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Happy thanksgiving!!!
For once in a lonnnnggg time…. my family had turkey as a main dish! I think years ago I decided to not like turkey (can you blame me? It is normally dry and hard to swallow) but my mother I guess found a way to make it moist and soft with her special secret stuffing so its quite good o.o I sure wouldn’t have guessed lol

Anyways I’m actually writing this while waiting in line at a store …. the deal is too good to pass or else I would’ve booked it a looonnnnggg time ago.

So I decided i’ll make this time as productive as possible and do all I can until mu phone dies!! Wo!

Normally this is where i’d say what I’m thankful for. The normal family and friends of course. And for positive attitude as that’s what’s getting me through this …oh so wonderful time~ but really. If I didn’t have such great friends to get me thinking through the tough times, to help me rant to my heart’s content, and to watch me eat twice as many sweets as them– I would probably be such an obedient hermit xD yea. …. it would suck. And as much as my family doesn’t support my side all the time, at least I have food on the table and no rent to pay! Plus they do tend to be a fountain of knowledge when I need them xD just gotta find a better middle ground to meet on.

And since I’m next to pay, ill leave it at that~ thank you for reading and not giving up on me~!


Kog :D MAW!






Yea… so I’ve been on a kog’maw spree playing him! Some games go really well where my team can hold off until I can get into late game. But the off chance that doesn’t happen… well. As long as I dont feed right? XD

But thanks Gee for the skin =3 I know you mainly got it so you could look at it while I had the pain the play him xDDD Actually.. ok. not quite so much pain. He’s like my big shrimp! :D

So thanksgiving soon. yep. Not sure how it’ll go but I did tell myself to play nice and help out when I can~ Be the good little daughter for a day~ We’ll see how this goes!


modern fairytale

“This is a modern fairy tale
No happy endings, no wind in our sails”

I remember hearing this song for the first time on the radio and going.. “it’s a little too repetitive for my liking?”
But it’s kinda grown on me (making sure not to listen to it too much or else I’ll probably start hating it) and I do like the one sentence in it xD Plus I’ve had that relationship where no one approves and you have no idea why you like a dude… to figure out later in life it was just the moments and not the person~ And I could probably go forever on that subject but I do like the song for the emotions in it. I can relate… that kinda makes me sad to say xD But from this people are speculating they’ll get back together, but if she’s singing a song like this? I doubt it. Not a good relationship to be in anyways!

But! If you feel like you need a palette cleanser after that… go on over to swift’s Blank Space! xD now THIS video I do love. Those dresses. Gives me more reasons I should just be strutting around everyday in frilly poofy dresses =3 Plus she has a cool looking bow dress in a scene. I approve =3

And it’s being the insane girlfriend which is always quite entertaining~ xP



Decided to read an article that came up on my facebook feed…. and I like it :D

The full article is here –>

And it’s about the empowering women that have made a pathway for themselves. And they did it during a harder time where our society that has the mindset of dominated by men…But their quotes… I do like. And it’s helping me solidify the stance I have in life as hard as it is for me to take fully. (something gee has been trying to get me to realize for awhile)

“The most courageous act is to think for yourself. Aloud.” –Coco Chanel

Thinking outloud to the ones that doubt me. I think I need to do that more >.>

“When young people eager to start their own lives and careers ask me for advice I smile and always say: ‘Passion and persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts. Nothing happens without hard work.’ ” –Diane Von Furstenberg

And hard work. Which from today’ tiredness.. I need to sleep earlier and be focused throughout the whole day. But I love that people write these kind of articles… it gives hope to the ones, like me, who are trying to figure stuff out. To really go forward.

Everyday. One design. Two designs? I can do it :D


Baymax :D



Has… kinda taken over my life. Although oddly enough not today o.o SUPER productive today and just trying to not let things get to me so much. But it’s kinda wiped me out mentally so I’m super tired >.< Even with coffee.. I was yawning through my peppermint mocha o.o Got donuts this morning too which was nice. There was a new twist that was the regular dough twisted with choco! It was yummy =3 Although I ended up getting mad at my sister later on in the day for taking a bite from one donut, deciding she didn’t like it, and put it back in the bag =.= Didn’t even try to like… cut the little part of the donut so it would look … better? yea. Who wants to eat a donut that someone rejected anyways.

Right! Fantasy life! I took this screen shot awhile ago when I got my own horse! It’s white~ I had NO idea what to name it… well I had ideas but they were rather girlie or just odd. So I wanted something that was awesome! And I recently watched Big Hero 6 sooo.. Baymax :D

Also have anyone tried the new league?! It’s… quite pretty. And now the objectives are so important it’s quite amazing. But yea. I played as syndra for a game against a dopple! So a syndra v syndra. Annnd… it was quite frightening since it was literally a skill match up o.o I ended up pulling ahead early game =3 Poke galore~ Weird since we technically have the same range? Mid game the other syndra was winning cause of massive kills >.> And then in the end I ended up with more kills and less deaths =3 It always makes me happy to see how well I play in skill match ups. Same with Ahri~ Even got complimented for such a good charm today by the enemy team! By a plat player too xD This new season… can I get plat?! Can I even get gold?! lol!