I sparkled~

 photo DSCN2810_zpsfb91a05d.jpg

I did my nails =3 This is my.. awkward picture of it >.> But I feel so… girlie with this =3 I kinda wish there wasn’t purple big sparkles on the smaller pink sparkles but… eh. Gotta use what I have right?

On another note. Gee is making me watch LOTR… again. (lord of the rings) so I spent a good 3 hours today just watching that and getting some minimal work done while doing that xDD I woke up at noon today too. So. To get my butt out of bed earlier. I won’t start to do work until noon so if I wake up earlier than that it will be my play games while watching another movie morning =3 That’s my incentive. really~

Now… now I will finish applying to jobs! yea that’s right. I’m being forced to apply to jobs =3= Nerve racking much?




Gee thinks its creepy… think its creepy? xDDD
I did my nails like this about.. 2 weeks ago? I never got a chance to upload pictures.. okay. more like I forgot xD  But they lasted a total of a day!! Why? The lace was really fun to peel off in class LOL! <3 Now though.. my nails are back to ‘normal’ which is a nice light pink with sparkles =3 That’s as normal as it really gets lol! Unless I don’t paint my nails at all… but I like them painted~ It honestly just gives me something to peel off my nail when i’m really bored..>.>

So today? First final done!! Wrote a whole nice page about reaffirmations and ways to prevent and fix problems. It was.. okay. I’m hoping I got at least a B on it but who knows~ Then… then? Thennn… well now I’m going to study for Tomorrow’s final as well as.. thursdays final. Wednsdays final? Eh… I’ll do that on Wed. >.>;; Man… I hate back to back studying, its so.. so.. stressful!!

I hope everyone else has luck on their finals too =D


Dragon is yummy.


At first… I really didn’t like my nails. AT ALL. Look at it!! My sister thought it was a pink dalmation gone wild =.=
but you know what? I think it finally grew on me. I learned to accept it. Why? Because I was able to twist it into something awesome. Actually.. I twisted it into one of my favorite fruits!! =3

Yes. See the resemblance? Kinda..? xDD So now everytime I look at my nails it reminds me of food =DD Oh and my cousin has her nail test in 2 weeks so she’s practicing on everyone in the house xD I get stuck with the whacky experimental designs. I don’t mind~
On the other hand… Gee got a haricut. Umm… Let’s just say its already in the awkward stage and there will be no pics of him for awhile xDD Though I do think someone was being a bit mean to him during lunch. Probably not on purpose. Probably out of.. I guess good intention? But if the person already knows the haircut is bad, why rub it in their faces right? It’s already happened to me back in HS and I really hated the feeling. Why bash when you can jsut imrove~?

Oh! And it seems as though my bad luck catches onto someone =3 It’s nice. If I’m having a bad day… I hate to say it but I like being selfish and hope other people’s day are on the same level. At least the emo corner is warmer~ And when everyone is happy.. well it’s even better! More people to enjoy the joy with~

Alrighty. OTher than that? 1 class canclled. Slept. Gym. No wushu practice. Ate. Homework? Oh. And the icky part is, I can’t shower tonight cause my mom decided to unmold the bathroom T.T I can’t stand the smell AT ALL >.< And I’d rather go tonight without showering and wake up and shower rather than go in there with the chemicals … I mean.. it can’t be healthy for you. And health is important!!

That’s my little post for today~ I moved back to my sewing desk cause of midterm week(s). Hopefully it helps. I really do want to finish Lenne.. I need a shoot! Or I’ll bust out Clannad or something xD


swirlie dotted french nails?


Poka dots.
French tip?!

I seriously couldn’t decide xD Sooo.. I tried to put it all into one!
This is was the results xD Kinda… cute?
It’s like a french tip gone bad xD With splatter dots~

But hey it only took.. meh I’m not sure. I was talking while doing so.. and on the phone o.o;;
Which thanks Kasuki for the wake up call -.- That sooo sucked. it was like 10 when I woke up!

Then again my dad did tell me to sleep last night at 10:30.

Crazy? Yes I know. I guess I was feeling rebellious and slept at 1 instead xD
I cant’ help it. it’s just my sleeping habits.
Not like I’m getting a lack of sleep anyways… my regular 10 hours suit me just fine~

Oh! I bought stuff today~ I’ve been meaning to.. and I was at the mall picking up my sister anyways, so I got my bag and braclet. But I’ll get pics up.. later today or tomorrow.. probably tomorrow xD

I’m happy though~ It’s been a productive day I think… Just time to figure out if I did have homework or not… about 3 weeks left of school and I think I can chill out for now. Think. so. maybe? T.T I want buns…


Pink nails today~


I did my nails ^-^
Pink for Sakura~ I would’ve done them pink anyhow xD It sucks that I hae to take them off for Miku T.T Then blue nail polish… nuu xD

Its soooo close to ALA and it still hasn’t really hit me yet. I still have so much to do it’s crazy. So crazy that I’m messing up on my cosplay and its not turning out the way I want it to. But oh well, I’ll wear it anyhow xD I’ll make it work.. I always do don’t I~?

Let see… today I went with my mom around. She dragged me along to see some condos. Then shop for my daddy. Then went to Ikea.
That took up my whole day T.T
But I did get some white eyeliner out of that, very useful for my cosplay work. I’m happy.
Also! I redid my resturant in resturant city xD finally right? Its pink again! I’ll keep it that way now, I like it pink the best~

Oh! And am working on my cosplay card, I love photoshop, it’s so fun to figure out new stuff ^-^
my throat has been sore a bit today.
I really really REALLY hope I’m not getting sick.. before a con again.

oh. And I lost my ALA postcard. T.T >.<