Its a piece of brownie!!
So my sis made brownies. And I really liked them. Probably cause they were dark chocolete.
Which meant I could eat a lot and not feel bad because it didn’t taste so sweet.
Which is also went VERY well with milk.
milk and brownies <3
Imma try to convince her to make cookies tonight ^^;;

and omgsh you know what I hate?
I have a blackberry.. or pinkberry as nonformally called, but anyhow! I have a blackberry and when opening a text I only get to preview the first line while it loads. And I read it and I’m like… YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Then it opens and im like.. NOOOOO!

-.- fail. Epic. Fail.

That’s my excitement for the day. lol!
Cause really? All I’m doing is homework and work. Work. Work. Work. I want my paycheck. It’s here. But I can’t get it yet T.T How depressing!
A pic of what we cooked the brownies in~ a toaster oven!!! xD

Wait… brown-ies. Who was the brilliant person that named then brown…ies! like.. cook-ies? Couldn’t they be like tasties?
Just a thought… dont mind me xD


Snacks… yum!


My two snacks for my ubersome studying day.
Which I have barely left my room. Cause I’m studying in here.
And endless playlist of songs in the background. Warmness. And the TWO snacks to satisfy me ^-^

I actually got my sister’s hope up on one thhing…
Ginger bread house -.-
I said..
If I think I did well on the test I’ll go out and buy one of those kits to make a Gingerbread house (RE.. house.. get it? xD That’s gonna be saved for next year’s christmas post card! xD)
And so she’s really happy about that. Thus making sure I study.
I guess its a give return kinda thing. It’s for my own good.
And then… now I’m still double tasking stuff. oh!

Just for Kasuki:
I bought the wig. Happy? xD
Hopefully it’ll come in by Christmas. I want it to be here before I go to San Fran. Just to make sure it gets here.
Which the other thing I bought on eBay still hasn’t come in yet >.>
I realized its because its from Hong Kong! Tsk tsk. Why T.T Free shipping thats why >.>
Oh well. I give it another week or so to get here. I’m not in desperate need of it but before ALA is the best xD;;

Annnd…. nothing much else. off to studying again!


Hunny dominates


Hehe. Hunny DOMNINATES! <3
Yea its my sis and bunny. I was feeding him cereal to go on my sis, he claws if its unsable.
And my sis, is unstable xD
Either way he’s sooooo cute ^-^

Sorry about yesterday’s post. I has it up and was jsut about to start writing when two of my bro’s friends came over and we played Munchkins!

Much munch munchkins~ Such a really REALLY fun game but time consuming.
Yet very fun.
We all teamed up against my bro to take him down! muhahaha xD
And it was funny because I was a playboy that got taken by King Kong up to the highest building in chinatown and lost all my items >.>
Rawr. I had a card against it too!! No fair T.T Next time…
I didn’t win this time but oh well.
The game went for a few hours. I just know by the time we were done it was like 12:30.
Ouch much? me and my bro woke up at like 6 this mroning too >.<

Up side is that my cousin got to stay over for a night. Then she’s off to fly back home~ And she’ll be back ^-^

So other than that as you can see yesterday I ruled at Super Smash. Okay maybe you can’t see, but if you wanna challenge me go ahead! I have the N64 hooked up to the TV! It’ll probably be there for another week or so then It’ll be unplugged. so come meet your match =P or not!

Ah and also I’m writing this at like 9 in the morning cause I’m at school ‘studying’ xD lol!


Haruhi wig styling


Before styling


After? Kinda xD She messed up the bangs…

So I messed up her pic xD Ignore the eyes~

Side view. She kinda looks like a happa xD

I had to use her as a head cause… well I can’t style it on myself >.<;;

I didn’t make the headband. No time. This is the one my brother got in the box set a few years ago o.o;; when it first came out!
I don’t think its accurately correct buuuuut… Gonna use it anyways!

I sis that and also styled the Miku wig a bit. Didn’t no too much to that other than try to make it straighter. Finished Haruhi in a sense I made the part but didn’t put it together.
Not really ready for tomorrow so much but oh well.
Gonna go anyways!
Sooo wish I went today >.<


Shower Spider


Lots happened today.
I woke up and went to pick fruits from the backyard. The avocados are donneneee! Woot woot.
Then went up to Cal Tech to see my cousin. Omgsh if you want a college experience go there xD It’s crazy the stories she tells about it.
We went to see her dorm, which there are lot s of dorms there and its kinda like Harry Potter cause they have riveries and all.
And it was kinda…ehh… people stared as we walked pass… it was..akward…

Oh the Chinese food up there is good, Thai tea boba even better!! <3

Then came home. Worked on my midterm essay. At this time its almost done~

But I just beat my record of shower times! 8 minutes. Usually its like 20… 30 xD Cause I like to take my time and wash my hair and all nicely.
But today I saw the HUGE black SPIDER!!! T.T It was in the window. I was scared.
So I called in back-up. My bro. And Sis.
Mom didn’t really care xD I mean 3 people in the bathroom is already a crowd. xD
So we got all out stuff ready…
Got out the wooden sword. The gloves. Scroped out the place.
Then my bro decided to wash his finger from touching the drain on the sink… cause plan was to get it in the sink to drain it.
So I looked at what he was doing..
And when we both looked back…
it was..


Yea. Gone. Poof. Adios. Sayonara~
We looekd around for it but couldn’t find it…
I still think its around there…

So that’s why my shower time today was short xD Ususally its like 20-30 minutes xD 8 min ftw? Not really. I enjoy the shower when its longer. Like being in a hot tub!

So now im scared of the spider.. I feel as though it knew what we were up to so it ran. rawr.
I think I used this pic already but im using it again cause bugs with bugs.
A pray mantis on David’s butt! lol~ The butt.. as int he statue butt… lol.