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Strong and Powerful

Yesterday I was starting a post about Cat Grant, the boss of Supergirl! Yep. Talking about TV shows so bare with me xD Cat Grant is the super boss that is known as the Queen of Media. She works hard, doesn’t take crap from anyone and expects the best from people. (Not to be mistaken with seeing the best in people). I’ve grown particularly fond of her … and I normally don’t get too attached with the characters in the shows. But in this case… I have.


She knows she’s awesome but also has flaws that she accepts and gets over with. I don’t see her as arrogant but… empowering. Because if I learned anything it’s that it all starts with mindset.


Gifs courtesy of tumblr posts.. not sure who though

I guess I finally decided to write this cause …. well I need an outlet. I know I’m not the best writer, heck I did not do too well in writing classes during school (the worst subject for me). My friends are always correcting what I write and I’ve learned to just be ok with it cause I know it’s not the best. I write like how I talk. It’s programmed so well … probably because of years with this blog xD

Seriously doesn’t seem like I grew much. It’s been a struggle >.< Less about mother issue today but more about… the people online who will take precious time out of their day to try to make your life harder. Or just to waste time & energy. I’ve been trolled one too many times recently and I’m pretty much done with all the bull— that comes with being on the internet. My skin isn’t that thick, I’ve been blessed with pretty awesome readers, followers and friends. Well… no lotion to make it thicker, I’ll just channel my inner Cat Grant and deal with it.

But I did remember one important lesson. Everything you say online to someone, will affect them. Heck everything you say to someone will affect them somehow.

(Once in highschool a “popular” girl decided to use my name in an example of people she didn’t really like. It sucked. I thought there had be some truth to the words even though she said “if”. I never forgot it because I remember how sad it made 16-year old me. I didn’t know her really well but we were both flutist. Well lets just say we are not friends…)


I won’t stop designing… or being a cosplayer. I love doing both. I just wish the world wasn’t a cruel place and people were more supportive. But you know what? I think it starts with myself. You can be mean to me, but I will be nice to you




Just a glimpse of what my room looks like! Above my bed I have all the nerdy artwork I’ve either bought or was given/traded with other artists~ All in the middle of it lays my badges from various cons~ Just today I told Gee that it’ll be like over our 10th AX which is probably why we’re at the point of “seen it all before” and he thought it was the 8th or so time… nope. We’ve seen the beauty of the Anaheim convention center and the horror of Long Beach CC XD Funny thing is he started cosplaying and going to cons before me! Isn’t that something, he’s a bigger nerd than me :P So even tho we probably passed each other by in the halls of AX, I’ve only known him for what… 6 years ish? Still doesn’t seem that long to me but…I guess it has been o.o

I got dolled up and put on asuna wig for Valentine’s day because I didn’t really have much else to do. It’s just one of those things that you do if your in the mood for it I suppose.

Ah. My days have been going by so quick with all the work on my plate o.o But that’s ok! It’s all towards a prettier future~

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day~ And even though I’m kinda  late on this, Thanks Hikari for the shout-out on twitter! I had a good Valentine’s day, hope you did too!! :D


Winter con season over


The heavy work load is finally gonnee!! …….. LOL who am I kidding. It’s never really gone. But I did get to take a few days to catch up with life xD Took a break and played some games (FINALLY!)

So ALA 2016 was quite interesting! I got to show in the fashion show and I also got to staff again~ It was quite the busy con and I’m really glad I didn’t have a table to look after either o.o Talk about spreading myself out too thin ….

But for once I got to “ride” on waffles~ The horse! XDDD It was a fun little thing we did after the whole show and packing it all up was over. I’m uh… side saddling it XDDD

I’m really glad I was able to show my designs tho and the con was great. I also got the most ribbons I’ve ever gotten so far :D One of the ribbons I got “poisoned” by a snow white handing out apples :D Chocolate apple lolipops. Also got free pokemon cards cause… the pikachu coin was adorable~ Ajka was sooo nice and on top of free lodging I got a bracelet from her!

So much happened it kinda became a blur… BUT! I’m back on the track of being productive and showing work and updating etc etc~