Just wanna say hi


Was having a little fun with a photo app xD looking to see if I can find better ones… but it looks like this one works well so far =3 I bought this new maroon bow shorts online the other day! Finally wore it… it’s comfy and makes it look like a skirt but it’s perfect for my casual days! Cause I’ve been told I dress like I try to impress and fancy but… that’s the only clothes I really have >.> ziyp I decided to go a little more… Asian~~

Starting to really freak out about timing… especially since I don’t have an outfit to wear to the next con!! Ahhhh what do I wear!? *slowly going crazy*


Oh we shop it.


Went shopping today =3 After a very awkward meeting at school full of science majors… but that’s the boring stuff of my day xD
So we went far away to a Mitsuwa with a COSMODE on the shelf and they updated to a kinokuniya in the place sooo there were ALOT better choices for pens and what not. Above are my favorite pens of all time xD Zebra clip ones! In multicolored~ They have a cute salmon color… I want it. But I’ll go back later to get it just because I didn’t have my wallet on me at that time o.o That freaked me out so badly.. to go to pay but no wallet… ugh. =.=

On another note… we went around to try on clothes but it was one of those days where we arn’t really looking for something to buy.. just for very interesting things. SO! I was able to say please a lot and bargain with Gee so that he would put on the coat you see below. It reminded me of T.O.P!!! <3 Ah…. so smexy. Anyways… that try-on costs me a chance for him to put something ‘interesting’ on me xD It’s kinda how we work… lol. It’s fun though~


Oddly enough.. I really like the jacket. Gee looks like a mannequin xD It’s cool though!! <3
Shopping trips are fun ^^ Yesterday Hea bought a pair of boots for $10. That’s a steal!
Anyways… i’ve been stressing out like no other apparently… I’d like to think I’m not but.. I am. So i’m off to either do work or play games … more the latter though~


Tad bit of coral~


Lately it’s seriously been non-stop dresses and skirt for me~ I’ve kind of given up on shorts because at the office it’s not as .. appropriate. You never know when a client might walk through the door or if I’m wisked out to show a place. Either way…. I’ve been loving my dresses and blazers~ Here’s something new! (for once xD)

Most of this above here is from Forever21~ I’ve kind of been on a shopping spree there~ The coral dress was under $10 and honestly… I don’t think looks nice on it’s own. So I spiced it up the only way I knew how: business casual.

I took a belt from Wetseal (which I absolutely LOVE, gotta have at least one thick belt) I used it to add some dimension to the dress creating a stronger (And better) emphasis on the waist. This is ideal for me as it’s one of my main “assets” so to speak xD The tuxedo blazer is actually a size bigger for me but with the sleeves rolled up and because it’s short, creates a larger image on the top half balancing out the poof at the bottom. I love doing this it’s… kinda me xD PAired it with some my normal flats (though honestly normally I would do heels but i knew I’ll sit in the office all day).

Yea.. I know normally my posts don’t explain what I wear normally but… hey, It doesn’t hurt once in awhile. But like I said, Stayed in the office all day doing cosplay, tax, and rearranging stuff. It’s been a full day and I think I’m just filling up my work platter with cosplay o.o Crazy? Just a bit. It’s been hard for me to remember to do things…. a to-do list now is a must o.o Even if it says EAT on it xD

Sorry for no post yesterday.. honestly? I forgot!! I ended up doing something… I think I was stuffing ears o.o




Okay I first have to apologize for such an awful picture… honestly… what was I thinking?! But this does give me something to talk about so I decided to post it up anyways xD

I’m a lover of pearls so this lovely top portion of a shirt caught my eye really quickly. As I do like the middle portion and even the ruffles emitting from the bottom portion, the beads that circle the pearls are quite tacky for my taste. I only took a picture of the top cause that’s all I liked…. the rest flowed down and.. I dunno… I wish it was a dress with a sinched in waist with extra ruffles at the bottom as a hem~ How cute would that be o.o So maybe once day, when I Don’t mind hand sewing a whole bunch of pearls in a clump, I’ll attempt it =3

I woke up early today to go work with my mother as basicallly helping her with tax stuff. It’s quite tedious and boring at times >.> It’s bearable with friends to talk to online though xD That and SNACKS~ lol!! I also did some shopping and was able to finally order my dress I’ve been wanting =3 I also got a few other things which I really hope work out ^^ I shall post about them when the shipment comes in hopefully~ I did learn one thing today… I look terrible in certain dresses. Luckily, they arn’t my type anyways! (what kind of dresses? Well you can guess by the type you only see me wear anyways xP)


Goes high, then low.


Got to wear the dress I got in the mail yesterday~ It’s.. okay. I honestly wish it was more pink like the picture online -.- But! I still love it because of the flowy fabric that is finally not see-through as well as the high-low which I’ve loved since I made my Wedding dress Miku so long ago (yes, before it got into trend!!) But I don’t like the top portion of the dress and how it flows out. I’m actually planning on returning this dress and getting the same one in black~ And I will also be tailoring the side arm holes so it doesn’t poof out like that…. Yet I’m still debating on buying the black one because these dresses are INSANELY popular right now and… honestly? I don’t like following the trend -.- But I do want this dress because I like the dress, I just have to alter it to fit my fashion =3
(btw, the dress skirt part poofs out a bit in the picture cause I was wearing another skirt underneath.. it really goes flatter…)

Anyways…. I think a shopping trip is in order later~ But later~ I also got a cute bow belt, a new headband, and a pair of jeans in today=3 WO~ I know.. I’m an online shopper addict T.T

On the bright side.. I spent a day in another city today with Kasu and it was lovely~ Got meat to eat, shopping to walk with, and someone lost their voice coughGeecough. Eventful day,     a once a year trip it seems like too lol!!