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Happy Lunar New Year!


Wishing everyone a happy, wealthy, productive, and an absolutely cute new year!!

This time of year is definitely one of my favorites. Did you know we have lanterns up year round? It’s cause sometimes we spend more time and effort to decorate the place versus Christmas time lol. Actually they might be equal…

Anyways! Hope these collages aren’t too bad. I see it as the easiest way to get my pictures up now xD the two pictures on the left is where I’m currently at and doing! I got a lucky red envelope and tangerine from a monk! How cool =3 they seriously remind me of air benders….. and the other picture is of a pink tree… yea. That’s it. Its adorable~
The right picture? I dunno. Selfie? I wrote blue and black but needed some red for luck =3 always gotta have the lucky red!!

It’s so late.. my family (part of it) is partying hard while I sit and post. Yep! I don’t mind~

Once again… happy New year!
Welcome to the year of the Horse~


Girlie… and pink!


I feel so… girlie!! It’s so.. PINKK!!!! But no worries… there is a reason for this madness! I meant to post yesterday but my day was all wonky. And today was… really weird. But putting a major amount of ranting aside… LOOK!

First off… brother got me a Mia 2 which I’ve always pretty much wanted xD Then to the top right there is a pair of cute sterling silver earrings I bought with the help of Gee~ So I’m wearing those beastlys now. And next is an inflated and a deflated bow for the sylveon ears I finally finished like.. yesterday! And to the bottom right that’s… well. That’s hunny bunny. He’s guarding my mannequin… >.>;;

But now all this doesn’t compare to the sexy new ride I WILL HAVE ONE DAY >:DD reallys. I must have it. If not… I will MAKE IT. That’s the beautiful Alodia in that picture…. T.T *jelly*

So now while I pet my bunny… clean my skin and slave off more ear production… I has a goal. I. Have. A. Sexy. Goal.


slightly cheating

So um… yea. cheated a little bit xD

Do I feel bad about it?

heccckkk no. :]

Okay so that really just links you to the long post I wrote up while I was suppose to be “working” And basically it was my ALA update that’s about .. 2 weeks old. The best part? That’s where my cheating came in :P It’s now on time! :DDD Did you think it was worse than that? probably not huh… xD =3=

So yea. I spent today chugging down caffeine and  just stressing out about these dang ears! My sewing machine is now giving me problems and I want to throw it against a wall =.= It’s insanely annoying. So i’ll have to go off and deal with that for now…. >.>;;




Wasabi… ice cream?


If your friend takes you to a Japanese resturant and tells you the green stuff is ice cream… wait for it to melt. If it doesnt.. it’s obviously not ice cream now is it? Normally I go “dude… they totally look different” But that was before I went to this new place…. The wasabi and ice cream looked EXACTLY the same. It was insane! The texture and color were exact matches and it was just crazy. I really wanted to mix it and see what would happen xDDD But green tea ice cream is too yummy to ruin like that >.>;;

We had a sushi day =3 I had a friends hangout day~ They helped me pick out earrings! Which… in all honesty they are no help. They just add on to the decision making by showing me other cute options T.T So mean!! (but thoughtful? I’m not sure yet…)

The last picture you see up there is my little butterfly logo in the corner… my decals finally came in! I have a whole new post on that which I’m super excited to share the results~ Best investment …ever. xP

Anyways… that was my day haha. It was super relaxing and just…. fun. I’m dreading monday and the week to come but who isn’t that pretty much hates…. their day jobs =.= I try not to hate though. I’m working on a system to get … happy about it lol. We’ll see though! xD



Sketch, Double pony tail!


Selfies at the office! I finally am able to put my hair in a double pony tail clip so I’m SUPER happy =3 It’s been awhile since my hair got cut shorter by an… unfortunate accident. So this selfie (where you can see some slight eye bags now forming) is just… well it kind of reminds me of the old days where I would JUST post selfies (before they were called selfies!)

And on the right is just the new sketch that I finished today~!!! I’m… okay with it. It’s weird… lately my sketches don’t even start with a complete idea. It’s kinda like my poetry… I just start with a line and run with it. I finally exported my writings (which are mainly done on my phone) onto a backup file via email. I think last night I just thought… “if I lose these files… I’ll be REALLY sad.. cause I don’t have the memory to recreate them exactly” So that’s my sketch… I hope it’s getting better. I’ve been trying to sketch something during my breaks at the office…. it’s been proving to be doing well so far xD Plus I’m getting better at drawing the bodies without a reference picture!! I love it when you get to that stage~

Yea… office day today was horrible T.T I just kinda died off from lack of food… a headache… and then just shivering like a small hairless dog. =.= It was the worst. I honestly don’t see why I just didn’t go home…..

Yep. My bloging has been horrible lately but that’s also partly due to Mineralz. What is that you ask? It’s an aracade game on Starcraft! Yep. It eats up a good… 3 hours of your life if you can live through the game. And that’s just crazy… but after nights and nights of dying… we finally beat it!!! -happy dance- The group wants to play again but I don’t think I’m up for it at such a headache level….. T.T

But my headache level is just fine for updating my social media sites =3