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Hey look… it’s leap day! Know what that means? It means I won’t be posting on this day for another.. what.. 4 years? That’s weird to think of actually… lol.

I found it interesting how

Anyways. The above picture? Part of Tsubasa’s little decorations~ It’s cut out of foamies~ hehe. Working on it still…. hing. Have so much left to do T.T Did I mention I got a huge bulk for Sakura’s fabric? And I don’t even have enough!! I hope it works out well >.>

Err… I have no idea what else to write. Like… no idea. -.-
So I’ll get end it here.. >.<


It’s relationships..

What stage do you want to be in?

I just… thought of this video when showering today (weird huh). So I decided to share it and what not… it makes me kind of sad because… well it happens. And not like you WANT it to, but things never work out the way it seems.

I know how gross it is to get into fights and argue… cause I’ve done it and it leaves you in the worst mood ever. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often in the very… odd relationship I’m in. >.> I’m actually REALLY glad. So this video.. I mean it’s not saying that it is how all relationships become… but its shows insight to how it CAN become.

Anyhow… thought I would make today a video post day somehow. Did you know Big Bang got another music video out~? It’s kinda cool… kinda. Not my favorite.. don’t like their look in it. Oh well.

Oh and note to Gee: Stop putting me on hold so much =3= Gosh… for a GUY too. Horrible.


those raining days


I’m not gonna lie.. rain days feel kind of gloomy. It’s not the fact that the sky is dark and grey.. it’s the fact that every time you go outside it’s so freezing cold it able to put me into shock -.- Apart from rain days being gloomy and cold, it’s a day best spent thinking~

So during class I doodled. This was basically 2 classes worth of doodling~ I felt like… drawing some clothes that would be nice in the rain xD I was too lazy to draw hands… or legs for that matter but I think it works xD I’ve been working on different poses to try to get my fashion designs a little more… OMPH. xD UMPH? OMMP….. you get what I mean right? right. Spark!

I’m not too happy with it but… I think it works… lol! it looks like the umbrella is broken…… >.>;;
I didn’t bring an umbrella with my today >.> Scuks T.T time to just cuddle with whoever I can find with an umbrella lol!! <3

I’m writing this quite early and at school because I got out of class early o.o and Gee is still in lab.. and Hea is home T.T I’m really tempted to skip the gym… probably need it though. I’m starting to get winded walking up stairs LOL! T.T;;



Well I finally updated my cosplay blog with some Pichu photoshoot pictures~ But for the sake of being different.. and because this is my more casual blog… I’ll post different shots up here =3 But you can check out the specific post here!

The picture above I really want to title “come play!” xDD We were on a cute little playground and it was really playful~ Fits with Pichu’s personality doesn’t it?


The one above was also at the playground~ I really do love some of the pictures but I wish I was more prepared. I need more experience that’s all. And to take it seriously.. I always.. kind of slack. But I know for sure I’m getting better than from before. That’s good right?

Anyhow.. today… man I did alot. I sent in resumes and requests and now I have in my hands a stack of things more to do. MORE FORMS!! T.T But I guess it’s okay.. one more week of complete rushing things and then I’ll get to have a little break where I’ll be doing some more sewing!

Yet recently I found out from a big bird that a little one has been taking my things to build a… nest. >.> Don’t know if I should crack down on that or not… hum. Oh well!! Class tomorrow, definitely not looking forward to it. T.T


I choose… who~?


The sneak peek for the Pichu shoot I’ll be uploading soon~? I already got a call about the pictures (thanks kasu~) and now a comment…. I guess I really do have to put them up soon… (yaay motivation!!) No but really… I’m glad people want to see it…. I’m actually happy about how the pictures turned out. Still have adjustments to do on the cosplay but… luckily you can’t notice too much >.>

Today was an errand and stress day T.T Yea.. today went by way too quickly.. and I even woke up early!! Yes. You read right. I woke up before NOON. Why? Cause I know I have a lot to do T.T So today I was dragged out by mother and she bought me a cute new colored blazer~ Not sure how I’ll be pairing it with my current clothes but… I hope I can find something. Then I did a little bit of maple with cleaning. Oh… went to joanns! Bought a whole bulk of fabric for Sakura… like literally. Cost me about.. $25? T.T Yea… expensive… That’s just the beginning of it..  Then I spent the rest of my night after church on my RESUME. It’s due tomorrow T.T So I was freaking out, but it’s done and all that is left is to scan and SEND!!! I doubt I’ll get the internship but… if I never send the form I’ll never know!!

So enjoy the little preview, I’m overseeing Gee edit some of the pictures now and they are looking SMEXY~ Thanks gee =3