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Fatteh Koi


:D Back from VEGAS~ Yea. SUPER last minute trip but my mother did ask and plan it like… a day before. She kinda had the idea in her mind for awhile but if you thought I was bad at planning? well… look at my mother xD We ended up taking my aunt hotel room which she had one bed with a guy… friend? >.> Yea I feel like we ruined something for her >.> <.< /awkward.

Anyways! YEA! It was literally… gambling. Walking. Gambling. Picture picture picture. Walk. Gamble. DRINK! more gamble. SLEEEEP~ xD And yea. That’s with family >.> You learn so much of family >.>;; Well. Family +1 xD

Anyways. That picture above? FAT KOI FISH! my favorite =3 Really brightens up the pond since.. well since he’s so big xD That and the black swan which is really pretty as well~ I took a few selfies in front of random stuff. The one up there is of the volcano outside of the mirage. First time seeing the volcano show, it was nice~ I was kinda sad I didn’t get to eat AT ALL on the strip. My mother said my grandma would rather eat asian food so each day we went to the asian town either once or twice =.= And grocery shopping. Ya. Grocery shopping in vegas xD

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Something interesting that happened? I don’t like table games but I was watching a friend play craps for awhile and the table got so deperate (no one wanted to roll) an old guy tole me to roll and kept telling me to o.o Not like he said it meanly so I was like.. what the hey. I literally had nothing to lose. Apparently my rolls were pretty good out of pure luck that I won a nice chunk of money just by playing against the house~ Yea. Honestly? still not sure how to play the game LOL but it was fun to roll dice~ (they guys there weren’t that smart betting on my rolls either… >.> just sayin)




So it’s been a eventful past few days~ I did some holiday shopping and hosted a little holiday get-together with friends! We did white elephant which I got a black mug that’s mickey themed and then wallie and eve! =3 Oh and and best part?! ASUNA FIGURINE~ <3 Gee got it for me as a Christmas gift~ AND IM SO HAPPY~ We’ve been talking about gathering up figurines on cosplays that I’ve done or really want to do. So I’m happy that asuna is the first of the collection =3 All the warm fuzzy feelings!!!

I also just finished watching SAO II which… the ending was quite sweet. Won’t spoil anything, really. And on another note I haven’t even started Legend of Korra latest season until today o.o And I believe it ended a few days ago xDD yea. gg.

Sorry for the lack of updates. SUCH a busy time and I’m going a little cray xD But it’s nice. really.

And its Christmas soon! What do T.T


Paint time!


Been working on painting a skirt for a commission I took! Honestly it’s a little more tedious than I expected but I’m glad I took it (even in this crunch time) cause I got to experiment with paints without me really being worried about show-quality worth? Well lemme rephrase that… I do try to make it look as nice as possible like my own work but I really have been trying to up my quality with my own cosplays. And I need some practice so I take commissions on! But hey… I guess a good trade off is that I charge a decent price versus an arm and a leg xD

I’ll stop rambling on xD

I have a holiday get together tomorrow though! It’s also a day full of deadlines so I should really be working on things… and cleaning. It kinda sucks for me. I get nagged for not cleaning then nagged that I cleaned alone and didn’t make my siblings help. But when I complain that they arent helping at all I get nagged that they have school and I don’t have anything to do. They honestly think I sit home and play games all day o.o And I figured the way to remedy that is to not be home but then they think I’m out having fun all day. If I’m out in the office they wonder why I haven’t brought home any money. It’s such a lose situation xD

So yes! Life. People. Work. And a hardened shell of mine just getting harder~ It’s not a bad thing though.


Sushi galore~


Had a sushi night! :D A sushi chef friend came over and made us some of the normal kinda sushi plus his own creation kind which isn’t shown here but amazing~ So I’m stuffed from all the rice intake XD But so worth it. I gotta work out tomorrow >.> Actually I should be working out everyday mainly because ALA is coming and I’ve been a lazy bum for so long >.> So yes! wait. I remember why I couldn’t really…. theres a christmas tree where I do >.> Eh. I’ll make do xD

Other than that I’ve been watching Reign, the tv series which is .. ok. It’s nothing of a must watch but I give it props for being on netflix and being done with the first season! XD So I’ve been doing that while painting and sewing and cleaning and .. yea! It’s been interesting~

Been keeping to my schedule of at least waiting until 10 to play games but I did sleep in today so … that was terrible of me T.T And I’m writing this a little late even though I set a bedtime for myself xD Yea. I should sleep.

OH! but on the bright side… went through today without ANY COFFEE~ I’ve been addicted. Not to the taste but to the productivity and awkwaness >.> Yea. It’s bad.




“let me just sprawl out on her lap… yes. this is comfy”

I swear that’s what she thinks >.> This little girl has been super annoying though. She whines to sit on my lap and whines to go outside and whines more to get treats/play/etc etc. But that’s what puppies do~ And I like how my parents act like they don’t like dogs but last night when a big storm hit I found them in the patio comforting bulba xD It was quite something.

Today was such a bleh day for me. I had to deal with clients but not which all are bad. The storm last night kept me up most of the night so I barely got any sleep. Through the night I heard a pot break… and the open patio roofing come apart. And lots of debris… anad the table might have flipped over o.o And more plants toppeling including sugar cane stocks which are super strong but fell o.o Guess soil not OP? XD

Which also reminds me how my sister told me today how she keeps saying “worth” to her friends xD She got that from me and my league playing with friends >.> LOL

She also went to Joanns with me today where I spent… $14~ish dollars on just thread. but 14 spools of them and its absolutely crazy =3 We also got hot chocolate for free from the demonstration of a cooffee/drink maker xD So that was a nice surprise and treat!

Ah. The day would’ve been ok with bulba just didn’t bite my laptop cord =.= Chewed threw half of it… I don’t understand the pup. Why must you annoy me T.T