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It’s snack.


Today was a lovely day~ Had a session in the morning and proceeded to get some boba and cake before Gee’s meeting =3 It was yummeh~~ Though interesting things happened today…. I was really… really… helpful o.o Like… I had an hour to sit around and basically do nothing. I read through the school’s newspaper…. failed at sudoku (for some off rreason the one in the newspaper is always really hard….) I also played on my phone for just about as long as it would live.. which isn’t long lately. Hate it =.=

Point is. Helpful! Cause I helped a blind girl to her seat, showed directions to a lost Asian lady, and lent my phone out to someone who needed to make a call even though I was seriously low on batteries >.> Oh! Also struck up random conversations with those around me >.> It was weird…. Anyways… I thought it was odd that me sitting in one spot for an hour would do that xDD Not like you can really reject someone those things >.> Well I suppose you CAN, it’s just… sort of mean to?

I also called two girls hot today. Yea. Geez you guys have to get other adjectives!! But the two girls were celebrities anyways~ lol!

Alright. Full weekend. Gotta start my time log too!! Wo!! Oh the picture? IT’s what I had for snack with Gee xDD


I have something for bows..

And not just cute bows… I mean bows with arrows kind of bows!! Why do I bring this up?

I watched Avengers today with my friends at school~! It was kind of surprising how packed the thetere was for… it not being advertised o.o Really surprised. I can’t beleive girls were fanooling in there =.= You hear random clapping and squeals… but I can sort of see why at the same time.

Now… I’m not a big fan of the person himself… but I suppose he makes the character Hawkeye seem really really cool~ My favorite aspect of the movie was just his bow and arrows! It’s like… omgsh… buttons to detonate the arrows and switches to infuse them with different things?! It’s so.. so… /drools

I blame legolass -.- He started this fantasy for me!!! Yea.. once I started to spazz like the other girls over him I got the weirdest looks from Gee >.> But I continued to keep giving looks to Hea… >.> xDDD

Oh man… how sad is that. A movie is the highlight of my day. Oh! One other thing. I fininshed the anime Scrapped Princess!! It was.. a good anime o.o Like…. plot twists and all galore. It was lovely. I have Gee watching How I met your mother and it’s nice he was able to spot so many …. overlapping stuffs with the Avengers movie xD DEcent movie btw. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again though…


I asked for a winged beast…

Smexy Beast~ aka… Winged Beast!

This lovely thing was drawn by Gee~ He actually made my boobs huge cause I wanted them like that lol!! Man…. it really is awesome…. lol!! I currently have it as my lock screen on my phone xD WO~

I finished my 5 hour straight of classes today… but the last 2 hours I was already getting super fidgety >.< Plus… I technically had one more hour to go but he let us out early >.> Nice enough for a straight lecture class …. so boring T.T

I Really don’t have any interesting stories for today just… it’s really fun to look at people in class and try to figure out what kind of person they are trying to be on the outside… I also had a lovely time just trying to eat in class and what not… I also realize how big experience is to the extent that.. I feel so behind just because I don’t have real real job experience yet while alot of other people are doing part time jobs while going to school…




I’m trying something new this semester and decided to get myself a weekly calender! It’s cute =3 The chicken reminds me of the evil ones in Zelda xDDD

It’s funny because… I like how I’m not getting ready for all this lovely school stuff.. I’m literally using all my old stuff that I haven’t really.. changed unless I really need to… like if I lost a pencil/pen or if my folders got beat up too badly to use again. Though I do really want a new tote bad/backpack……. >.> I don’t need it though T.T Oh well, I’ll keep looking for something anyways lol

Oh right. Today was my first day of school!!! INSANELY crowded. Like…. every semester before it wasn’t so bad.. but this one? I actually had to sit on the floor for a class -.- That and there are a lot more people trying to crash in on classes which… by the way the school looks like… won’t happen. Way too impacted >.<

Out of the two classes I went to today… I only knew one person >.> But I’m so glad I know that one person.. xD I like having a friend in classes >.> I really need to make more friends……. hing.


Randomly finding songs

One day I was just driving in my car and THIS song comes up on my IPOD. Now… see this is an extremely old ipod so it just stays in my car and plays music for me xD Nice part is that it charges in the car so I literally never take it out unless I’m adding a bulk songs onto it. So I decided to just throw in whatever music is in itunes on my brother’s computer and apparently this is one of them! Point is.. I heard it in the car and I.. liked it. xD My sister apparently put it on there xD So that’s pretty cool… getting to hear new music onn my own ipod! lol!

Anyways… today was technically the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL~ Yea… how many times do I have to go through that?! UGh. xD Actually though, my first day is not until tomorrow because I have no classes on Monday =3 It’s awesome~~~ I’m actually no where near ready for school and will probably just wake up early and start packing my school bag cause … well… honestly it’s college. ALl I need is to print out papers and read them in the morning xD (Yes please don’t use me as your reason to slack off xD)

I went to school today even though I didn’t have to to check out textbooks which… they don’t have any of mine in either bookstores =.= Sooo… I really just went for boba, to drool over clothing, and to try to fix my brother’s phone!! Thanks to Gee for really fixing it though ^^ He’s awesome like that… really!! Something so complicated but so.. so simple -.-