Oh happy lei day xD

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So Gee finally walked through the quite boring but ritual ceremony today~ I got him lei’d xP har har… oh man… I crack myself up >.> (sadly its the oldest joke in the graduation book =.=) Soooo! I sat through his ceremony thing which wasn’t so bad~ I love the 2014 sash more than mine though… the dark blue looks so nice against the black versus my white one T.T Hur.

I also FINALLY got into the safari zone in pokemon o.o Trying to build my fairy team lol!! Since it was early in the morning… me and Hea went back to her house… ate … and then took a good like hour… 2 hour nap >.> We were tired T.T And it was SO needed. So then went off to boba and some slight shopping~ It was quite entertaining! Ate pretty much… most of the snow mango dessert he bought =3 Which.. he really didn’t have to buy it but he did <3

And then I had to go off to my not-cousin’s party really.. late. And I feel kinda bad my brother and sister were stuck there for so long with people who didn’t even try to really include them =.= It’s sad when parties do that but if the host doesn’t have experience with parties… then it happens quite often. Cause I admit that I was a terrible host and let my parties get segregated …. =.=

But! I was able to get in and get out without causing too much of a ruckus xD

anyways… Gee is finally offically done with the school~ Well.. sorta. Other than more.. school? But I mean this chapter! It’s nice to know we’re all going on to the next one soon =3 It’s scary but exciting…


Library time :D


So Mondays and Tuesday involve me just chauffeuring my brother to school and hanging around just running errands and sitting in a library! But once I saw that the library was practically empty…. that led me to some time for selfies! I was hot that day and humid so I actually put my hair into low pigtails~ I don’t do it often cause I look even more kiddish but it worked that day xD It’s like a twisty thing too!

Anyways…. I’ve been slacking on cosplay because I’ve been trying to do so many other things o.o I’m suppose to have a photo shoot tomorrow but its starting to seem like a bad idea since where we are planning to have it… its suppose to be around 90 some degrees and that.. pretty darn hot for a wig, long sleeves, thigh high socks, and thick fabric T.T So I might just not do that and have a casual photoshoot where I can wear a skirt or a dress and call it a day xDD

until then~


Library! Shhh !


It’s been a horrible habit… with minecraft comes responsibilities. Sadly I see those in game more important than actual life soooo I went to sleep at 4am again T.T DANG MINECRAFT! I just wanted to finish my house in the sakura groove! It’s getting there =3 I’m excited~ The hard part is that the house is mainly glass so I still need to farm so much *-* Other than that….

I woke up late today… again. But I stopped getting beef about it unless I miss a walk-in appointment at the office… which is pretty bad on my part. I did get paid though for working the past few months.. not as much as I’d want or expect but it’s something and it’ll fund my cosplay! Which I want to turn your attention to a great cosplayer who just last year was crying at a real office job, quit it, and now makes enough to support her and her boo thang xD I’m envious of them… and I know I have the skill to be just as great! I just need the time and money o.o So I’m REALLY glad It’s april already~

I’m also stuck at the library while I wait for heather to come pick me up, she’s taking me to a laker game! Maybe I’ll write about it later~ But for now… I’ll awe at the law books that surround me xDD


Too much culture.

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I took my test today! Which is why there is coffee for the picture =3 I had a lovely study day over breakfast and coffee =3

I’ll start from the beginning though… I woke up around 8-9 ish and went to meet up with Gee at a breakfast spot! I let him pick so we went somewhere completely new.. which was really crowded o.o But we went to a breakfast place that…. served traditional “american” breakfast. You know.. eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast… etc etc. It was really heavy o.o Not really health conscious but if you saw my twitter… I picked something a little lighter with a veggie wrap filled with vegetables and fruit. And it had some fruit on the side =3 But Gee got an omlette, hashbrowns, and a side of pancakes… which was all just one meal so not like he really ordered all of that. It’s crazy the proportion though o.o We both couldn’t finish it and we watched a lot of other people just devour as much as we got o.o In less time….

