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:D I got a tablet! Well.. brother actually got it and I took it from him =3 Well. It was given? LOL! Anyways I like it. It’s mainly used for music in my room and just random things like bringing it to events. Looking up pictures etc etc. Mainly my cosplay helper it seems!

I’ve been busy… FINALLY finished coloring all the designs and putting models to them! Well. Sorta. More like just seeing who might look good in what and how many times I can get fittings in for them… I’m going kinda crazy with it so I don’t want to chance having it look weird on people >.> I also decided to also be in the show myself because… well. It’s what I do =3 And I’m not JUST a designer, I’m a cosplayer!

I also changed the bg of the tablet since I took this pictures, it’s now waifu and senpai =3 aka asuna and kirito! Been LOVING them as my OTP as I keep reading the books. Which reminds me I’m almost done with the 2nd one and I have to ask Gee if I can borrow the 3rd =3 It’s wonderfully asian too since it’s the direct interpretation and I’m wonderfully asian so my mind actually reads the sentences right even though they aren’t lol!

So much to do tomorrow. I also gave up shopping for lent. Yea. Online and physical unless related to work!


drink up


Yea…. Looks funky huh. Normally wouldn’t post things like this but… honestly this was mainly juice >.> I think they were going stingy on the good stuff Q.Q Anyways this was mainly juice I say because the ice cubes were actually strawberry cubes =3 And thats sugar on the rims not salt btw >.> We were celebrating Heather’s bday and so this happens xD That day for me kinda sucked cause nothing really went out completely how I wanted it to. That included not eating till like… 2pm. Also the drinks were meh. T.T

Either way. We still had a lovely time regardless sooo yay!


Lion goes Rawr


:D HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~!!! <3

Which I believe I said on another social media of some sorts but I haven’t said it here! =3

So I started today with trying to get some sleep but kept getting woken up by one thing or another =.= So I probably only had a good 4 hours of sleep and the rest was sporadic and gave me a headache QQ But I decided to go with my mother/grandma/friend today to just greet the new year with giving luck and receiving luck =3 But before I left this morning I had time to take selfies with my little ram ram~~~ Which is why you get a lot of selfie pics that get kinda weird >.> xDDD I was trying the dark lipstick that I bought for Hilda and I was surprised that I quite like it on a normal wearing basis o.o It really depends on the outfit but I think it makes me look more.. mature? put together? XD Iono. Its different and I do like it.

And then the pic on the top left is after a long day and my makeup looks like it kinda went POOF and the lipstick I took off cause I wanted to eat and drink boba =3

I did manage to take a nice picture and pet the lion that is used during the traditional lion dances~ And a goat! :DDD Not a real one but I LOVE seeing how the goats/sheeps are so adorned and put on display =3 and its for THE WHOLE YEAR *feeling special* Ok not really since its not JUST me but.. yea.


Selfie with Ruby


:D I wanted to take a selfie with Ruby and Gee but I think he was commenting to someone else at the time and I got this picture xDD That or I just wanted proof I can fit my head into his neck =.= Either way it makes a good picture to post here cause his face isn’t really showing xD I don’t like showing too many people’s faces in my pictures cause … well I’m not sure if they fully know I post them >.>;; \

BUT ISNT RUBY CUTE?!?! With her little hair clip~~~ I stole her away from her daddy so often =3 It was wonderful.

Whelp. Long week for me! My goal is to be out of the house by 9 everyday o.o I wonder if I can manage… I did find a lot of yogurt in the fridge so breakfast shouldn’t really hold me back. Although I tend to not like yogurt in the morning.. it just doesn’t seem like enough! Prob cause I like carbs. Plus how weird is it to have yogurt and coffee in the morning.. hm. Maybe I’ll make thai tea tomorrow. Cause yogurt and tea just sounds…. ok just as odd. Scratch that. No yogurt. Tea and biscuits. Yea. I can deal with that =3


Happy Valentine’s Day =3


Happy Valentines Day ~~~ <3

I don’t think I usually spend a lot of time on Valentine’s day things just because I never really liked the day? But I do like to do things here and there for Gee and friends anyways~ Last year I made choco truffles! This year… I didn’t feel like making anything xD And since I was seeing everything today anyways for a celebration party… I brought strawberries and we made home-made chocolate dipped strawberries! And I never (At least to my memory) got an actual gift for someone but this year I saw a chance and… why not =3 So I got Gee Asuna and Kirito keychains! =3 We have been really loving the OTP and since we do cosplay them… I thought it would be cute as a keepsake =3 And hopefully we can do a photoshoot of us for the ultimate barfy cutsy effect LOL! <3

So I ended up giving both to him and told him to choose which one he wanted to keep… cause we can fight for waifu or senpai LOL In the end I have Kirito and he has Asuna~~~ I love it =3

Other than that.. I swear I had like 4 courses of dessert and SO MUCH FOOD. Gee hosted a little party and he … he knows how to do food =3 It was yummy and oh so lovely~ Sad some other friends couldn’t make it but… oh well! Always other times =3 Next few weeks look booked to me o.o So I’ll see…

Plus I got good and bad news of a fashion show! So I’m excited but a month to make 7 outfits? Mmmm… I really want to make new ones and not reuse sooo… hing. I’ll see. Middle of tax season and creating this new business so I’m going to go crazy if I do decide to make new ones… >.> BUT I WANT TO QQ

(btw this is what was in the Tokyo Otaku Mode package you saw earlier this week =3 )