Post AX Update!


BACK FROM AX! Look at my loot!! It’s literally… two artprints :D I bought the Ahri print like… Day 1 I think. Because it was the only print that I’ve seen with Ahri’s New Dawn outfit and it looks AWESOME :D YAY. And then Day 4 Gee surprised me with the print to the right of the fawns that I’ve had as my bg for… like a year. and on the inside I was squealing cause he got me such a cute print that I kept not buying cause it’s been expensive >>

Also with the loot list is my Ahri tail, it feels like another plushie so I put it with the pile for now. Then I looked over again and it totally looks like Poro is licking the underneath of it >> hay poro haaay~ Oh and my brother bought the harvest moon bunny =3 He would tho.

So YES. This was my 10th AX I’ve been to, and it seriously has been such a ride. I’m not expecting to stop going anytime soon unless life really catches up to me xD But this year was special and I celebrated it with hoteling again with a group of friends~ It was ALOT more fun than last time I hoteled and the room was even smaller xD There was one point where I got stuck sleeping in the middle of two people and realized… I don’t like it. -,- I also realized I may get annoyed with living with certain people xD So I’m glad it was just a weekend and I got to go back home and sleep nicely in my own bed~

Met a few new people and even found out how small the world can be! Even at a what… 80k+ attendee con?

Cosplaying this year was wonderful cause I didn’t have to worry about falling apart or missing part of my cosplay. I even finished Gee’s cosplay all nicely and packed it so nothing was missing :D

AH! Saw the Try Guys at the masquerade!! It was funny and wonderful~ Still can’t believe the group I thought would get awards… didn’t. And the groups I didn’t think would… did. But meh.

Other than that I tried doing a few shoots at the con but con shoots are always so awkward =.= Like… you get the options of fake bgs or concrete or greenery with more concrete. So I did get a few decent shots but will def be doing a proper shoot later :D

And of course pictures can be seen on my fb!


Happy Valentine’s Day =3


Happy Valentines Day ~~~ <3

I don’t think I usually spend a lot of time on Valentine’s day things just because I never really liked the day? But I do like to do things here and there for Gee and friends anyways~ Last year I made choco truffles! This year… I didn’t feel like making anything xD And since I was seeing everything today anyways for a celebration party… I brought strawberries and we made home-made chocolate dipped strawberries! And I never (At least to my memory) got an actual gift for someone but this year I saw a chance and… why not =3 So I got Gee Asuna and Kirito keychains! =3 We have been really loving the OTP and since we do cosplay them… I thought it would be cute as a keepsake =3 And hopefully we can do a photoshoot of us for the ultimate barfy cutsy effect LOL! <3

So I ended up giving both to him and told him to choose which one he wanted to keep… cause we can fight for waifu or senpai LOL In the end I have Kirito and he has Asuna~~~ I love it =3

Other than that.. I swear I had like 4 courses of dessert and SO MUCH FOOD. Gee hosted a little party and he … he knows how to do food =3 It was yummy and oh so lovely~ Sad some other friends couldn’t make it but… oh well! Always other times =3 Next few weeks look booked to me o.o So I’ll see…

Plus I got good and bad news of a fashion show! So I’m excited but a month to make 7 outfits? Mmmm… I really want to make new ones and not reuse sooo… hing. I’ll see. Middle of tax season and creating this new business so I’m going to go crazy if I do decide to make new ones… >.> BUT I WANT TO QQ

(btw this is what was in the Tokyo Otaku Mode package you saw earlier this week =3 )


Live on


Yea…. Blank. xD

The feeling of Blank! lol~

Anyways the past few days have been sorta not really eventful? In a way! I am almost done with Stage 1 of my new business venture. It’s gonna be a long path but.. hey that’s what makes it good right? Then I also have relationship things sorted out… it sucks when there are things my mind wanders on…. T.T I have an interview tomorrow which I’m partially bleh about but that’s probably because things have been going well for me at home so once again I go back and forth on actually getting a regular job. Which some people might be mad to hear me say that after all the crap I’ve been through but…. honestly I feel like my hours are worth more than $9 … minus the taxes and dues and gas so prob only $5. And that doesn’t sing well with me.

