Archive | November 17, 2008



So… ALA! Planning for it yet? Tabun…
demo… ikitai!! T.T;;
we’ll see I suppose.

I’m looking forward to cosplaying~

But ahhh I guess I love talking back to my mom or something but she’s getting annoyed. She just wants me to shut up and do the work XD But I’m not like that… I dunno. I do what I like to do and all. But if someone starts to seriously boss me around, yea I do not get happy >.<;;

I mean I don’t mind doing favors and things if people ask nicely. I’m then very happy to do it ^-^ But man… its that ‘you have to do it or else’ tone I dun like ..

Thats probably why in the future I’ll end up working like… I dunno.. Like I’m my own boss. I can’t see myself getting bossed around. I’m stubborn like that XD But then again… I dunno~ lol


Its the bows~


Here! The four bows I made yesterday~
They are simple since… I was lazy XD
I took off the big bow on my phone because… of course, its relaly dirty…

But hey~
School. blah. I got my assignment for 2nd quarter APN already!
It’s to do something you normally wouldn’t do or something you never have done.
And its suppose to be a challenge.

So I was tihnking… this is my perfect chance to do a video! CAuse I’ve been wanting to make like… short films… but all I need is the inititive. And due dates XD Cause apparently I work better if… I know when everything is due. Either that or I just totally bs it!

But actually I’ve started on it by useing the whole 6th period to ask people what they tohught of this and that. So I have a whole back page of ideas and… its just up to me to put it all together!

But if anyone else has ideas~ feel free to throw them at me at any time. (please not literally throw…)
I’m going along the lines of high school life. And relationships… ahh >.< imma have to see… I want something simple yet entertaining. Not a drama tho. I dunno! I need a problem and how to solve it! XD


Whaa >.<

My eyes… have been hurting on and off since yesterday!
Like at first I thought it was my contacts so I took them out… yea that wasn’t the problem XD
It’s just my eyes… mainly my left for some odd reason…

So I have no idea whats up with it but its annoying XD
I think imma bring sunglasses to school for the morning. Cause I walk and I’m always looking at the sun … no cool >.<;;

I dun like the sun. MY skin breaks out. I don’t like it. And thats what happened to my face. So im staying out of the sun as much as possible. seriously. I am not happy about it >.<;;