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Need a bow


:D So for birthdays in my group we tend to pick an activity and just.. go for it. So we’ve been to new places, done things like ice skating and different food places… yada yada. Wellll… for my birthday coming up we decided on archery :D Which has been on my to-try list for FOREVER. And my friend has a pretty traditional wooden bow so Gee told me to do a shrine maiden cosplay xD so here’s kikyo! Inuyasha~~~ Old school stuff man. Funny thing is … I have the fabric for it already since it’s pretty much Ahri fabric just covered up xD But I don’t know if I really want to make it just because I have the fabric..

My days have been weird so I haven’t been able to do much in terms of cosplay. Makes me sad. But I might hold off on that a bit and just make myself a new dress or something >.> Oh my sister wants a prom dress. That will be interesting o.o Get to blow other teenager’s minds away with a dress selection.. heh. hehe.


Poro day~


POROS :D hehe. I couldn’t help it.. I bought a poro T.T I WANTED to buy a Kog maw figurine but THEY SOLD OUT BEFORE I COULD GET IN. And the march store opened after the first game and I got in after I went to the bathroom really quickly and waited in line AND IT WAS ALL GONE T.T I only got to take a picture of the display one… QQ


They threw free stuff in the audience and so everyone in our 5 party team got a stress poro ball!! but guess what? NOT ME T.T But I have the big poro so I really shouldn’t complain =3 it’s like I’m the ring leader~ hehe. HEHE.

Anyways if you haven’t followed my instagram or twitter… I went to the North American LCS today! It’s right up in my hood which I didn’t really know so I’m really happy~~~ It was a really nice break and it motivates me to paly league more~ But then I … I get home and find all the things I still have to do and it’s like T.T WORK WORK hur. LOL

So much more but I’m tired and it’s been a long day …


show thoughts

20150322_153217Ah! The chaotic fashion show is finally done! I’m so glad I got to showcase a collection I am super proud of =3 Plus all my models were just awesome from their quirky personalities to how wonderful they made my designs looked! But it was quite awesome how all 6 girls were able to talk to each other like they’ve been friends for awhile. I’m glad I was able to bring people together =3

And I owe a lot of this… opportunity that brought me to so many people to Gee o v o Like… thinking of it he’s the reason why I’m able to do that fashion shows. o.o He takes the trip to bring me downtown, grabs fabric with me, drives me to all the many different crafts stores… and though he can’t help me make anything I do have a peace of mind if it looks good to him too! And maybe I sound like some girl gushing over some dude but I dunno… I just thought to myself that I wouldn’t have had such an opportunity on my own without his intervention xD And I really am grateful for that~

And also really happy about taking Gee’s phone randomly for selfies =3 So here’s one! LOL~


It’s urban~


Food! :D So yea as a religious thing I don’t eat meat on Fridays… it’s just something that lasts for a few weeks that my family wants us to try to keep to >.> But it get especially hard once I go eat out with friends cause they insist on meat =.= And I tell them there are always a veggie option! Or fish~ So We tried going to one of our favorite sushi resturants but the wait was so crazy that we came an hour earlier to put our names down and 45 minutes later we check on our status and the wait was so crazy we probably would’ve been waiting there another hour 30 for a table =.= So we left and went to this place called Urban Plates! It was… different. Kinda hipstery actually. It was set up like a cafeteria where you wait in line, grab a large rectangle tray and go up to one of the stations and tell them what you want. Then you scoot down the aisle passing by some delishing looking desserts and drinks! So yea. It was decently good. The salmon was wonderful, the mac and cheese.. eh. I feel like it should have been breaded >.>

Yea I realized I don’t really post up food pictures so … why not? Then again I go out of the house like… once a week (if I’m lucky?) to hang out with people. But with all the activities it’s been difficult to get in a pure hang out day without having to bring work with me T.T Gee was wonderful and drove me to 2 different Joanns. and 2 craft stores o.o And I couldn’t find what I needed at all so that made me sad… especially that he drove to it all >.> I swear with the food and gas that I probably owe him up till now…well… it’ll take me awhile to pay him back xD

Other than that… I’ve been constantly badgered to go find a husband =.= Yea. I can’t believe I’m old enough for that now. IT’s kinda surreal and I still act like such a kid I dunno what would even change in my life getting married xDD Well. Hopefully moving out cause that’s probably one thing I’m really looking forward to. And dogs. All the doggies in the world :D




Hi!!! :D Say hello to my new little friend… TOOTHLESS :D He’s adorably stuffed and has a slightly derpy face but that’s what makes him cute~ Here we are posing… That’s me in the back, him in the front, and those hands belongs to the very nice guy who stuffed him with.. love? lol!!

So I really wasn’t expecting anything at all.. which is why when I saw the build-a-bear box in the passenger seat of his car I kinda passed it off as him just being weird. Honestly I thought HE got it as a gift like.. from someone else. But then he said it was for me and I went O.O And it was TOOTHLESS~~ <3 He’s my White day gift which is adorable since every white day we never had chocolate…. (which your suppose to) xDD Doesn’t mean we didn’t have sweets though! :D He’s also partly Anni gift which is awesome and I felt a little bad since I only brought him food… Well. I brought food just cause the heck of it so … yea >.>;;

I do think it’s super adorable how he got my his favorite character…. which I was thinking about it as it’s a lot more adorable than if he was to get me something I only really liked. Cause if it was flipped I’d never want to give him toothless if I loved him that much >.> But at the same time I would want to cause …yea. o.o Kinda like how I gave him waifu and I kept senpai xD (I really did want waifu too LOL “too” as in both >>)

So yes. We had a nice day to catch up with a few different people and got boba and art supplies! it was wonderful and absolutely the best =3