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Book book BOOKS

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

So I thought I would change things up~ Although this isn’t my “dream” library… I think it’s cute! See what I would want is a nice big desk and books surrounding me… but I was a SUPER comfy chair and lots of comfy leather with a small end table so I can put hot chocolate or my tea while I read =3 Throw in wooden floor with a nice pretty rug with my logo on it and call it a day? Wait wait! IT GETS BETTER! There just has to be a secret door that when you open it by a series of book pulling/pushing, you go into a small walk-in type closet where there are a few awesomely looking books on stands that should be worshiped xD I don’t have any books like that but… who knows. I’d eventually love one =3

What I DO know though, is that my vision varies but either way I want a small library space in my future house. =3

So today? Had a test but minecraft kept distracting me… >.>;; It’s so bad lol! I ended up … well I don’t think I did so well on my test… but I got the results back from my last test from monday and I got the 2nd highest score =3 Sad it’s not the highest.. but it’s only 2 points off >.> Oh well. Fair and square for the ones I got wrong >.<

I also brought fried rice in a syrofoam cup container. …. … I didn’t have any other way to bring it to school >.>;;


Some things change

**It’s a rant day… sorry guys. xD

I’ve noticed something lately….. close friends see you the same way as time goes on. Now that can be a bad or a good thing. Take for example a guy I know, super shy and I still think that even though when we talk it doesn’t seem that way. Why do I think that still? It’s just something that’s been engraved to him. Can it ever go away? Probably if he does something drastic or if he outright tells me he isn’t anymore. (btw his b-day is today so, happy birthday~ even though he probably won’t see this)

So where am I going with this? Well I’m not completely loving this image I’ve gotten. I think I’ve changed enough to dispel it but… I suppose in my friend’s eyes I’m still … well… let’s just say lazy. Which is probably what I’m not happy with the most. Why would anyone like being called lazy? Sure it was fine when I was 16 and did nothing… and probably in the beginning of my university studies where I barely did things for class (GE courses, cake.) But comon… now? I don’t have the luxury to stay lazy anymore. I get mad at myself for wasting time on games! (as fun as they are, it’s a guilty pleasure) >.<

That and cheese. I understand why Gee thinks I don’t like it. But that’s only if it goes overboard. Honestly…. I eat cheese in tacos, pizza, hamburgers, soups, potatoes  fries ….. well that’s all mainly fast food… I feel kinda bad. lol! American foods >.>;; Anyways. Point is… huge amount. Comon, I like mac & cheese and the one from the BOX. Yea. The 99 cent ones? All cheddar? Yep. How can I not like cheese but like that? Although I do have to admit… I don’t like cinnamon unless it’s with sugar >.>;;  tastes don’t really change but quirks in personalities do. Or… CAN for the matter.

Yea someone will read this a day later and probably will ignore it! But that’s okay! Because at least I have come to accept that. Just like I have come to accept I’m my best ally yet worst enemy. I forget where that’s from…. might have heard that in a movie somewhere lol! Or a book… probably a book.


Not over … “you”

I was listening to this song and was thinking… I’d go crazy too if I wasn’t over someone. Yea. Really don’t ever want to go back to those days. I hate it when people bottle up their emotions but… at the same time… I also do the same thing o.o But I mean…. at this point in my life I also realized… there are some things in life you have to go through alone. Maybe not completely alone like going into a forest with just a knife…. but maybe going into the forest with backup not too far behind (and a rifle.. with armor.. xDD)

I got to hang out with a good old friend (which got my pouty at him >.> Which just increased his bromance with Gee I think) and he’s going on about how old he is… and as much as we probably want to sort out his life for him, we can’t xD It’s something you come to terms with yourself. But hey. It’s nice to be alone sometimes!

Did I mention I’m probably going to go to the gym alone on mondays? I think I did.. Eh. It’s just been awhile since I did that….

This song doesn’t have to just apply to a significant other… it can apply to other things too! Like school… I’m going to miss being at a university. Or food… I miss meat on fridays! (you know… Lent) and I’m just not going to be able to get over it… well. for the time being. I will eventually, just like guy jerks.

btw that guy keeps texting me. He thinks my name is spelled “nicky” it’s super annoying to me xD



 photo PinkPearlBowCharm_zps13c7e856.jpg

=3 So I made a new phone charm! I’m posting this picture up here and not as a “sale” picture because .. well.. the lighting was so bad the background was originally a pink and the pearls were baby pink… >.< If you want to see a more accurate picture… click here~ ( I swear I’m just advertising for Samsung now… but I’m not… really!! )

This seriously is my favorite charm so far =3 I’m very very happy… so I’m using it! I’m also using it to see how durable it is~ so far.. really well =3

Woke up early today… man that was hard >.< I hate sleeping with two blankets, I never want to get up the cold mornings >.< it sucks! So I tend to just say “5 more minutes” and then end up sleeping just because of the nice warmth =3

I came home late today to just be really annoyed…. it is SO messy in this room =.= and everyone refused to do anything about it. Well… I didn’t want to bother the kiddo about it cause he just got in troule for getting a D on a worksheet and a B in the class. Talk about asian parents right? xD


It’s… low xD


I didn’t mean for this picture to be so blurry… it just is. But I suppose it’s fitting for posting anyways xD Since that top part was seriously low… but apparently that’ the trend! Cause this is the 3rd piece of clothing I loved but just didn’t really like the whole V neck cleavage part. And oddly enough, both items just accentuate it more but… it’s kind of too … revealing for my tastes. I love the flowy dress immensely though =3 So I’m debating on getting it but just wearing a tank top underneath cause it’s seriously really cute dress~ The picture was taken weirdly so it makes me look so… odd!! But I dun care~ You can’t even tell its me lol!!

Anyways. I’m gonna work on posting more because… it’s sad to look back on my blog and barely see anything for maybe… 2 weeks now? It’s sad!

Let’s see.. anything else that’s happening…. I finalyl finished my resume and cover letter for a job I want… gotta finish up some interview questions tomorrow and I get to send it in! I’m stoked but really scared at the same time. I feel as though I’m putting all my eggs into one basket with this application…. and I have no idea what I’m gonna go to afterwards if I don’t get it! I know.. not very smart of me. But I’m optimistic…  something I hope to keep around me while I continue on this early job hunt.

Alright. I’m off for now. Have a test tomorrow. And the gym. The gym? the gym T.T