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New pains


So I’ve spent s little too long trying to get the corset parts of the outfits to look nice… I really did. But art the same time I’ve never made them before so it’s all really foreign territory to me xD like for instance…eyelets. I figured I don’t like them and would rather use grommets xD and that I should really try to do them in my spare time because they seriously take forever to set on T.T and it’s not because I’m slow…you just have to be careful not to rip the hole bigger and what not xD so yea… I did that last night lol. But props to anyone who makes corsets for…a living lol

I feel older..constantly waking up early but sleeping late. The majority of the time kids aren’t around is the morning and night so I have to utilize my time! All about time management~

I say that but really….


Wedding and family


Recently went to another wedding! I went cause my cousin wanted to not go alone … sadly that also led to some awkward tights where people thought I was his gf =-= awkward much. But their wedding favors were cute and the food was… decent. It was a weird when my dad started to dance though. Like… really weird. And quite embarrassing… >.>

On another note family has been around… kids that are under 10 have been running around and being quite rude and ill mannered >.> so it’s like I’m parenting cousins which is …odd. it’s gonna be a tough few weeks to come…. T.T pls. Someone save me lol

Warm doggie sleepy doggie?


Little ball of fur xD
Surprise surprise! I started my day late but got as much done as I could with the corset~ See that? Oh man.. I love putting in the channels for the spiral steel boning. It really makes the corset nice~ The shape still leaves something to be desired but meh. Can’t do much now, already put so much effort into it >.<

On another note.. more family members came today o.o which distracted me SO much to the point where half my day went to… well.. nothing. == games. looking at puppies. OH right. puppies. Yea this little girl stole my heart a little today. She’s really sweet… even gave me a kiss when I helped her not eat a lego piece (courtesy of the little kids) I found her sleeping on my chair and its so freakin cute T.T Almost looks like a german shepard lol! It’s the colors… but she’s adorable~ They named her cow but im renaming her to Bulba. Yea. like bulbasaur~ Or you can pronounce it like boba~ xD Anyways I ended up moving her off the chair and she slept on my lap.

Yep. That’s my day lol…. ohh I see a ffew days of not being able to do ANYTHING ahead of me T.T



Pacchi worthy fabric mound

 photo 20140719_131649_zps4121aa13.jpg

The fabric horde with a Pacchi comparison!! :D It took SO long to get that all nicely folded too…. minus the chiffon on top cause that wasn’t getting into any sort of folding. Hate the chiffon =.=

Anyways! At this point I found a spot for all the fabric. Since I need it accessible I moved around my closet and gave half the top shelf to it! It’s just sitting on the shelf… some in bags.. some not. Like the chiffon and tulle and velvet are in bags just to preserve and contain the madness. The rest seems to enjoy the freedom from a bag xD Josie the mannequin is having a fun time wearing two outfits at once as I’m unable to just work on one outfit but have the need to always be working on 2. xD

I also went on a snack run today =3 Got myself some healthy munchies because hot Cheetos from the kids weren’t cutting it. That and their endless supply of macaroni & cheese in a cup and microwavable dinners. btw- didn’t know mac&cheese came in simpler forms of cooking. I thought the kraft box of heating it up and pouring cheese/milk into it was easy enough o.o

So yea! Looks like 2 of them are coming along great~ The secret 2nd half is also going great~ And im super excited for it all~~ :D Been in the sewing mood so I haven’t really updated…. I have a long list of things to do tomorrow so I guess I should get some rest and wake up in a decent timely matter cause my parents are getting on my butt about it again =.= (I blog more cause I sit on my laptop in my room after my so called ‘curfew’)


A trip of wonders


Aha! Today was the big day after AX where I got to hang out with the group~ I’m lucky that they were all ok with going downtown with me so I got 4 full bags of fabric and spent around $60 for pretty much 95% of the fabric for the show! Yep =3 Found a new store which I’m in love with and a tea shop right in the middle of the fabric stores that sells pretty cool looking tea~ They also give a free fishie snack on top of the boba for free!! That’s always fun~

So all the fabric now fills up my desk. I have no idea where to put it let alone where to put the finished products so this will be fun xD Thats… a random picture of me eating the snack cause Gee had my phone and took selfies of himself LOL Yea… I get that randomly. Then we went over to the beach area to walk around and found this lovely dinosaur spewing water so I made Gee stand and open his mouth XDDD Its hilarious and doesn’t make sense but whatever!! And the boba is in the corner~ You see that green leaf? The tea bag is attached to that and is seeping in the drink as we drank it =3 Kinda cool!

So yep. I’m  REALLY happy that I was able to spend less money (ish?) I paid for parking and threw money at the dopples cause they were brave enough to drive xD So I’m glad…. some pretty hardcore friends of mine to just go to downtown and follow me xD Hea got hit on which was quite awkward… a dude selling fabric got in trouble cause he brought the price down so freakin cheap for us girls~ I got velvet for $5 a yard. Yea. That’s cray. I love it. =3 It’s not some weird crushed velvet too! So I got an extra yard cause why not. Maybe I can make Gee a cool cape too =3

So yea! I’m a little deydrated from the trip… lack of water =.= So time to drink more now and tomorrow and sleep! I have a LONG few weeks ahead of me~

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! (who is currently away on a summer trip but eh. She comes back to a outfit for my show =3)