Gomen xD

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Sorry for such a lame post yesterday… I got all caught up in doing stuffs since my cousin and 2nd cousin finally came over~<3
Oh! Watched Hell’s Kitchen, pretty cool stuffs. America’s Next Top Model is on tonight, watch it!

Today was quite interesting. I found out I have some social issues xD But it’s gotten better.
I think that….. …………… ………….

nvm. xDDD
I need some input for my Pikachu outfit.
So here’s a poll! You’ll see a patterns with my polls…
sewings ones have this bg, others will be just random stuffs.

I think I may get addicted to making polls.
Oh I made it so you can vote many times and add your own suggestion, feel free. I need feedback.

(this is fr Halloween! So I need it soon!!!)