Archive | November 2, 2008



Whaa Im pretty tired….
So I went to film some stuff… I found out my classmate lives REALLY close to me. lol.
Um… went to dance practice. I”m really rusty at dancing… whaa >.<;;
I wish I could take dance classes. Theres so much I wanna do!
1. Sing 2. Dance 3. Piano/flute 3.Cosplay 4.And every other little hobby I pick up

I mean I guess I should stick with what I’m good at right?
But I still love doing all the other things!
Maybe its because I like to stay busy…

Maybe. That or I just like NOT doing nothing.
It’s like all those people that believe they have no talent. Go out there a find one. Because there is so much you can do in the world. And so little time to do it all… T.T


Two birds. One stone.


I sooo wanna learn to drive right now.
Just because… duh. I don’t like how I’m older than peoples but they already know how!
I’ve NEVER even tried >.<;;

I find it kinda sad. But then again I don’t have to worry about gas and what not. Less money to spend I say! But it is inconvenient for me so its kinda sad. I want to be able to go out and buy fabric and all the things I need when I want to… wow that sounded a bit spoiled? XD;;

But I am planning on making a sweater soon if I can get the fabric… ^-^;; Saves me the trouble of finding one AND I get to make it how I want it. Two brids one stone? Whaa I dun like that quote because of the whole killing two brids with stones but… whatever XD I can’t find a better quote.




うさぎ はかわいいねえ~?
そう。。。日本語 を かく こと は むずかしい。。。 >。<
でも、日本語 は すごい~
ワアア。。あたし はよくじゃあない!

ねえ。。。pmx に いきますか?
エルキイ に ねばならぬ いく!
はい? やくそく! ^-^;;

Whaa my japanese is so off now. I really need more pratice.
I need practice in alotta things actually… time… whaa T.T


Whaa busy.


Hunny bunny playing around XD

But today is Sundae! ww~
I spent the morning eating candy and playing Dynasty Warriors 6… again >.<;;

I rule at that though XD really love the game~ ^-^;;
Maybe I’ll finish decorating my phone today… tabun.

Ahh… I hate how much I don’t have my own time today. I want to finish my cosplay so bad!
But apparently I’m off to do my project at 2:30 and gotta go to practice at 4.
This is what happen when I procrastinate… my weekend gone T.T

And! I totally forgot about Day light Savings today and so the time went back an hour. Screwed me up a bit XD;;
Spring, spring forward. Fall, fall back! lol~ Get it? I didn’t learn that until like a few years ago…