Rise of the Guardians =3


Rise of the Guardians.

Go watch it. <3

See… it’s been a long time that I’ve enjoyed a movie THAT much. Like… I was laughing, tearing up, and rooting so much. I also really love toothiana (?) I think that’s spelled…something like that. Basically the tooth fairy! I really want to cosplay her >.> It’s not really the type of cosplay I’d do but…. that would be quite a feat to undertake. Can you just imagine holding out bloody baby teeth with gums still stuck to them in my hands?! (Not real ones of course…) (….and that’s a sentence she kinda says in the movie…) She’s the middle one btw~ Bunny is awesome. Gee loved Sandman xD I found that funny. I like the awkward fairy~

Yea I normally don’t advocate movies but… I really like all the details and extra things Dreamworks put into this film. It’s quite something. I want to watch it again, It’s nice.

Alright. Time to work on… something? Eh. Or sleep.


I have something for bows..

And not just cute bows… I mean bows with arrows kind of bows!! Why do I bring this up?

I watched Avengers today with my friends at school~! It was kind of surprising how packed the thetere was for… it not being advertised o.o Really surprised. I can’t beleive girls were fanooling in there =.= You hear random clapping and squeals… but I can sort of see why at the same time.

Now… I’m not a big fan of the person himself… but I suppose he makes the character Hawkeye seem really really cool~ My favorite aspect of the movie was just his bow and arrows! It’s like… omgsh… buttons to detonate the arrows and switches to infuse them with different things?! It’s so.. so… /drools

I blame legolass -.- He started this fantasy for me!!! Yea.. once I started to spazz like the other girls over him I got the weirdest looks from Gee >.> But I continued to keep giving looks to Hea… >.> xDDD

Oh man… how sad is that. A movie is the highlight of my day. Oh! One other thing. I fininshed the anime Scrapped Princess!! It was.. a good anime o.o Like…. plot twists and all galore. It was lovely. I have Gee watching How I met your mother and it’s nice he was able to spot so many …. overlapping stuffs with the Avengers movie xD DEcent movie btw. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again though…


Can’t wait to be King~


Two weeks Lion King is in theaters for 3D as well as in 2D for the non-3D watchers. Well… we opted for the 3D~ Why? Well I’ve already seen it in 2D.. mind as well see it in 3D to make it a bit different.

I haven’t watched Lion King enough to remember most of the scenes so while watching this movie it actually felt like watching a new movie! I… I teared up >.> It still gets to me!! The sad scenes… T.T

Isn’t that kind of weird? 5:05 showing… I thought it was interesting.. lol!

This was a few days ago… I didn’t have any time today. Wanna know why? I was busy singing the “lazy song”!! xDDD Okay only for a few hours. I spent about 3… maybe 4 hours on sims 3? >.>;; Yesterday I just felt so overwhelmed with things I have to do I think.. I shut down. I couldn’t do anything!! So I played games for my afternoon!! It felt GOOD~ Then I went to the office and did a few hours of working on the site (ITS UP!! Forms don’t work -.-) And homework items =33 It’s almost 9 and.. with all the junk food and tea I’ve had, I’m still going strong~~~

I also seem to be getting some random comments now and then… I find that interesting. Not like my life is interesting.. but it gives me hope that some of the pictures and ideas might be xDD

So toodles~


Average: 9



This was a really short movie. About an hour 15 minutes? My rating of the movie? Maybe.. average….? I was doing math homework while watching it but I thought it was a decent story line. The visual is pretty interesting but not up to my “cute” standard. I think if they established some parts of it more it would be a good movie… their concept is good but execution needed some work. I don’t really recommend to watch this movie because its good but watch it if your bored? xD

Today was… oh I’ll probably have to fit it into another post.
But today I got two subject worth of homework done. That was crazy hard to do. Few hours doing stats and another few for women studies. It’s… so harsh to do this but it’s my fault I didn’t do it earlier.

I went to the mall today for a break though. I bought new flats!! Originally $30 I bought it for $9. They are really nice on the inside too!! I also got a scent? That will be for a new post but I swear I lost some of my smelling powers… Lol!!!

Time to live off crappy internet.. this sucks. completely sucks T.T
Apparently today I went on a rampage with words. Its… crazy. If you don’t want to get bitten, don’t talk to me for a week.


Tape.. that sticks!

And glitter… so much glitter =3
This commercial does a good job cause I actually went to Target to see if they had glitter…. well I couldn’t find it soo… that’s a no? xD Really love this commercial though!! CLARK! The little planet that was… and fractions!!

For my marketing class we have to find an ad to do a presentation on so I was looking around… I just like this one.. it doesn’t have a negative effect though so I can’t use it.

I was really… tired today. Lack of sleep and just.. disruptions while sleeping. Woke up early cause of the “It’s the first day of school!!” Commotion that went through the house xD Basically fell asleep in class… Parking also sucked. -.- More than usual too. Kinda fun at one point though. haha~

Wathced Kung Fu Panda 2 at school today. you know those free showings~ It was actually.. pretty cool. Like.. literally. it got cold xD But the movie was really funny and I want to watch it again to catch like the small things~ What was funny was seeing the look on Gee’s face when the prey mantis said stuff about not knowing his dad and he wants to go meet a nice girl so his head can get cut off xDD (yea… if you don’t know what I mean well… geographic cannel? xDD) It’s so cute.. I wonder if they will come out with a 3rd movie, cause it has potential? And this 2nd movie was good enough that it didn’t overshadow the first as well as be in the shadows. wo!

Something about Super 8 in a few weeks? >.> I’m not that excited about that though.. >.>

Okay.. time to reign in my groups for school. group projects.. ugh -.-