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Naturally made

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AHHH I should thank Gee for reminding me that I haven’t posted in 4 days o.o Whut whut?!

Yea…. Sorry about that. I’m not sure who I’m saying that to other than maybe readers that are interested or my future me looking back on this thinking “wth did I do during that time?!” So I’m here to just do a nice full summary of events! Should be fun, let’s start with the picture =3

So yesterday I went to run errands around home and it led me to be right next to the freeway that led to school. Yep. Wasn’t planning it but I went off and drove to school anyways. I had my study stuff on me and a full tank of gas so why not? No appointments and just a study day anyways xD Plus we had an awful craving for boba for the past few days… courtesy of me. xD I went off to the arboretum which is the pretty park of the school basically. and upon walking in you see this. A dress made fully from natural materials! You can bet I looked pretty stupid going up to it and trying so hard not to inspect it by ripping it apart xD It’s quite fascinating to see in person I do have to say. I went to find a bench (after awkwardly passing by the couple sitting on each other as kids looked very confused at them). In which I found a bench under some trees and opened up my book! whhhennn.. Gee rang and said he was out. So we went for a yummy lunch at our favorite little cafe spot =3 Seriously love that place <3 You can’t go wrong with sandwiches, hummus, and freshly brewed tea! We had a little more time to kill until I dropped him back at school for his teaching job and I went off to study. Here’s the fun part:

I didn’t want to spend more money on starbucks so I could sit in a crowded room with loud blenders and study. But I couldn’t go back to the arboretum cause it closed already! So… I sat in 30 minute school parking, rolled down the windows, and studied there =3 I expected the parking guys to come and mark my tire which I saw…. but I did expect him to give the car next to me a ticket. (lol!) It was quite fun to see as I watched him do it. Then the guys who owned the cars came out, bunch of korean boys. One was smoking though and it was getting in my car. I utterly despise the smell of smoke. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care in the least bit if you smoke, but honestly, it’s a smoke free campus and there you are in the campus parking lot smoking!! =.= So instead of waiting 20 minutes to ensure to I had to leave the parking spot to the other 30 mimnute spot… I left right away cause I couldn’t stand the smoke =.= Upon arriving and chillin gout at the other 30 minute spot the SAME parking guy came and look at that, gave the car next to me a ticket… and the car next to that. =.=

People. Read signs and don’t get a ticket for $64 for parking too long when an all day parking pass is $8. Comon.

I felt like such bad luck at the time (and slightly awkward cause I dunno if the guy remembered my car…) So I chilled out there for 20 minutes until Gee came out and we had boba/bread/target trip =3

That was yesterday’s fun. The weekend consisted of eating lunch/dinner at the local fiesta celebration and just… relaxing with some cosplay/fashion work =3 I love it, it was SUCH a nice break after that test. So I’ll go back to normal posting as it helps keep me sane when there is no one else to rant to T.T


Back to school

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I went to school recently which was… interesting! Did you know they JUST enacted a no smoking campus wide rule?! So there literally is no one smoking on campus anymore and its SO nice!! Cause honestly the campus had smokers EVERRYWHERE even though there is a no smoking unless 20 ft from a building which is pretty far I have to say. No one listens though xD

But there was something else… oh right! I had to walk around alot to find a spot and ended up outside.. (hence the picture) and I noticed something…. girls smell nice. Yea. I said it xD I was walking around and maybe like 3 times I would go “huh, that smell nice…” and it was just pleasant xD Makes me want to go find a new perfume but it has to pass the Gee test and that.. might be hard. I tried before and it didn’t work out xD So I’ll stick with my cucumber melon spray xDDD

Anyways! It’s weird being back on campus even for a short while… it was mainly just for lunch and some coffee time xD But in that time I walked down the walk alone and I got asked to join a sorority 3 times =.= From the scenes I’ve watched and the stories i’ve heard, no thanks. Plus! Don’t need one =3 Nor really want one…


College experience

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Today was… not as planned o.o My morning is still a little hazy from me just being sleepy… but in the afternoon we went to a new bakery with some awesome cakes =3 More on that tomorrow most likely~~

BUT! The main part of today came from going to my school’s spring concert! It featured a canadian band called Wavve? Or something like that. And then a rapper which was Don… Kennedy? Didn’t like him. At all. =.= Then again didn’t like the band either, main singer was so whiny sounding. All his songs had the same note in it >.> Same long agonizing note. Then there was A-Trak which everyone seemed to love? But we didn’t even stay to him full part cause there was such a strong smell of… “skunk” (you can guess that what is) and alcohol that is was unbearable.

Honestly, the first part of the concert was pretty fun because we just looked at all the slutty girls and douchy guys that went by. Although I admit I was also a tad bit slutty today >.> For some off reason my shirt got like.. stretched as the day went on o.o People grinding on each other…. guys you could clearly tell was drunk/high. I really just liked the 3 girls in front of us in the end cause they were dressed nicely and genuinely looked out of place… like us.

So yes. First college concert like that. And last. I will stick to my Big Bang concerts and any Asian kind of concerts basically. Normally no drinking is involved there cause you know…. something about enjoying the music and respecting the artist performing? Yea. That. I can only imagine the hell coachella is xD

(Slightly annoyed from my League losses and the red eye I came out of that concert with cause of the horrid stink… and flashy lights.)


We eat. We play!

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See… this is what I do on a Friday apparently >.> We go get some lunch (which was super yummy) and then go to school to set up for a league game! Yea… we played like 2 until Gee had a meeting then we played a bit more… then got tea! It was lovely~ I think Gee is just trying to get me fat off of tea and boba but… eh who knows~ I feel bad! I spend too much of his money >.> But at least he’s making some money xD

So this weekend will be full of being busy! I have some cosplay to work on. Some ears to finish. Designs to clarify still. Research and reading to do for school! And I have a product photo shoot planed for sometime this week… hopefully.

I’ll get my free time of playing games in right now while I can =3


Here’s to us!

Here’s to the mondays? I really should’ve posted this on a monday then… but then again my weekdays have all been feeling like mondays! =3= It’s been SUPER annoying

I slept like 9 hours last night…. that felt SO good! But I did end up sleeping through my alarms >.> BUT IT WAS SUCH A NICE SLEEP! <3 My pillow loved me~

Oh right. the song! My sister played it and it got stuck in my head… so I’m sharing it. Hoping it gets stuck in yours~ But I like the song, makes me want to go do stuff =3