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Absolutely heart this dress~ x3 It’s one of my favorites, I’ll be wearing it more in the fall though~ like cold transition… not winter.. maybe? Anyhow.
I got woken up at 2am from an imaginary spider/claw that was coming to get me in the darkness. Lovely right? not really. This is the..3rd wake-up like that. =.= It’s really annoying. Then I got woken up by a call~ Which was… decent. All I heard was “lame lame lame lame lame”
Oh and did I ever tell you, when someone calls me I don’t mind. If I’m busy I won’t pick up xD but I don’t like calling back -.- I don’t like the ringing noise and just.. waiting.. waiting… WAITING! I guess I’m really impatient in that sense. (And you have the feeling that you’re interrupting something.. you know?)

I made fried kimchi rice this morning/afternoon. It was my first time making it~ It went… eh… well Let’s just say I didn’t burn the house down? =3 It was really bland. And I should sue butter next time. Some garlic. Salt! Oh well. tomorrow.. maybe. My grandma is visiting some family so she’s not here to cook for the household T.T I miss her cooking! But at the same time, I like being able to cook some things for myself xD It’s a nice feeling! Though I don’t know if what I eat is the healthiest… I was in a bad mood. Then .. I dunno. I just can’t stay mad when I’m talking to a dork on the phone =.= But then my mom started to give me chores and all, then I got annoyed. Then I skyped and the camera was annoying but you know what… I fixed it? And now I’m back into a.. whatever state. And if you think this is some girl problem.. no. It’s not xD It’s just me being a spoiled little … girl. =P


The bad, the good!

(insert cute picture =P wordpress is being … DUMB. So omitted for today)

Rawr =3 Today was such a nice day… Somewhat.
Just a quick overview…
The bad: Woke up 30 minutes late. Ate breakfast in the car. Forgot my bow. Forgot ISDS book… Tummy being weird on me again.
The Good: Gee didn’t leave me xD (Yea that’s always a good sign!). Got Chipotle! Got bobaaa~ Understands accounting =D Got to show a little PDA on request >.> Lots of looks and awkward feelings shared. annnd… Did I mention guac~? =3

It actually was nice today. Unfortunately the martial arts room was taken >.> Some guys wrestling.. aka, just touching each other. I don’t see why guys like that… kind of like Boxing. Two ‘sports’ I just don’t understand at all. Yea… it takes skills to do it, but I just don’t think it’s.. very… what’s the word… cute? xD

I got complimented on my how my hair looked today~ I went for the sweet innocent look? Very Asian looking xD It was a nice change, and my hair has been naturally straight and soft looking lately! I think it’s because I switched conditioners… I’m happy. Less work I have to do with my hair in the morning.

I came home and TRIED to get started on making a new RE flyer. No luck with that. Why? Hea and Gee were playing Rag and… I really wanted to play too!! I love my char <3 And I want to get my pet!! hehe… I'll get an SS of that later~ I'm still excited for the rag cosplay coming up in Winter/spring. But it's funny, even with game money I still feel bad if I gamble it all away. Then I got some from a… 'sugar daddy'? and that made my spending spree very enjoyable~ Thanks! xDD

Did I mention people driving are crazy? Like seriously!! Just driving… going a decent speed. And here comes a truck.. tailgating me. TAILGATING!! =.= You know what that is, driving really close. And I hate it because it either makes me 1. go faster or 2. Let go of all pedals and see them spaz out. Yea option 2 is dangerous cause they might not slow down too xD It's so annoying!! I was seriously throwing a fit in the car with all the impatient drivers on the road!!

anyhow. I think that's enough for today. Time to finish this flyer so I can have a little fun tomorrow =3 Yea. That's right. Totoro~

A little short


A little sneak peek on the commission process and how it’s going. Yes. I know. It’s a commission.. it’s not suppose to fit me! It just happens the girl I’m doing it for.. well.. is somewhat near my size =3 So to make sure its in proportion, I try it on. SO much easier if I had a mannequin!! T.T But I can saftely say.. Sakura is pretty much done. Haven’t started on Hokage yet.. too lazy =.=

