I made a list

Topic #274: Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about.

1. People I want to complain about. I have a feeling writing it here where its completely public will lead to problems if not now in the future. There really isn’t a use in complaining about people if it’ll just get you in trouble. (it’s why you vent out to other people! Gossip much huh? xD)

2. Relationships. Yea… theres just some things that are private xD Plus… I dunno. I like writing about it but I hate reading back on it if it goes bad. But that was a LONG time ago.

3. Future. Its a scary thing with jobs and money and… surviving.

4. Bad things… ? I dont want to spread around bad news >.>

5. ………… spiders? xLOL Which I saw a HUGE one in the shower… I HATE it when that happens!!! It’s like.. they see you so.. so.. vulnerable T.T

I got bored so I decided to do another prop type of thing. Yea… I’ve been really lazy with uploading and taking new pictures. But I’m suppose to go to the dentist tomorrow. Maybe I’ll come back with some gross photos!


Love and war

Topic #260: Is all fair in love and war? This is one of those sayings people say when things go wrong, but has never made any sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Why or why not?

Such a classic saying… All is fair in love and war~
Lots of people I know are having relationship.. love… problems. It’s… it’s different because I feel really helpless when they tell me their problems or if they ask me for advice. I can give advice but… lets face it… the likiness that they’ll take it right away is slim. Unless they already have a person in mind and I know a bit more background… cause i’ve given bad advice … and its cause they leave out crucial details!! =.=

So love and war… that’s the way to live. Everything is fair, unless someone decides to play dirty. I don’t really like the saying though… for the longest time I didn’t understand it… love and war are opposites. Why can’t love just be unpredictable? Or something like that. but hey.. if I’m in love and there’s another girl in my way… there will be war.

Today though was .. nice. I skipped class cause I was already late. Someone messed up my hair. I ate more meat. I almost fell asleep in class… I finished 2 week of women studies writing in about 2 hours. That was really nice. I got to hang out with a friend that I normally don’t get to today. It was… nice. I finally had some company in my super long wait that I usually spend alone and doing homework >.<

Guys really have a lot of girl problems. I didn’t know that. I don’t think im a girl that makes it any better for guys either… >.> Sorry… but guys used to make it really hard for me so… take it as a defense mechinism and now its just… an offense? Lol!! I can’t even explain it.. my gosh I must be tired. Night XD


Forgiving Smile

Topic #159:

Why is it so hard to forgive?


I think trust is like thread. (Yes I had to throw sewing in it)
It can be used to hold pieces together snugly. Sewing is not so straightforward as just pressing a pedal and watching it come together. Tension and length makes a difference on how well the thread will stay and how it looks overall. Too much tension? The fabric wrinkles up, and if you pull the fabric to straighten it, you can break the thread. Think of it like having a best friend and the day you try to break away to not be so close… part of your trust can go away with it.

So why is it so hard to forgive? Because once its broken.. that initial thread will never be repaired. All you can do is.. run it again in the machine with new thread and hopefully.. you get the settings right. And hopefully.. no one else goes tearing it apart.

Growing up I’ve heard the phrase “Please help us [God] to learn to forgive and forget” My old teacher/mentor used to say that at the end of each session… and it helped me to forgive people~! He also told me one day that my greatest gift I’m giving to everyone is a smile~


Who knows fear

Topic #145:

What is a fear you think you can conquer today?


Fear is just.. a concept. A fragment of your mind people can play off of easily. Knowing that… conquering fear gives a person strength, if you can do it.

I’ve… gotten my share of fears. And I know more will be to come. One that I can conquer today? Risk. I’m a quirky person. I love risk taking but I’ll only do it if the risk… is in my favor. So to speak… kind of hard to explain… who knows when a risk is really.. risky.

Past …day or so I’ve been intent on the masq for AX. It’s been driving me crazy. I WANT to go up on that stage because its over a year past due. But I have.. stage fright. But I want to go up… I really do. Because if I don’t take this step.. when will I? Plus what better crowd than AX? The dorky people of the world xP They’ll cheer for you for going up there! And thats what I need xD So how will I conquer this today? I will commit and DO IT! >.> Yes. No turning back.

That.. and I think I’ll finally cut some fabric xD


Such a kiddo~

Topic #138:

What makes you feel like you’re still a kid?

Bonus: What makes you feel like an adult? If you’re not an adult, what do you think will make you feel like an adult.


^-^ I love this question. I think I’m still a kid at heart and I think my cosplaying just proves it! Lol!! It’s like being an adult and a kid at the same time… cause honestly. What do people think of me cosplaying? “wow… she’s playing dress up??”….. heck yes I am. Can YOU do it? I think cosplay ends up being an… art. Process of making it, then a photographer comes in to make it look epic, then people get to drool over it xP

On the other hand I think I can be a little.. quirky? But it normally comes out with certain people. Lets take…Gee for example. I’ve gotten the “what the…” look with the “Okkkaaaaaaaaaayy…” Look probably once a day =.=

What’s so wrong with being a kid? You only get to be young once! Then you.. just.. keep.. getting…… older. =.=