Poro day~


POROS :D hehe. I couldn’t help it.. I bought a poro T.T I WANTED to buy a Kog maw figurine but THEY SOLD OUT BEFORE I COULD GET IN. And the march store opened after the first game and I got in after I went to the bathroom really quickly and waited in line AND IT WAS ALL GONE T.T I only got to take a picture of the display one… QQ


They threw free stuff in the audience and so everyone in our 5 party team got a stress poro ball!! but guess what? NOT ME T.T But I have the big poro so I really shouldn’t complain =3 it’s like I’m the ring leader~ hehe. HEHE.

Anyways if you haven’t followed my instagram or twitter… I went to the North American LCS today! It’s right up in my hood which I didn’t really know so I’m really happy~~~ It was a really nice break and it motivates me to paly league more~ But then I … I get home and find all the things I still have to do and it’s like T.T WORK WORK hur. LOL

So much more but I’m tired and it’s been a long day …




:D Been playing a lot of Tera lately! =3 All my characters on there are elins >.> They’re so adorably cute I can’t help it T.T I made a high elf for awhile but wasn’t happy so I switched it back to an elin~~ She normally has pig tails I believe but some outfits change up the hair so she has ram hair!!! =3 ITS ADORABLE~ (so biased) And I’m facing a bunny! I was gonna say the bunny is big but maybe the Elin is just small LOL

Yea other than Tera I’ve gotten a bit back into Don’t Starve.. why? iono. Probably cause I can play it at the office during breaks and just pause it whenever I want. Then league of course~ Where I just had a ranked Ahri game of 10/0/15 and it makes me SO happy =3333 Especially since I’ve been really craving playing her~~ Trying to get back into Syndra though which has been going iffy just cause I have to get used to her smaller stun size T.T

Other than that I started on my next collection with patterns and cutting fabric out =3 Gives me a chance to run through my inventory and find stuff I haven’t gotten the chance to use! I’m super excited and really really looking forward to doing some great things with this line. Possibly just establishing my… style? Hopefully =3


Charmed. PENTA!

penta 2


And I won’t lie… this might be my first ever o.o AND IN A RANKED. WITH AHRI BBY <3

It was wonderful =3 I love how they’ve been reworking her but also hate it at the same time >.< I’ve gone back to her since Syndra is kinda …. special… right now. The stun for her isn’t… great at all. So meh. I’ll wait until her buff comes around~

Other than that… WO! Time to do some rank games sooon =3 Like solo rank and not team rank xD

Also work work WORK!!! I have a few interviews and business talks for people so the next few weeks are gonna be eventful. That and tax season lol! Oh gosh. I’m crazy =.=


dresses galore


For the past week or two I started this new game on facebook called fashion designer >.> It’s quite a terrible addiction I have. Not only do I get to just design wacky looking dresses… it kills SO much time xD But I suppose it’s stimulating my creative side? It’s quite fun putting extra things on and on until it comes out look cool~ But I saw a trend in the things I’ve been making… which is no color XDDD I guess I’ve been liking the black and white lately~ Don’t mind the two on top to the right… sometimes I get lazy and just do something really simple to accumulate money in the game xD Although I think a few days ago I was doing all blues and mermaid themed…. hm.

Anyways. might get a 2nd… or is it a 3rd? job soon!? Which shocks me but eh, we’ll see how the interviews go :D The first one went terribly but they still ended up giving me a second one probably because my qualifications are wonderful~~ I love how I can confidently say I’ve made over 45 costumes (who knows maybe more at this point) in the past 6 years. And they just keep adding up =3

Other than that.. I’m really tired. I need to go home and do fabric inventory and see what I can do with extra fabric. And start on Ahri soon o.o OH funnnn~~


my kingdom?!



Been playing more Link Between Worlds~ I keep getting stuck =3= but it’s challenging so I love it <3

Also have been having some lazy days.. tomorrow that’s changing though! TIME TO GET TO WORK! Been working out lately too, keeps me happy =3 And sore. But happy!