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Today.. today today todaaaay….

Hum. I went to joanns! Got some beads and ribbon for my dress…
Also was so close to buying an off white skirt but.. meh. It was an okay skirt. I want a really cute skirt x3
Then bought some lace~ Yep. Lace ^^
And tried out some Caribbiean Passion at Jamba Juice. It was a nice change. Thanks to Kasuki~ She always owes me boba cause I drive her so much xD

And now I’m back to doing my cosplay! I’m REDOING the sewing part of miku’s top to the skirt. Why? I re looked at it and it was done Very…very sloppily. So I’ll take today to redo that as well as draw out a design for the front. Lets see how this goes…

Well… OH Also I got… alot of rice cracker~ You know.. the japanese kind.. oh imma be so fat.. x3


Two epic songs

Epicness. Seriously huh?

Two of my favorite songs in one x3
River Flows in You by Yiruma (man I still can’t play it completely T.T) and
Wedding dress by Tae Yang

And you know how much I love my wedding dress~~ (Kinda reminds me of what I’m working on right now!)

Anyhow enjoy I suppose.. if you like this kind of music.. xD

For some reason the song wedding dress makes you think of a song that might be used at a wedding, yea.. this song. not the song you want at your wedding. All about not getting the girl you want.. well.. unless you are the guy that gets the girl from the other dude first, congrats? xD

lol~ Just enjoy xD


Ohh ruffles


This picture is a bit weird. I think I flipped it funny xD So just look and wonder at the angle…Iono.
Actually! This is just I’ve been working on cosplay x3 Yea. I’m working ^^

Lets see though.. todaaay… I woke up.. ate. Ate some pho.. chicken pho. But like.. my bowl had alot of fat in it and I think that’s the first time I didn’t finish eating the bowl. Like.. It was … hate to say this… kinda gross o.o;; The bowl was so shiny, I could feel the oil transferring from the bowl to the shininess on my face! T.T So I didn’t finish it, I felt kinda sick after eating so much of it though…

Then went to my daddy’s to drop off food. Right now my mom and dad are in some sort of … I’m not gonna say fight. More like my mom’s been on the edge and my daddy hasnt been helping it >.< And I don’t wanan get caught in the middle! But I have to find some stuff in the “How to influence people” Book to show my mommy so … well.. lets just say I have a plan xD

Then went to Marukai~ Why? Cause I got gas money and its near the gas station I usually go to x3 I got… a hair chipstick and a necklace. Why? Eh… I felt like getting something but not sure what. And it was.. cheap x3 Also got some boba~ BOBAAA. But its not the same drinking it with your sis than drinking it with someone elseee…

And I FINALLY have whole base for Miku done ^^ It’s… kidna funky. I was a bit impatient and sewed a little too quickly. So there are bad spots where it ruffles wrongly. But it’s not noticeable.. hopefully.. T.T

Oh! And I’ve been watching Coffee Prince! unfortunately I can’t find anything good in the drama that can transfer to my own life.. xD.. well unless I wanna pretend to be a guy. But I don’t think that’s a good route for me..

Maybe this week I’ll finally go outta the house and drive to see friends. … maybe. i don’t know if I want to completely yet xD
But I do have an incentive to get out of the house to see someone. What is it? I want my rock. Yep. My rock.




Just a little update~ Since it’s summer I have a little more time to update, which is good I believe! I like updating x3

So as I might of wrote before that I ordered 2 things off amazon to help with… my cosplay work. Both makeup items.
And so I’m checking where my package is from the UPS tracking thing and I think it’s fun updating where it’s going through my msn status thing xD
Right now it is in… Coffeyville KS.
Kansas? Man… my geography is so bad I don’t even know where that is. Somewhere in the middle US I’m guessing. Though!! I love that city name x3 coffeyville!! haha get it? coffee.. coffey… yea. Don’t laugh too hard =P

And so while I wait a little less than a week for that, in the meantime I will be doing cosplay work. Yes. I went to joanns and bought lots more fabric and.. beads!! Yes. Pearls ^^ Not pink ones though, couldn’t find them T.T I’ll get them alter though (for my car ^^) I tried getting items for the necklace I’m making but they put a lot on sale and on clerance that… everything was gone T.T At least everything good!! T.T

Time to work on my cosplay work more. Hopefully my day goes normally with no… bad… surprises. I’m tempted to go drive to marukai but… I barely have any gas left  >.> I’m too lazy to go pump. lol


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