So it’s been just trying to work and create a business in the morning/afternoon. Then when I get home I sit at my desk and see if I want to work on any projects. Then games with friends so I’m not so anti social xD

On another note… and one that probably just kept in my mind all day…

Monty Oum passed away today… and that made me so incredibly sad that I just… I actually just sat and stared at the comp screen thinking how it was so unreal… he was so young… and so talented. His work inspired me as a cosplayer. How? He was the kind of person who gave his characters lots of pockets and hiding places so the cosplayers that made them would have a functional outfit and practical one! And I just thought… he has to be awesome if he thought to care for the cosplayers as well o.o

So yea. I’m thinking of doing something creative in memory of him.. not sure what though. I’m really happy to see the community come together like this though, It’s super touching to see how his fund is exceeding their base amount for the family of him. As well as all the art and cosplay things going on in his memory. I absolutely love it and just seeing how this one amazing person made such an impact…. I want to strive for that too. But first, let me rewatch dead fantasyand rwby.

You’ll be missed… but your inspiration and art will always live on :D


Working on it


I actually wore Sailor Mars for a short amount of time the first day of ALA. I wanted something small and comfy that I could easily walk around in and set up the table and explore! But by the end of the day I changed back into my normal clothes~ We actually decided to see how the pink backdrop looks for pictures so I decided to do a few poses! This was… pretty much the outcome >.>;; Just trying to do more… interesting poses now xD But the backdrop… not so pretty for photos >.> I think it’s the lines… or maybe how pink it is o.o

That’s hard btw. Kinda how I feel normally in a sense? Doing something uncomfy and having to smile like it’s just fine xD FEELS LIKE LIFE XD or well. life as of late >.> But sadness is a feeling I won’t waste anymore on situations that really shouldn’t involve me in general.

It’s kinda funny how I make revelations SO late. Like… Gee would notice something and MONTHS later I would finally go “oh you know what? ______ is messed up” and he’d go “you just realized that?” >.> YES T.T I always thought my family was just weird but…. kinda been noticing how messed up it gets. so. I know people don’t have perfect little families and what I’m struggling with is the constant bombardment of expectations that I just don’t want to meet. That and a lot of the times it’s your family that’s holding you back from your potential growth. And I haven’t really found a great solution to that yet so when I do… I’ll share it!

But for now I think… I’ll share this bubz video. Although I watch her videos only when I have time (like I binge watch he blogs of a month in one day xD) her additude and outlook on life is how I used to view mine then.. somehow got lost. And now… and now it’s coming back :D So… yea. She’s been an inspiration to me o.o And it’s wonderful to be vertically challenged with her! XDDDD (we’re short… T.T #asiangirlproblems LOL) ->

Her and Ellen. Be yourself. Be kind. Take in the positive and don’t even bother with the negative :D Now doesn’t just reading that make you happier? XD


And we expand~


More post ALA posts~ This time I’m actually writing it from my desktop! xD So I didn’t get to properly take a picture of our booth before we started… but that’s ok! We decided to take up 3 spots and just use something different.. so we opted for canvas~ The display was stable but… we already found ways to improve upon it~ Just in case next time comes around~ But we have horrible luck (as always) with our table neighbors… not gonna single anyone out but when you meet someone for the first time you generally don’t want to go complain to the head of AA just because it looks like a display is blocking your side =.= It was quite flabbergasting (for a lack of better word) to have to explain how everyone else has more sight reducing displays yet you pick on ours. But hay. It worked out cause he spot actually ended up looking better the way she did it!

So who knows how long we’ll keep this display. We’ll probably change it around more to fit individual artist needs.

I’m also sorry for complaining a bit. I was just really hoping to make some friends out of our neighbors >.> (we even offered for her to use the other side of our canvas display… she refused.)

So yes. That’s part of my adventure in the artist alley this year. It got insanely hot after people started to pack in cause it decided to rain outside T.T The heat made it so unbearable… by the time I got out of a full ballgown I was so sweaty it looked like I just ran a marathon xD