Fun nikki


Wow. I haven’t posted in foreeverr!! But really I decided to post here because… I just had the longest week of my liffeeee!! XD

So I knew this summer was gonna be fun with trips but I didn’t know I’d have to do SDCC and vegas right next to each other >< It was insane.

I did about 2 days at SDCC but really it was 4 days worth of walking. Just because there was just so much to see and do! Then Vegas consisted of 3 clubs in 2 nights as well as lots of food and… drinking. I usually don’t drink very much but I really let go this trip. My friends kept calling me “fun nikki” what does that mean? Eh who knows, I’m always fun dangit!!

Through all of Vegas I really appreciated my friends for keeping me upright and out of trouble xD Especially Jer who kept making sure I had food and water >> It was all really fun but I now won’t be doing much drinking for awhile now! I’ll let my liver take a long break and who knows when fun nikki will be unleashed again xD


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