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Ah! So Thanksgiving and Black Friday are both over~ only thing left to really conquer is Cyber Monday! I’ll admit.. I spent SO much T.T It’s crazy cause this picture above isn’t even all of it. But basically I bought 3 scarves and a new casual bag (which totaled to be $30) then add in tights/socks (Now we’re up to $40) and a $400 laptop! (so $440 now!) But then I spent $50 on AX ticket and $70 at target >.>;;;;; Plus another $70 at Express…. /dies

Luckily I’ll be returning a few things.. get some money back in my wallet xD I did buy new storage for my sewing stuff and stocked back up on fabric for making items for sale! Yea… I don’t want to actually add up how much I’ve spent so far…. >.< I did hold back on  alot of stuff though! And I got some gifts.. kinda.

Anyways! Tiring day! definitely tiring day. A lot has been going through my mind lately but I realize just to… stay productive. Stay happy =3 Looks like my family is also getting more supportive of my sewing stuff. Its making me a little happier~



Dear Family,

Thanks for being there for me especially when I feel helpless. It’s great to have someone to always rely on. Although you might not always 100% support what I do.. I know if I show I really want it, I’ll have the support I need.

Dear Gee,

Now your a special case dear xP I suppose I have to thank you the most for the company in all hours of the day as well as saving me from panic so many times. Although my family things I’m the one taking care of you… it’s really the other way around. I know, I’m a handful, but I am really glad your still around even with the crazy xD (So thank you <3)

Dear Cosplay,

Neglected and ignored for almost a year. Although you are the thought that keeps me on track and makes me feel special. I look forward to everything about cosplay… and sewing! It makes me happy and I thank you for existing xD

Dear Friends,

Although I may not always talk consistently to each and every one of you… that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do feel grateful to be surrounded by so many great people! I haven’t forgotten!

Dear Thanksgiving,

It’s great to have a day to thanks people. I went to church in the morning and was so happy to see all the people bring up food and supplies for others at the end. It’s great to see people help others! With that said… I hate how Black Friday has spilled over to this day. Sales starting at 8pm now? Even 6pm? It’s crazy… I don’t like it. My dinner/lunch felt rushed and we talked a lot about what deals were there and money… time. Stressful stuff! I want to keep Thanksgiving a day to eat, relax, and have a time to reflect on the good things in life. So please Thanksgiving, go back to normal T.T

Certainly not the last thing I’m thankful for… but the last one I’ll write…

Dear you,

I know I only may have a few but… it’s the support you give that makes me continue to work and try to always be a good person… to find a way to help others and follow my passion. I’ll keep continuing to do what I love to do with continued support for you guys =3 It’s a hard time for me but… I’m happy to here :]


Roll of Elastic!

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My wheel of elastic :D 1″ of pure stretchyness that hopefully will last me at least a year! Only $7… believe it? For like 4 yards prepacked at Joanns its already $4! Anyways… I wrote a little more about my trip on my Cosplay blog:

Anyone noticed I named that blog “Living in a Fairytale”? Kind of a play from this blog…. Initally I wanted to write fantasies on here… basically what I wanted to happen. But… you know what? You get one life and might as well try to live it to its fairytale fullest xD (Of course I’m writing this while I have my nerd glasses on, my hair pulled back, my post-facial red face, and lovely blemishes from all the stress!) But other than that… fairytale right? XP

I’m still recuperating from last week and it’s been… interesting. I spent the day with my mother and aunt which really meant… them nagging at me and creating scenes everywhere =.= I got pretty annoyed especially when they started to poke at me. But what I was most frustrated about is the fact that it was a few hours pretty much wasted. I FEEL SO UNPRODUCTIVE T.T

Its okay…. It’s break! And I got a lot of pre-shopping done! Oh and the bloging =3 can’t forget that!


Rescue me

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Accurately my feeling for pretty much 75% of the day. Why? Well the sole point of today was to take and pass my test.

… I passed :]

wait let that sink in…


I’m happy but I’m … so emotionally overloaded T.T All the stress and lets face it.. hormones have gotten to me. And after life kept throwing me obstacles (including not finding RP at Target) I get to the testing center! And the ladies there didn’t help at all =.= And honestly… did I expect them to? Kinda. But what they couldn’t figure out in 2 hours.. my mother got done in 17 minutes. Yea. Crazy huh? Anyways… I came home and let me tell you.. I’m SO glad to be home. I worked on some sewing stuff and played more league =3 Tomorrow I get started on some advertisement work, studying, and cosplay! I’m so excited. Oh… and maybe get a facial done cause I need it o.o

So not gonna drown myself in the sink but… I do admit I felt like jumping off the tower in LOTR xD Thank goodness I got rescued xD So instead I’ll soak my face in water. LOL


Another food trip: LA

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We had another LA trip which I still have yet to post a lot about! But… for now since I’m kinda tight on time.. I decided to compile the food pictures together and put them on here =3 It wasn’t a lot but it was YUMMY. (And for once I paid for like.. everything xP I should go open all the doors and pull out chairs now xD)

Basically to sum it all up… after a lot of walking and what not we drove almost 10 miles away just for food! Then another 4 ish miles just for ice cream xD And by then it was already late o.o But of course we had a pit stop at starbucks where they let me study and ..well it’s always fun sitting around doing nothing as long as your in good company (as Gee put it)

So it was fun! And my mother still rants on to me about how I am SO confident of passing since I went out on Friday… and honestly? I wasn’t at the beginning of today but.. now I feel like I am. With tomorrow I can get so much done! So Much… KNOWLEDGE! wo?

I have some pictures ready to go and I’ll try to post during my breaks tomorrow =3 until then… :]