The loot I didn’t get


The craziness that comes with bookstores.. like seriously. So we went to kinukuniya (uh I think that’s spelled right? Its late and I’m tired lol!) And guess what we found?!?! KAMUI’S BOOKS! IN WRAP. AND $20! I found this quite amazing… and it makes me want to work harder! And another thing I found was a bow/ribbon wax sealing stamp! Yea. Like in the old days~ Except… now comes with pink pearly wax =3 Which I FULLY approve of~ I’m low on money from my fabric spree so… I couldn’t buy it this time >.< but NEXT TIME! Or… whenever I may encounter it again. Why? who knows. but if I could get a custom one of my logo… that would be amazing~

Fabric horde

Now for my fabric horde! I came home with 26 yards of fabric and then some leather pieces for under…. $50. And that’s a really great deal. I didn’t pay more than $2 for any yard of fabric! And those leather piles? Got lucky and they were only $5 each =3 So this pile will end up making the base and some extra details on a total of 4 cosplays I have planned! Yep. And can’t flake out on them either especially since I really want to make them all!! <3

In the process of washing all the fabrics though. Something about buying downtown makes me weary and I must wash them before sewing. I used to not but… then I realized all the fabric has dust particles of whatever the warehouse had. And I figured I like working with clean fabric that I don’t mind rolling around in! (plus its just beneficial to your health anyways)

Well. I did nothing today for the most part. It was REALLY hot here and I woke up early to brunch so… my day seems long and was very tiring >.< I shall play some league and sleep!


Just wanna say hi


Was having a little fun with a photo app xD looking to see if I can find better ones… but it looks like this one works well so far =3 I bought this new maroon bow shorts online the other day! Finally wore it… it’s comfy and makes it look like a skirt but it’s perfect for my casual days! Cause I’ve been told I dress like I try to impress and fancy but… that’s the only clothes I really have >.> ziyp I decided to go a little more… Asian~~

Starting to really freak out about timing… especially since I don’t have an outfit to wear to the next con!! Ahhhh what do I wear!? *slowly going crazy*


More Productive than last time


Alrighty! DTLA trip take 2! xP

So once again we took a trip down town to get fabric and trims. This time was different from the last though! Last time I was the only one looking for something and it wasn’t even fabric -.- So it wasn’t very fun and the traffic was horrible not to mention only a few hours to explore. So this time we were lucky enough to be able to schedule a last minute date for all of us to grab fabric for upcoming cosplay plans! The way to shop fabric is quite… insane. You find grumpy people that just want you to buy and get out… and then you find the ones that just nag on you =.= It’s quite annoying. But honestly the guy who showed us the most customer service and humor won me over >.> Clean store and sense of humor.. plus he knows cosplay?! Yea. That’s a win there lol. That guy will be loved by cosplayers all around haha.

So Anyways. Bottom left picture is just a store that had rolls of fabric going up to the top o.o It was crazy but when you have a specific color and start to get how the fabric is sorted out… it’s quite easy to pick stuff out from the chaos. I’ve grown to like it quite a lot xD Who knew….
In the end we got there at around noon ish and left around 5pm. That’s a good 5 hours of constant walking, bargaining, and getting slightly lost xD

So afterwards we got food~ Which dessert was a crepe basically to myself… wasn’t as yummy as I’ve had before but it was still good xD We ended up going to Little Tokyo to eat and saw Naruto cosplayers gathering… it was odd. dinner was great and so was shopping a little! I was sad I couldn’t take them up to the gardens on top of the hotel but… we’ll likely be back anyways xD

Oh! About the top left picture now. So Gee knows the 85 bakery near me doesn’t have the good breads -.- But the one probably furthest away from the both of us (and our personal favorite) has such a great variety! So he picked up one of my favorites for me =3 Thank you <3
And thanks to the dopples for driving/providing a nice compact car. I hope the streets down town weren’t too harsh on your car >.<;;

Ah! Such a great haul though! I ended up with…4.5 yards of fabric for a really good price o.o Hate to say it but… I need tennis shoes next time if I want to keep doing these things =.=


I’m expensive…

Merry Christmas to everyonnneee~!!!!

Yea I think I’ve written that on every social media thing I have… but all at different times in the day xDD So like twitter was written first.. while I was half asleep in bed. Like… I woke up later going “when did I even tweet..?!”

It was a good day though. Relaxing that’s for sure.. but I can’t help the naggy feeling of all the things I have to do in the coming weeks… so it’s really starting to get to me >.>

OH! I DID buy myself some Christmas gifts this year =3 I decided I could splurge on myself just… just a little =3 So….

 photo DSCN3666_zps17973c7c.jpg

This is the first of them =3 About… $40 worth of makeup >.> I really needed the eye liners especially for cosplay… they come in a few different colors so I’m super excited~ And then some blush, eye primer, face hydrater and a gift for a friend~ (which isnt shown)

 photo DSCN3652_zpsd960902e.jpg

Then this is my two new pairs of color contacts =3 I’m SUPER excited about these as the blue is for my archer outfit and then I have a pair of grey that is for “daily” wear and other cosplays that will look cool with them xD Because my eyes are sensitive I made sure to get certified ones and non-circle lenses… so a diameter less than 14.2 … but I might have gotten a 14.5 anyways. I doubt it though… lol

So yes! Those are my gifts to myself this year =3 Mainly cosplay things~ I’m happy ^^

Then my family got me some more sewing items like an iron board and a cute jar kit. And then… some other stuff like clothes… etc etc.

So my Christmas basically consisted with opening present -> Sleeping -> Eating -> Games -> Food/boba -> Games -> More games -> Dancing/working out -> facial w/ movie -> Chatting -> Sleeping.

And that’s just peachy for me =3



 photo DSCN3617_zps90bf4cc9.jpg

Ah! So Thanksgiving and Black Friday are both over~ only thing left to really conquer is Cyber Monday! I’ll admit.. I spent SO much T.T It’s crazy cause this picture above isn’t even all of it. But basically I bought 3 scarves and a new casual bag (which totaled to be $30) then add in tights/socks (Now we’re up to $40) and a $400 laptop! (so $440 now!) But then I spent $50 on AX ticket and $70 at target >.>;;;;; Plus another $70 at Express…. /dies

Luckily I’ll be returning a few things.. get some money back in my wallet xD I did buy new storage for my sewing stuff and stocked back up on fabric for making items for sale! Yea… I don’t want to actually add up how much I’ve spent so far…. >.< I did hold back on  alot of stuff though! And I got some gifts.. kinda.

Anyways! Tiring day! definitely tiring day. A lot has been going through my mind lately but I realize just to… stay productive. Stay happy =3 Looks like my family is also getting more supportive of my sewing stuff. Its making me a little happier~