.jpg

We saw really lovely scenery in the Japanese part of the gardens as well as the Chinese. I love cultured gardens, You can see the real differences and uniqueness in each one!  There is also the Victorian art and archways from the past days which really inspires me to draw something that goes with the scenery. ONE thing I really want to sketch out now involves an animal!

 photo DSC_0551_zpsd7084917.jpg

Koi fish! These babies are one of my favorite fish to look at =3 (Favorite to eat would be Salmon xP Don’t worry, that comes in later) The three int he picture are actually my favorite… if you count the closer one silver xP Gold and silver~ Can’t go wrong with the traditional red/white though! Anyways… once we get details sorted out I want to design a Koi fish flowy dress and take it to the water. If I could have an underwater shoot that would be awesome and terrifying. xD So that’s not happening anytime soon… but that doesn’t mean I can’t start sketching today!

But like I said.. beautiful ways in which buildings were positioned and presented

 photo DSC_0630_zps0f4e51e6.jpg

But I’m glad because I got a decent picture! (Yay for being happy!) Our friends took some picture of me and Gee but I haven’t gotten them yet T.T Hopefully they turned out good but for now.. just me! (Gee refused to give me the pictures of him cause he said he “looked weird” If weird means really nice then he’s trippin xP)

 photo DSC_0530_zps1941d69c.jpg

OH WAIT! FOUND ONE. Yes it’s his back but.. I’ll take it xD Doesn’t he look so.. so.. majestic? xPP

 photo DSC_0666_zpsef85bae1.jpg

Afterwards.. (and after me consistently asking for boba) the guys took us to a popular boba shop around there! It was.. actually pretty good. Their rose milk black tea was really easy to drink and not sweet because it was actually brewed rose tea o.o I was amazed. Their teas are on the same level as some other great boba shops!

 photo DSC_0697_zps94eb4bd8.jpg

Isn’t that cute? They put rose buds on the top inside the drink =3 I took it out before drinking of course… but that gives them and extra +1 for presentation that’s for sure. Little things like that makes people want to go back ^^ Then we headed off to somewhere new…

 photo DSC_0700_zps397cf0d9.jpg

Okay THIS was a complete surprise. I didn’t think they’d drive from city to city for places o.o So I found myself back in LA at the Griffin Observatory! Crazy from where we were before honestly >.> It was a great (smoggy) view!

 photo DSC_0706_zps024f0614.jpg

Lovely huh? It’s okay xD We could see the Hollywood sign from it though =3 What’s really sad is that we went for a show but the times on the website was wrong so we ended up having to miss it T.T Why? Because we needed dinner and after a full few hours of walking we were seriously hungry…

 photo DSC_0717_zpsd280757a.jpg

Okay this Sushi place was… awesome. Why? Well it was in Downtown LA and crowded as is. BUT BUT I got the Genki Roll (cute huh?) and IT HAD EEL AND SALMON IN IT. That’s the first time I’ve ever had a combination and it was seriously the best taste in my mouth. My two favorite in the SAME ROLLL!! <3 Other than the one eel bone.. it was yummy ^^

We ended the day on that note and went home after the long long drive. I actually slept on the way xDDD Partly. But it was food coma/tired/waking up early. Gotta thank my lovely Gee for paying for everything o.o We tried to stop the guys for paying for everything but it didn’t work >.< I was really nice though =3 There really wasn’t an occasion either so its awesome to think that they just did it because they love us that much xP Do you guys? Eh. Don’t answer that. xDD It was really fun….. Worth the long LONG wait of hanging out. Really <3