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Music booow

Been working on getting the store updated a little bit more.. so here’s just a music bow! I only updated a few more bows… I have maybe 3 more that hasn’t been posted yet though. Working on fixing the pictures so they are cohesive and more attractive too! But Gee told me to stop making bows and make the other stuff -.- So tomorrow I have plans for cosplay (FINALLY) and designing…. my deadline is like… now. And I’m barely finished with anything T.T Oh well.

Anyways! Today was a pretty much full day of work for me? I spend the morning running errands. Then I stood around Chase (you know, that bank?) And just talked to people and tried to give out information on real estate. I was sooooo tired by the time I got home that I wanted to nap. But before that I tried finishing the skirt but.. hoenstly I don’t like the shape sooo… don’t want to continue it. I hate when I get in that mood =.= So I really did nap. Then ate. Then drove allllll the way to Gee cause I missed him (=3) And we just got boba and I got gas and it was lovely~ But for the most part I went to him to get something and give something (that sounds kinda dirty to me…. so just letting you know it was fabric. Just fabric.)

That was my day. I can’t wait to be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow! But I might not just so I can start on cosplay =3


Dear …

Dear Tax…

I don’t like you but I will study you. You get somewhat fascinating yet tend to blabber on for way too long. Sometimes you don’t make sense but I think it’s because you just pick whatever dang number you please. But in the end…

Reluctantly yours,


Told you So

I’m not sure but I decided to go back to the past and I found this song by Jesse McCartney! I used to love listening to him >.> You can tell from the songs he wrote that he was the innocent kind of crushing guy… then it changed drastically. But that’s life xD Kind of like Taylor Swift? Anyways! This song doesn’t at all apply to me but at the same time I can relate to it? When I get mad at Gee I tend to talk to other guys. But…. it only lasts so long cause talking to other guys tend to annoy me after awhile. Lets face it… Gee has a way of understanding my mumbled and randomly put together words really well… it’s odd but it works =3 Imagine it. Never having to explain what you mean. Ever. Seriously. I didn’t think that existed for me lol!!

Oh right I’ll stop my rumbling >.> Today I… woke up early to hang out with Gee, work on some stuff. Oh! I stayed at the library to work on my real estate stuff cause that has a deadline which is.. soon. And I figured if I went the stuff out I wouldn’t get yelled at xDD And I guess it worked cause I didn’t get bothered at all xD But I find out my red dress shrunk from the washing sooo… its SHORT T.T soo.. that has now become my fall/winter dress so I can wear tights underneath or at least wear some patterned kind of tights? I dunno…

Right. So enjoy the song I suppose xD


Imitation Office

 photo sim1_zpsc84f1d08.jpg

I’ve been debating on paint colors for the office and used sims to help me out with it =3 I love sims 3 because you have the option to customize the color! So it really made it perfect =4 Perfect and close enough at least xD Anyways the layout is close to what we have right now. Can you tell which my desk is? (hint hint pink chairs!) And I really am next to the window of my mother’s office >.>;; It makes doing other non-work things quite difficult xD

Anyways! This picture I just snapped randomly… uhh… Not really the color I want cause I need to something about the flooring >.>;;

Today I ran errands.. did a favor.. got a yummy curry house dinner for that favor =3 I was really close to finishing my skirt but my mother came around and ruined my mood so I just stopped. I’ll finish it tomorrow.. morning maybe. I went to joanns to buy fabric but… apparently got the wrong one >.> Gee says leather…. makes it so much harder for me. He wants LEATHER and VELVET. And not the cheap imitation velvet.. or leather. Expensive boy =.= I also tried to sit around Starbucks for a bit to sketch but that didn’t work >.> coughGeecough. jkjk~ I’m glad you call me~

Still working on a good layout for the office and my desk positioning.. and paint.. and.. well. Yea. I’m office manager, I need to make it look good =3



 photo DSCN3338_zps37d43b07.jpg

Last night… my cousin decided to go to a boba lounge that’s about 15 minute drive away. It’s called Cha2O. xD It’s a club-ish type scene and bring about a lot of males….. groups of males. I thought that was odd xD anyways it’s opened till 2am and we were there to about.. maybe 1am? It takes FOREVER to get seating and we arrived around 11:20… took maybe 45 min- hour for seating T.T Anyways! Highlight? The Snowice you see above =3 It was called XTC (get it? har har.) ALOT of strawberry. Oddly enough the kids thought it was too sweet but I liked it. Yet I think a caramel drink is too sweet and they think its perfect…. odd tastes. so me and my brother mainly ate it. Weirdly enough… but it was yummy. Was it yummy enough to get again? Ehhh….. xDDD

Other than that…. I’ve been having a boba craving like milk tea kinda boba. So I went to the mall today and picked up some =3 Some dad was yelling at his kid cause he knocked over the mini trash can at the counter. He made his kid pick it up from the ground which.. I mean it was just paper and some plastic so it wasn’t gross. It was just super awkward cause I felt like I should help him out but that would be interfering with the whole parenting thing I guess. OH! I got 3 shirts from Express for $5 each they’re SUPER soft and I love them <3 Express has seriously become my favorite store now xD I shop there so much >.> I spend so much money there too T.T But it’s classy dressing up for work so it’s seriously perfect for me =3

Okay. I think that’s about it. Oh! I also spent an hour doing paperwork WHICH WAS ALREADY DONE T.T Yea. I’m done. It’s done. No more work =3= (so much time wasted!!)