Pretty *-*

Things that really get me to design more and better… watching things like this. This is so.. so pretty! Look! from the design and presentation to the dress to how it’d presented and conveyed really send a different kind of message… 

I have to work harder!!





I decided to do something a little different this year for Gee’s birthday so I …. made him a mini cosplay =3 Well in the process… by the time I “gave” it to him it was only half done… and it’s still only half done >.> BUT! At least he got to try it and and see how it fits. I used past cosplay measurements to make it for him… maybe he grew a bit? >.> anyways~ Soooo I’m in the process of finishing a toothless jacket for him :D He wants to put LED lights through the back >.> I might as well let him at this point lol! I thought he was about time that he got a simple cosplay to wear on days where its just w/e XD But then I ended up making it into a jacket with some nice thick fabric… >.> Same as Kiritos….. he died in kirito sooo…. maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea? lol! But it seems like it’ll be ok anyways~

So yesterday I just got our friends together for lots of food and sweets =3 Totally worth :D You can always see pictures on my instagram~~ 

I also just took the dog out to get her 2nd round of vaccinations!! It costed me even more T.T about… $90.. and that’s supposidly “cheaper” I guess people were right when they said dogs aren’t cheap. Now just think… kids. I can see why they are really expensive >.> 

Ok I need to go back to working out~~~ And sleeping more…. really. Need to sleep more.

amgsh…. I saw my aunt just pick her nose and tried to flick the booger towards the dog =.= AGRENGAERGNJbFDMNJG why…. I TRY SO HARD TO KEEP THAT DOG CLEAN! don’t go tainting it with boogers =.= Or bottoms of feet.

Sorry >.>





Caught red-handed!!! This little bulba monster was spotted sleeping on top of the couch when no one was in the room >.> She’s such a rebel… LOL

Anyways since the past long rant (which trust me its actually longer) I had some time off to really just.. marinate and what not. I also found that my mother bounces back from disappointment quickly cause she’s talking to me like nothing has happened. I dunno how I feel about that but … I suppose as long as the relationship isn’t completely killed…? >.>;; Always a long term goal but sucks short term xP

Still trying to find a balance between living for the future and living in the moment. Sometimes with overwhelming Asian parents you forget that it’s BOTH important. I’ve been doing a lot of thought processing in the past days >.>

And well. Yae. I’ll get out of this slump with a positive mind and just trying to make the world a better place~



I’m getting such serious retaliation from my parental that it’s making it really unbearable to even look =.= I hate doing this just because it seems so…. high school, But I think somehow … someway, she regressed into being more traditional asian. It’s gotten to the point where everything I do is somehow related to how well I can keep a marriage. Not married btw. And I find it funny how it is no way dependent on the guy. It’s just me =.= I also have a really bad attitude where I need to go to class or something to learn better ones, I talk so very uneducated and let’s throw in I’m a disappointment and failure too! So last night I went out for a drive just to clear my head. I got a bit of bakery goods… wrote down everything that went through my mind, And had a cream puff =3 I’m lucky enough to be able to do that at least. I don’t forget how lucky I am but now it seems like since I have become this big disappointment in their lives.. they threw my back to high school. 

And if my job right now — you know in service and purely selling products — wasn’t customer service enough. It looks like I might be forced to get a job in retail customer service. I guess she wants me to deal with worse people than her just to make her look like a saint. Or what she tells me often is that I need a job where I come home a just cry. And trust me, I used to do that enough just from her >.> I know how brutal the retail world can be… maybe not first hand but I’ve seen pretty crappy customers and I’m usually just watching horrified from the buying line. It’s quite sad if you see it :/ Makes you have a little less faith in the world. 

I’m currently conflicted. Moving out seems unreal but very plausible. Seems like it’d just make things harder but…. it’s already getting that way so why not throw icing on the cake. If I wanted the safe route I would’ve just went with what she told me and I would be hating a CVS or something by now (pharmacy. ugh.) 

I have to remember if I’m ever a parent… that if your kid is really insistent that something makes them happy, let them run with it. But always provide a back up~

But since I’m already the kid with the most unheard of disappointment in the house… might as well just keep going to where my guts take me. 


Omgsh Kareoke?!

Yep! I actually went to a small session of kareoke with Taka and Kasuki~!

www たのしいだよ

I actually had much fun. Though the only thing was at the beginning no one wanted tos tart singing first so guess who did? >.< me! I sun ‘Bad Day’ bu Daniel Powter. Love that song.. XD;;

I realized I dont’ sing like I want to with people that I’m not so close to are around. And sing duet’s with Kasuki is really fun! Though I do want to sing songs myself!! =P
I love singing…really…