But thats what I did today. And like 2-3 hours of straight accounting homework!! That was fun. I finished it all =3 I’m happy. Mmm… not really looking forward to tomorrow so much. School then going home to just do more sewing >.<

In the process of writing a script.. for what? heh. Look out for it~

Tempted… to make mroe skirts for myself even though eventually it’ll start to become colder. Oh well~ I really love my skirts.. and I want to wear more but they are too short!! =.= I only have 2 that I can decently wear around. I have a full drawer of skirts though >.> Hey! But if you think about it… most of them are old. So I just grew taller and they become smaller. Not that I bought miniskirts xD

Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr =3

Gee’s drawing is coming out looking really epic!! Now I just gotta get him to pick up his side hobby to help me out more and… I think I can be be just as epic later~ I’m excited though!! Next two days, gonna suck. but remember the post I put up the first day of this month? Im going to finish a commission!!! And something else >.> I WILL!


Like the first time?

“I dont want a man who’s gonna hang on my neck, oh no!”

xD This song has been quite addicting to me for some time now. I never got sick of it because… it’s not in my ipod or in my saved list. I like watching the video =3

But with all the music listening … I finally asked my brother how to work his microphone and record tracks and all …
I can honestly say.. it went pretty bad. I’m no singer xD Really. I just do it because it’s fun! And it relieves stress like no other~ But I got curious on how I would sound with the whole instrumental and all of a song… I don’t like my voice. I don’t at alllllll. So I got about.. halfway done with it annnd.. scrapped it. I was sad for a bit because I don’t have the guts to put it online, but hey, I haven’t been able to find my voice yet. Find my voice as in… they style? Some people belt it out, others have a softer voice that’s just as strong, and others… I dunno. Their singing voice is so amazing it doesn’t even sound like they could make such music while talking.

So im feeling a bit emo about it… but hey. I’ll have something out that I like eventually~? I’m working on it!!




A heat wave has hit SoCal… T.T It’s REALLY bad. I woke up today and jumped right out of bed because it was PERFECT weather. But think about it.. perfect weather in the morning… means…sucky weather in the afternoon…
I got to school.. went to my morning classes. The business building = LOVE <3 Perfect air conditioning in there =3 Then I walk out and go to another building… and walk out of that and this huge warm air hits me like no other. Know how the ocean breeze feels like? Yea. It was that with warm air. So like.. desert status!

Oh oh!! I got my test results back today. I’m… I’m… AVERAGE!! T.T Like… for econ, average was 85. I got.. an 85. For Phil it was… 80 some? I got.. 88? Okay I did good in that~ =3 But I’m good with logic~ hehe. Using the old noggin. (wth…)

I was absolutely HYPER today. I think it was because I walked from class to class in the raging heat and when I got into a building it perked me up so much! The cold!! I love the cold! But I love dressing like it’s hot? =.= Which is why I like spring~ And fall is decent too… then it’s winter. Then summer! Heels in the winter = win =3

Anyhow. I finished some hw at school. Waited for someone~ Took a nap while studying.. woke up to see someone about to sit on me >.> Thanks xD But gym was.. okay. It felt nice to try to do something xD I still love the martial arts room~ Hehe doing physics… ^-~
I actually had to make up an excuse for wushu… I didn’t feel like going in this heat. But it felt nice to be wanted and reminded to go! =3 I mean… hey.. it’s a nice feeling when clubs actually want you to go cause your presence makes a difference =3

Oh! I saw someone I knew from HS today. … … WK are his initials. I saw him look at me, I know he recognizes me. But hey, his lost for never talking to me back then~ And it’s sad… all the people I had the chance to talk with back then but I wasn’t outta my shell? And I finally got out of it too late int he game senior year. but hey, I’m loving the school life I have right now. The friends. My one man. The ‘drama’. The new people I get to meet! But really.. It’s like… I was a caterpi during junior high. Metapod in HS and now I’m butterfreeeeeeeeeeeee! xDDD

Okay that’s enough ranting for me… That’s what happens when the heat gets to me. 3 days left to finish commissions!!