That kind of breakfast.. made us kinda sick. We’d rather have something light and healthier for a breakfast meal than something so dense and heavy o.o It was quite amazing to see how popular the place was. But I guess I was just raised with different food~ (aka no breakfast… or just cereal…)

Anyways! It’s gonna be saved for a midnight snack! Or breakfast tomorrow…

We went to It’s A Grind Coffeehouse afterwards…. lovely atmosphere and yummy coffee =3 Now that’s a different culture xD We’re very centered on coffee though.. wish it was tea :/

Then I took my test!! It was lovely. I thought it was pretty easy… so I ended up passing it. After I submit the paperwork… I’ll be able to do taxes officially! Not just as a registered tax preparer but as an Enrolled Agent~ I know…. a lot of people don’t know what that is but it’s …. it’s…. I’ll leave it there =.= But at this point in time I’m a real estate agent, notary public, and soon enrolled agent! Double Agent =3 lol!


Naturally made

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AHHH I should thank Gee for reminding me that I haven’t posted in 4 days o.o Whut whut?!

Yea…. Sorry about that. I’m not sure who I’m saying that to other than maybe readers that are interested or my future me looking back on this thinking “wth did I do during that time?!” So I’m here to just do a nice full summary of events! Should be fun, let’s start with the picture =3

So yesterday I went to run errands around home and it led me to be right next to the freeway that led to school. Yep. Wasn’t planning it but I went off and drove to school anyways. I had my study stuff on me and a full tank of gas so why not? No appointments and just a study day anyways xD Plus we had an awful craving for boba for the past few days… courtesy of me. xD I went off to the arboretum which is the pretty park of the school basically. and upon walking in you see this. A dress made fully from natural materials! You can bet I looked pretty stupid going up to it and trying so hard not to inspect it by ripping it apart xD It’s quite fascinating to see in person I do have to say. I went to find a bench (after awkwardly passing by the couple sitting on each other as kids looked very confused at them). In which I found a bench under some trees and opened up my book! whhhennn.. Gee rang and said he was out. So we went for a yummy lunch at our favorite little cafe spot =3 Seriously love that place <3 You can’t go wrong with sandwiches, hummus, and freshly brewed tea! We had a little more time to kill until I dropped him back at school for his teaching job and I went off to study. Here’s the fun part:

I didn’t want to spend more money on starbucks so I could sit in a crowded room with loud blenders and study. But I couldn’t go back to the arboretum cause it closed already! So… I sat in 30 minute school parking, rolled down the windows, and studied there =3 I expected the parking guys to come and mark my tire which I saw…. but I did expect him to give the car next to me a ticket. (lol!) It was quite fun to see as I watched him do it. Then the guys who owned the cars came out, bunch of korean boys. One was smoking though and it was getting in my car. I utterly despise the smell of smoke. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care in the least bit if you smoke, but honestly, it’s a smoke free campus and there you are in the campus parking lot smoking!! =.= So instead of waiting 20 minutes to ensure to I had to leave the parking spot to the other 30 mimnute spot… I left right away cause I couldn’t stand the smoke =.= Upon arriving and chillin gout at the other 30 minute spot the SAME parking guy came and look at that, gave the car next to me a ticket… and the car next to that. =.=

People. Read signs and don’t get a ticket for $64 for parking too long when an all day parking pass is $8. Comon.

I felt like such bad luck at the time (and slightly awkward cause I dunno if the guy remembered my car…) So I chilled out there for 20 minutes until Gee came out and we had boba/bread/target trip =3

That was yesterday’s fun. The weekend consisted of eating lunch/dinner at the local fiesta celebration and just… relaxing with some cosplay/fashion work =3 I love it, it was SUCH a nice break after that test. So I’ll go back to normal posting as it helps keep me sane when there is no one else to rant to T.T