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Last of the samurai…


One last fight… one last samurai…
The purple one!!! xD
So this is just a sneak peek of Tomyo so far xD IT kinda looked like something you’d see in a movie so my sister made me pose and all. She’s so bad at taking pics xD But hey… I’m not complaining (yes I am -.-;;)

More pictures will be up for it but on my cosblog.. probably on monday though! Because.. today was dedicated to cleaning and Tomoyo =3
Oh! And boba! My mommy gave us money for it ^^;; I guess since we don’t ask for money anymore… when we do… we really need it xD

And I watched Ninja today. Not a very famous movie.. kinda reminded me of.. ninja Assasin! The one with Rain x3
So it was okay… meh. So easy to predict the plot. We decided to see that for free instead of paying $8  to see inception. Though. We might go see inception tomorrow anywayyyssss… cause I really wanna see it! And I don’t wanna wait xD

What else did I do today… I have a really annoying blemish forming on my face. The annoying part of it? It’s the one that hurts T.T I dunno what I did wrong to deserve this!!! T.T

anyhow… 60% done with the fabric part of tomoyo~ I’m getting there~



だんご。 だんご。 だんご。

すみません! 私の 日本語は ぜったい わるい。 T.T
でも、 あたしの せがたかい いもおとは 日本語の クラス を 予定。
だから、 今 日本語 を  ならう。。。またしても。

やった? xD

Wow I’m unbelievably rusty. I actually had to look up a word or so. Time to bust out Genki Book again >.<
It’s been collecting so much dust next to my bed T.T
And I can’t actually take Jap 101 at school cause of the days T.T -.-;;

So! I’ll try to practice more now… maybe just help my sister out in Japanese. And then I also need help in Viet. T.T
But I need to practice if I wanna go to Japan next summer!! I will go >:D

(Oh translation of the top? My Japanese is horrible and my sister is gonna take the class. Oh and I’m trying to learn japanese … again -.-)


100th lead~


100th lead today!!!!!!
And as a celebration to that… me and my brother (And sis) ate out at Curry House! His treat~
Then got BOBA! My treat -.-
He’s so broke he actually hinted I should pay! How sad right?
We both need to close a deal before the 22nd or else… or else T.T

I also went to go see a 2 million dollar house near the beach. Did you know theres a 13 mil house out there?! Its AMAZINNGGG. And thats only looking at the pictures. Can’t go inside T.T
But today.. I have seen what I want in my house.. but I want much … oh so much more xD Nothing too big though. If its too big its… kinda sad you know?


THere’s a pic of the living room. It was a vacant house. But the furniture is there as Home staging. Something I hope to do later once my brother actually gets listings~ It looks so funnnn!

And lets see… I’m beyond fullll!! Time to do some dA whoring and video editing >.<


Koei win =3


Hehe ^-^ This was my submission for the I Love Koei Warriors contest!
I did it last minute and… it was just for fun ^-^ (as you can see with me looking so bad in this pic!)
And I checked today to see if I got.. something.. anything~ and…

Seeing that made me soooo happy today x3 Yay for taking chances!!
Though I only got runner up >.< There was only 1 grand prize winner and 2 runner ups. But you know what.. for someone who never wins things… I’ll take it. I’ll take it very.. happily!

Sooo I’ll update whenever I get the prize.. whatever… that might be xD Not completely sure >.<
Annnnd.. lets see..
Oh! Trying to establish a new group on dA~ If this one goes well.. I’ll make a cosplay group of my own! Cause I <3 looking at cospalys~ ^-^

And I shot some few things in the office for a little video blog thingy. I promise this will be better than my lame AX vid ones!!

Thinking of going to a pool party tomrrow. Not sure if I want to because… I am in no way fit to go to the pool xD With the office body of mine -.-;;
But! I want to go because tonight I’ll make a charm for my cuzzie who is going to med school so far away!! <3 Oh well…

Time to dA whore more x3


innocent Hunny


Hunny is trying to look all innocent x3
Cause he loves fabric! Just sitting on my fabric -.- And that’s why there might be bunny hair all over my cosplays xD

So at the rate in which I’m going… I’ll finish Tomoyo in 5 days (fabric wise) And have about… 3 more charms up on my dA.
Ah! Also have a short video snippet I gotta do and upload.. tomorrow. I can do it at work so I’m not too worried about that.

It’s Wed. Middle of the week. My brother actually let me sleep in today xD So it felt soooo good to wake up this morning! Did some stretches just as I woke up and made myself some eggs~ Unfortunately.. when I wake up later I also feel.. lazier >.<

Came home and working on Tomoyo and… more sculpting! I finished sculpting azurill v.3 … Dango… and a sqirlie thing? xD I’m gonna finish up some sewing then see if I can finish some video pre-stuff ^^
I’m so happy with all that I’m able to get done now that I relize how much time I waste on.. whatever.
Of course I’ll always have one major distraction >.>;; Thanks.. alot xD