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Debuting and re-debuting!

Day 2 of anime expo … SO TIRING T.T Like… heels and walking and posing and constantly smiling really tires a person out. Oh and not to mention I’ve been wearing heels for the past two days… blisters T.T

So what’s cool is that I already made Tomoyo and my sister wore it to match me~ Man she’s lucky… she always wears the cosplays I already debut and make nice =3= But it went well with me this time~ So we got lots of pictures taken and lots of pictures taken of us.

And what can I say… I LOVE walking in my ballgown!! <333 Time to get starte don my next ballgown~? >.> My prop piece broke btw T.T Kind of sad but expected lol! Peace~ It’s late, time to sleep for Day 3!

ps. Milk SLush and sushi after 10pm? Awesome.


Mini post:

AX Day 1 just flew by…. here’s some highlights:

naps during AMVs

Trying to sneak in through the back doors

Chatting with people and artists

Watching my sister go on a spending spree

and seeing such awesome cosplays~

Sorry I haven’t been posting.. it’s been hectic~ IF my phone lives maybe I’ll get to write a post during it ^^


No more capes


I’ll keep this short and simple:

This ballgown is becoming a nightmare >.< Why.. WHY did I decide to make a ballgown with a CAPE?! Okay the ballgown itself was easy/…. its the cape that has me  running for the hills T.T

So while I try to wrap my head around this… I’ll see how much sleep I get tonight…

Oh did I mention that I was a few minutes late on buying my AX ticket? >.> Time to buy it at con! xD Which…. doesn’t seem very promising right now… but I’ll see how it goes….

(btw, difference from this picture and my last is.. well I hand sewed gold button down the front! wo!)


Mr. Soot


Look MR. Soot ball is not King Fancy-pants Soot ball XDDD It’s not what I ended up doing with my phone but… I thought it was so adorable~ I didn’t do it because it made my phone very.. wobbly… sooo xD I think I already went through that though xD

So today! Ah… got a little more studying done. I still can’t last for very long sitting in a chair and trying to make sense of words >.< It’s.. hard! So I ended up trying to find food to accompany me with the task which.. I think is bad for me considering all I really have at the office is tea and junk food… oh and ramen! But I try to save my ramen stash for special times when I miss lunch or dinner… and what not. I’ll probably get to it more next week, after AX! In the next few days im trying to get so much done and I still haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

I have a problem too… someone commissioned me at the con and paid me in advanced… I said I would ship it to them in the next week or so after they confirm the information through email and if they still didn’t get it they were suppose to email me. Well.. I never got a confirmation email >.> And I don’t want to send the package to possibly the wrong email……. I find that would be worse than waiting to send it… cause I Seriously have trouble read1ing my own handwriting let alone someone else’s. Soooo…. what else can I do but wait?

I had something else planned to post today but photobucket doesn’t like me~ So … you got stuck with something some-what but not completely useless? xD (okay it’s useless info xD)


Not yet vegan


More food~ First time I ever went to an all vegetarian and partly vegan place! And from the looks of my past food posts… you know fairly well that I am a meat eater~ Yet… this little shop opened up across the street from my group’s normal boba place so we decided to check it out! We were.. pleasantly surprised~ Above was our snack of a lunch xD Garlic mushroom flatbread (YUM T.T) and a fruit bowl~ It was all to-go which is why it’s not in the best presentation status xD Still… so good~ I want to go back but …. I normally like to have some sort of meat in my meal >.> Normally… I do have the days where I don’t want to though xD

On another note… It’s become very routine for me to go to the office during the day. It’s been nice because I’m gradually getting back into the groove of studying and when I get home I get straight to work on cosplay~ So my days have been more productive ^^ And for AX being this week… I’m still procrastinating on getting my cosplay done. I honestly don’t know where my wig is o.o Time to go… fish it out!

And this made me laugh and smile today~ (you’ll get it if you watch Avatar)