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Let it go

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So if you follow my twitter… you know I watched the movie Frozen quite recently!! And man, was that totally worth it =3 It’s maybe the … 3rd.. 4th movie I’ve actually seen with Gee in theaters for the past. what 4 years?!

Point is.. I REALLY liked it. Its probably because I related more towards Elsa who you hear singing in this song =3 And I love this song just cause…. well it sounds great and its pretty inspiring? I dunno. I think if I just go forward into what I want I’ll be able to shine through all this… restrictions.

But this is why I really like Elsa…. she’s suppose to be the perfect girl but that perfect girl just isn’t her xD But let’s face it, I think she’s alot better just as her which just happens to be perfect. (which is not-not-perfect? xD Okay I give up)

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know”


“That perfect girl is gone!”

Yea…. I think I’m done being the perfect girl XD Pretty darn obvious with all the changing my family has been trying to do. (Looks like my office is getting the bore effect xP) but it’s stopped bothering me so much…. I feel like I’m finally taking on something that’s making me so excited for the future!

Plus it’s kinda nice I don’t try to hide off cosplaying or sewing anymore. IT’s alot more… free =3

Yea. This post was to just show the video/song xD I know! Two video posts in a row…!


Rise of the Guardians =3


Rise of the Guardians.

Go watch it. <3

See… it’s been a long time that I’ve enjoyed a movie THAT much. Like… I was laughing, tearing up, and rooting so much. I also really love toothiana (?) I think that’s spelled…something like that. Basically the tooth fairy! I really want to cosplay her >.> It’s not really the type of cosplay I’d do but…. that would be quite a feat to undertake. Can you just imagine holding out bloody baby teeth with gums still stuck to them in my hands?! (Not real ones of course…) (….and that’s a sentence she kinda says in the movie…) She’s the middle one btw~ Bunny is awesome. Gee loved Sandman xD I found that funny. I like the awkward fairy~

Yea I normally don’t advocate movies but… I really like all the details and extra things Dreamworks put into this film. It’s quite something. I want to watch it again, It’s nice.

Alright. Time to work on… something? Eh. Or sleep.


Life and dreams

I know I’ve probably posted this before.. but for some odd reason I feel like it. It’s …. I think I’m trying to do too much. I’m stressing myself out with all the expectations but at the same time I don’t think I’m getting anywhere… So when does my life begin? Why is it I see people my age and they look so…. confident. I’m still like going back and forth with job things that it’s hard to sit still. All she’s waiting to do is find those lights… that’s it.

I think… I have to get out of my tower. And take a lot more risks. Cause if I don’t I think I’ll be stuck in here until it’s too late. Like she says “I’ve got a dream” =3 Cause look… even the oddest of the guys have dreams! What’s my dream? Well that’s something for me to know. And to figure out how to get at this point. But man… to have a really lacy and cute line of clothing would be nice. What would be awesome? Making wedding dresses!! Ahhh… I can’t even imagine my own wedding but.. I can imagine other peoples =3 It makes me happy to see other people so.. happy. Now see, I would hate to be the person who has to give out the divorce forms… that’s depressing. Or happy? Cause a lot of divorced couples are happy…. >.> Weirdly enough.

Okay. Time to sleep and wake up to work on that dream LOL~ Well. Yea. I will.

See this is how I’m starting out The first of December. It’s a time of giving and miracles coming true. I’ll work this whole month to see if I can get a miracle for myself. Make one. Find one. Be one? Who know xD


I have something for bows..

And not just cute bows… I mean bows with arrows kind of bows!! Why do I bring this up?

I watched Avengers today with my friends at school~! It was kind of surprising how packed the thetere was for… it not being advertised o.o Really surprised. I can’t beleive girls were fanooling in there =.= You hear random clapping and squeals… but I can sort of see why at the same time.

Now… I’m not a big fan of the person himself… but I suppose he makes the character Hawkeye seem really really cool~ My favorite aspect of the movie was just his bow and arrows! It’s like… omgsh… buttons to detonate the arrows and switches to infuse them with different things?! It’s so.. so… /drools

I blame legolass -.- He started this fantasy for me!!! Yea.. once I started to spazz like the other girls over him I got the weirdest looks from Gee >.> But I continued to keep giving looks to Hea… >.> xDDD

Oh man… how sad is that. A movie is the highlight of my day. Oh! One other thing. I fininshed the anime Scrapped Princess!! It was.. a good anime o.o Like…. plot twists and all galore. It was lovely. I have Gee watching How I met your mother and it’s nice he was able to spot so many …. overlapping stuffs with the Avengers movie xD DEcent movie btw. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again though…


A way to be productive

Well… she definitely does more than what I do in a day! Lol!! Even 15 minutes.. I wish I could clean up that much in 15 minutes >.> Okay… she did more in that day than I do in a year =.= But hey if you want to be productive? Be locked in a tower for 18 years!

Well I’m putting this up cause this is what I was singing all night today so far >.> xDDD It’s REALLY fun to sing, so much I think I hurt Gee’s ear~ Yea… I started to watch Tangled AGAIN when I finished my article analysis and terranova episode >.> Tuesdays tend to be a… watching day =3 I don’t know why… lol!

Today was… okay. I’m working on cosplay =3 Yea I also have a test thursday (which I will kick its butt!!) and two tests next week.. at the beginning of the week. Yet I also am getting my serger soon so hopefully after those 2 tests I can start working on something!! <3 I’m SO excited. Wanna know my line up?
1. Hoodie.
2. Re-do of Ash… completely =.=
3. Some old projects or starting on Saber~

That’s it for now. The first two I HAVE to do though. okay.. Ash could probably wait but… I’ll probably be using it as a ‘practice’ for the serger =3

Working on the new commission I received!  It’s… actually really creepy to look up reference pictures for it T.T Hing.