Simple days


Some days are really simple for me~ I took these photos this weekend where the left photo was Saturday before my haircut and the right is Sunday, after my haircut! I asked the lady to take off 4 inches which… in hindsight wasn’t enough. Should’ve been 6 inches >.< Who knew the hairdresser actually took off the amount I asked for lol

My hair was waaay too long for me to manage. I couldn’t go through the day without putting it up >.< But now even though it’s long, its okay!

Please don’t mind the messiness, I ended up cleaning it all up after the photo lol! Like my home slippers? XD It’s summer so I’ve changed to wearing these super asian sandals around the house.

Anyways, yes! Love my hair~ I love the layers which I hope to curl my hair soon to see how it’ll look~ I say simple days because my whole weekend is just preparing for the trip and getting my hair cut lol! (can you tell I’m happy about my haircut? Seriously a few months overdue…) Only downside is that I’m apparently at the age where I have to pay for my own haircuts (and much other stuffs) so I ended up traveling a little bit further for a cheaper more reliable cut. So worth. really. :D

And just for the record. My records that is. I measured my hair… it came out to be 30 inches from root to tip before my haircut XD



It’s me. again. And again!

Lots of hair me2

Okay This is a sorry for not updating alot too >.> I have a lot more of those posts nowadays don’t I? Well here’s something cool(?) I decided to see what hairstyles I could do with my shorter hair! Btw. Loving it!! Less static and it like ups my cute factor up apparently. I got hit on today -.- pretty badly. The odds of him contacting me after I told him I had a boyfriend are so slim it’s hilarious. I’m betting he doesn’t. Ever. Cause truthfully.. those guys that randomly hit on girls and ask for their numbers never call. never. Why? Because they always just want to see if they can do it.

Anyways. hair pictures! Right. Lets start from top left and go right~

Low pigtails. Side braid. High bun (aka korean bun)
High pigtails (I seriously look like a kid). Straight hair down. Two braids.
Side pony tail. Half up & Half down. Pony Tail.

My favorite would probably be the half up and half down~ I love putting my bows with that hairstyle too =3 hehe. OKay. no more hair talk for me.

I did end up blurring out my face a little because 9 me’s looking at the screen was freaking me out… so I kind of lessened it. lol!



Who’s that..?

 photo DSCN2697_zps4cd223b1.jpg

Guess who~~??


Finally tried on my asuna wig for the first time! Even though it came styled.. I might just take it apart a bit and re-style it because I’m not happy that it’s not exactly right >.> But I’m happy about the length (it’s the same length my pre-haircut was at) Oh! I did take pictures of how short my hair is now but I’m debating on putting it up… I took the pictures with no makeup or anything which isn’t so bad but.. what people use other people’s pictures for now a days I’m scared of… so I’ll see. I might blur my face out a bit. Maybe? xD

Other than that… somewhat productive day I think. I started baking at like midnight so I have it ready for the morning >.< Yes. Baking!! All by myself, no sister for once o.o Not like she did a lot of work anyways…lol~

Mmm…. I think that’s t. Made more bows. Ate more junk food. Feels like a saturday o.o It’s a friday. That’s weird.


White bow~


I did my hair funky today.. .here was the result. It’s cause last night I showered extremely late and went to sleep with wet hair. So when I woke up today I actually had a lovely head a bed hair xD (Yea my hair in the mornings is crazy… and not in an attractive way.. lol!)

This was a… side twist into a ponytail with a bow I made~ An.. old bow… it just was white and matched what I was wearing~

Today I got 2 things done:
1 chapter of finance done with
1 CD made for my car

And that’s it. The rest is SNSD whoring and what not. fun stuff.. fun stuff…
Yea I’d rather spend the rest of my night playing games than studying.. way too hard >.<


Side Look


Weird hair look huh? Yea I’m just having fun with it xD Plus… this look from the side … makes me want to cut my bangs differently… I think I will. Time for a hair cut!! And probably color change..? >.> (all the white hairs in me.. gotta get rid of them somehow!!)

Today is the main day of the fiesta at the nearby church. I only go for the food… cause comon.. it’s honestly the only thing that is good there. The Viet booth food which always seems to be busy. And then I always get an apple pie (or some sort of a pie) and usually a funnel cake. It’s .. routine now xD I don’t even play the games or go on the rides… why? Well the games you get… crappy prizes. I’d rather go play the crane game at the asian acrade and spend my money that way. At least I know i’ll get something cute if I do win!! Then for rides… 6 Flags!!! Or Disney? xD But I guess since this fiesta is close.. why not right?? Enjoy to food~

I’ve also been trying to do a bun kind of look… it’s been failling.. I know I’m doing something wrong… but what?! (Yes.. I’m still playing with my hair xD)