A trip in a nutshell


Ah you know how much I love taking pictures and documenting everything… so you can image the haul I have from the Japan trip me and my brother just went on! It was short but man… were they the longest days of my life. This was my first time out of the country despite having my passport for the past 9 years? I was expecting my first trip to be to the Caribbeans but Japan is a good place too~ xDDD

I was able to get so much inspiration from the trip from my design work to how to make what I do more appeal-able and efficient! Even though I live close to a pretty decent sized Japanese community it’s different to see their culture in a… 360 format. Really being submerged into it. I see the appeal but to be honest… it’s just a nice place to visit. I like California too much to see myself anywhere else!

Anyways. I have a lot about the trip and trying to make time out for a little vlog! I’ve been busy but been really lazy as well. It’s been weird. I’ve been blessed to have supporters on some of my media platforms show their eagerness for updates so I’m working on it!!

I have a full on rant later if I feel like I have time. Plus it really helps me to put my thoughts out in writing… so more later!



Simple days


Some days are really simple for me~ I took these photos this weekend where the left photo was Saturday before my haircut and the right is Sunday, after my haircut! I asked the lady to take off 4 inches which… in hindsight wasn’t enough. Should’ve been 6 inches >.< Who knew the hairdresser actually took off the amount I asked for lol

My hair was waaay too long for me to manage. I couldn’t go through the day without putting it up >.< But now even though it’s long, its okay!

Please don’t mind the messiness, I ended up cleaning it all up after the photo lol! Like my home slippers? XD It’s summer so I’ve changed to wearing these super asian sandals around the house.

Anyways, yes! Love my hair~ I love the layers which I hope to curl my hair soon to see how it’ll look~ I say simple days because my whole weekend is just preparing for the trip and getting my hair cut lol! (can you tell I’m happy about my haircut? Seriously a few months overdue…) Only downside is that I’m apparently at the age where I have to pay for my own haircuts (and much other stuffs) so I ended up traveling a little bit further for a cheaper more reliable cut. So worth. really. :D

And just for the record. My records that is. I measured my hair… it came out to be 30 inches from root to tip before my haircut XD





If you haven’t heard of Poke (pronounced kinda like poki) its kinda like a sushi bowl with all types of things~ Here is SoCal it’s been on the rise which makes me really happy~ It’s quite affordable and it’s usually super delicious~ Although I’m used to eating the raw fish and what not, I am sure this probably doesn’t seem appealing to a lot of people o.o

Anyways! ITS FINALLY A SLOW WEEK! I mean… slow in a sense. I’m getting ready for a photoshoot this weekend so not completely slow. But it’s nice to not stress out so much xD

I also have been kinda on edge about people. This is why I create contracts, it kind of weeds out the people who might screw you over later if they don’t sign at the beginning. I know that now xD On another topic I’m not doing a fashion show anymore. They conveniently told me after I decided to stick up for my models and pay equality. It made me really mad … how some organizations are just unprofessional even though they’re trying to create an event for such a good cause. Actually.. it makes me more sad. Anyways I wrote a really good email in response but decided to write a more simple and professional response back. I realize its a small world and I don’t need any bad press. But I think I still have the right to be mad about it and rant a little xDDD





Yep. We’re team #HELP! why? Cause we were calling in for the hints and kinda just went… help QQ But it was fun~ We’re kinda puzzle nerds so this was quite the experience o.o

We did the Harry Potter room! It was basically a small room with some secret puzzles that involved some magic… wands… and .. MATH QQ Luckily I didn’t have to do any of the math stuff >> LOL But I did do the poking around and just kinda prance about and look for the odd ways to figure out the puzzles. But hey. At least we did it so something is right with this team! :D

Since then we’re been like… LETS DO IT AGAIN! also with the “we can do one too right?!” but I think we all have so much on our plates none of us have time to go off create an intricate puzzle like that. But hey, that on the bucket list doesn’t sound so bad right?

I’m a hufflepuff btw. Dunno why but way back when I could actually get sorted on Pottermore it wouldn’t let me in anything but hufflepuff =.= I tried to be a ravenclaw >> OH well. Just meant to be, but hufflepuffs kinda grow on you anyways so I kinda like it now xD


still packed


Still in the mist of cleaning up my work desk and sorting everything out~ So the dresses are still in it’s bag waiting for a temp home as I try to find one T.T I don’t have alot of room in the house so I’m trying to make-do as I keep expanding. SO, I just cleaned out a storage container under the bed which contained a lot of old cosplays/fashion items…. going to wash them all and either store them again for sentimental reasons or put them up for sale! Probably for dirt cheap just so I can get rid of them xD I haven’t gone through all my old cosplays so I’ll do that tomorrow to fully see what I can put on sale…. and if no one buys them I’ll probably just start tossing them T.T I hate doing that so I really do hope I can find a home for them even though they are poorly made in my eyes >> We’ll see!! One of the outfits int he pile is my much loved Alice from Wonderland maid! It’s still So adorable but I’d rather just remake than wear it again…. so … on sale it is!! More info on that later though~

Started on a commission I’ve been neglecting for a time being (yes the client does know too, so no worries, I don’t neglect and not tell them LOL) So now I’m cleaning, creating up the brand majesti designs, and working on commissions! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to take some fancy shots of the designs before I store them until the photoshoot…. I hope so. I’ve been waking up and after eating and some time up I start to get these massive headaches o.o like migraine headaches T.T the day before yesterday I lived with it and got sick. yesterday I just took meds as relief. And today I drank coffee and it went away LOL gg right?

Getting back into the groove of business and really trying to not be lazy XD it gets hard sometimes especially when it seems everyone around me tends to always be playing something XDDD I WANNA PLAY TOO T.T But hey. work hard play hard right?