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All work… no play?!


Yep. It’s gotten to the point where it’s become all work and no play. It’s kinda crazy how much I have left to do T.T But I’ll get there… I don’t doubt that xD

It’s been quite a learning experience though! Whats been different is I’ve been feeling… mmm… more social. I’ve been wanting to talk to people o.o It’s not really doing the trick though xD I think it’s from people asking how I’m doing all the time…. Sometimes I want to just say suckish but whatever, can’t really do much about it! Just can just keep doing work and finding other outlets >.<

I didn’t even realize today was monday o.o Oh gosh… time is flying by.




Designers wear white coats too! :D Yep. Well I think if anything it’s more designers that also do lots of sewing >> It’s been super helpful so I have a mindset where I put this on and that means it’s work time! It’s been good for me~ Plus it helps negate static and all the pockets are awesome =3

I’ve had a really long past few days o.o my sleeping habits have been terrible QQ I’ve gotten through a lot of my book… wrote ALOT as well. I’ve had a lot on my mind and with everything coming up.. well maybe I’m getting a tad bit stressed out. I try not to be one to let my emotions get the better of me but… eh. I guess it’s been happening so much lately I’ve just given up trying to suppress it xD

Ever have those thoughts where you know you shouldn’t be thinking it and speaking it out loud just makes it seem plausible and more real? It implants a seed for a great tree to grow which… usually isn’t what you want XD Yep. That’s what my mind has been spinning around on.

Back to another long night I guess!


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lace lace~


I figured out why my sewing for these dresses have been going a lot smoother than I remember… it’s because I haven’t been tearing them apart with a seam ripper! XDD

Seriously. There is a meme in the cosplay community where I swear seam ripping is all you do while making a cosplay! I remember Gee making fun of me because that’s all I’d be doing =.= It’s so sad.

Luckily for these dresses I feel like I’ve learned a lot and I haven’t really used a seam ripper for awhile! I’m proud of myself for that~

Above is the bodice I’m working on, finally incorporating lace into my designs which I’m quite excited about! Lace gives off this delicate feeling that I haven’t really been able to use in my designs. I always thought it felt a little more aged with lace but it just depends on how you use it. … and what kind of lace~ If I can find lace that isn’t a flower pattern I might consider using it more often (assuming it looks pretty!)

Been up late working on majesti design stuff. Admin stuff especially for the con coming up. I’m such a nervous wreak already… but no point dawdling on that and just gotta do everything! Right? Can’t make your dreams come true without hard work XD


PS. Yes. I am trying to post more… helps me vent and reflect~

sewing things


Sometimes friends surprise you and then also use you as an excuse to shop XD But wonderful friends do that right? … right. So she brings out the charms you see in the picture and she said she was just impulse shopping and then gave it to me LOL But I see how my friends see me… it’s all just sewing. … which I mean isn’t so bad anyways XP

Got a lot done with the dress today, so happy :D it’s sitting at 90% which is pretty good. Just a bit more but the bulk of it is done!