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Park pic


Yesterday I went to the park with Erukii out of noewhere and took some cool pics cause the scenery there is really nice.
So the top one I really like. My hair looks short and… young-like. you know?
Here are some other ones too…


Turtles =]

Me on the play set~

So it was a nice trip. That was yesterday though.
Oh and the swings pic is on my fb ^-^
I really like that one cause you can actually tell im smiling with my eyes~ Cause swinging was really fun… lol!


Pazooki goodness


Someone had the brilliant idea of taking a pic of the PAZOOKI~

Imma get this combo like everytime seriously xD
chocolete on bottom, vanilla bean on top. With that little piece of choco. Yumm…

Yea… I’m drooling just by looking at it~ lol!

So had lunch at BJ’s if you didn’t notice by the pazookie already. VERY yummy. And filling actually.
I <3 strawberry lemonade~ lol.

Then went to check out the park afterwards. It was fun.
Driving home… not so much. Apparently me and this other car was trying to get into the same lane. And when I change lanes I want to make sure two lanes away. So I sped up and tried to change but the other car was changing too. So he started to honk at me thinking imma go back to the other lane… nope. I wanna change lanes! lol. Honking doesn’t help >.<


Just myself.

You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.”

That is my little astrology thing for today.
I get it sent to my mail xD

And I’m actually glad for this one. Hence why I’m blogging about it.
But yea. I guess my lack of sleep and more dreams have been because of something.
Though I’ve been trying to push it to the back of my mind, it has now re surfaced xD
Which is totally not cool.

So with the astrology thing I got today. With this… issue… of mine. I suppose I cannot please everyone but as long as I myself am pleased it should be fine.

Hopefully everyone understand xD Even if this is vauge beyond belief.
And I already know the comments “Do what makes you happy~” so try to be more… Iono… xDDD

(And I just realized the hair in ym pic is kinda weird! I just took the pic when I got home yesterday and didn’t notice my hair did that little spike thing in the front. lol~)



I’m feeling stylish xD
It’s just the jacket… it gives me a new imagae. My dad said I looked Japanese when he came home. I was like… wow xD
Usually its Korean. but now it’s a mix. lol~

Today consisted of lots of talking and interacting. I was surprised.
More people talked to me today. And I got to spin a wheel! lol!
Honda insight… pretty cool. I like the prius better actually… xD

So hopefully… I can keep explanding my wardrobe the way that it’ll make me look cool? lol!
I dunno. I was the nerd so loonnnggg! I wanna have a new image.
I tihnk I do too! Apparently I’m not THE nice girl. But am a nice girl. But… lol~

Today was chill though. No geo. Rawr. I miss it.
Dozed off in math. Dangit. I need to start doodling again cause my mind can’t just work on one thing. like… if I’m listening to the lecture I need to be doing something with my eyes and hand. Then I won’t fall asleep,

And I lost a sock in my work out bag!!! Rawr. I think Hunny bunny took it out >.< Since I leave it on the ground. xD
So I couldn’t work out. Instead I went home and ate cookies with milk. I know.. smart xD

I think there was the costune constest today. I think it was in the ampitheter which is why I didn’t see it! dang. I should read fliers more often. Anyways, if I wore Clannad I think it would’ve been cool. Oh well~



Hunn + wind = scary


I know Hunny is getting a lot of posts today xD
So it just became really windy all of a sudden and its scary o.o;;
The power goes off every now and then for a few seconds
runining my game of SIMS!!! Rawr. it was in the middle of saving and I sooo hope it saved all the way T.T I doubt it tho…

Hunny was scarrreeddd.
Such a scardy bunny. xD
I looked outside and he was in the grass in scared position. All laied down on the grass with his ears back. So I go over to him trying tog et him in…
and he runs!! Im like wtf! He’s going crazy. So I try calling him and all but nothing T.T
Then I go inside and my sis calls out his name form the door and he comes in. wtf xD
As long as he’s in~ lol~

electricity goes on and off. I hate it. But can’t do anything about it. I was scared to shower too >.< What happens if it turns off during a shower right? That’s freaky. I won’t let my mind think about that >.<;;

Annnnd… nothing productive today. It’s like hunny days are un productive days. lol