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Quick Fix 1


I’ve been quite inspired lately to not only make my own clothes from scratch but to just… update my wardrobe with pieces that I already have but want to change a little bit.

An example is this pink dress here! It’s a nice stretchy dress I bought maybe a year ago for less than $10 from a random store in the mall. I got it because I do like the color even though I was pretty skeptical about the lace part on top. Ever since I bought it I had tried to wear it out but it just seemed too… old and proper. The neckline wasn’t actually that flattering on me so I decided to change it up!

Since spring is here and I wanted more strappy dresses I could pair with a cover-up to make it more elegant. And with summer right around the corner I could just wear it with a belt and sandals to have a casual outfit!

I just seam ripped the lace part off and took the bias from that to make the straps. I cut the neckline a bit more into a V shape and finished it off to match the rest of the dress.

It’s a simple fix, took me about 2 hours while playing D&D with some friends through skype! Now instead of wondering how to wear it, I’ll have an easy time pairing it with jackets to get out of the house~

I’ve been loving pinks again actually! I made a floral skirt which I want to do a proper photoshoot after I get through some exams.



Elsa?! *jelly*

Ahhh!! I found the most amazing thing! okay… so I’m exaggerating a little bit… but it is quite cool!

So I’ve seen a lot of Elsa cosplayers already but I’ve haven’t been very impressed by them… I have seen a sew anna’s that’s been quite amazing though. But Elsa is quite the feat as not only is fabric choice SO important… the wig and body type actually does make a difference. But aside from all that… I think the thing I’m looking for the most is the cape. I’m a cape/cloak kinda gal so I get SUPER picky. (you’ll hopefully see why in the next few months) So I’ll now direct you over to Cupcake Cosplay who has done some amazing stuff since this isn’t the first time I’ve run across them. But they just did the Elsa cape and my gosh… it’s quite creative! I do love it =3 Although me and Gee agree that it should be sparklier but… hey, maybe in the light it really does gleam. 

Now I shall share my favorite foreign version of Let it Go: Polish :] I think I root for the underdogs too much…. LOL I say that like its a problem xD But really. I like how it sounds and the translation is pretty cool~ Funny thing? I got my cousin&Sister trying to sing this version… it’s hilarious xD

Mam Te Moc~?


It’s… low xD


I didn’t mean for this picture to be so blurry… it just is. But I suppose it’s fitting for posting anyways xD Since that top part was seriously low… but apparently that’ the trend! Cause this is the 3rd piece of clothing I loved but just didn’t really like the whole V neck cleavage part. And oddly enough, both items just accentuate it more but… it’s kind of too … revealing for my tastes. I love the flowy dress immensely though =3 So I’m debating on getting it but just wearing a tank top underneath cause it’s seriously really cute dress~ The picture was taken weirdly so it makes me look so… odd!! But I dun care~ You can’t even tell its me lol!!

Anyways. I’m gonna work on posting more because… it’s sad to look back on my blog and barely see anything for maybe… 2 weeks now? It’s sad!

Let’s see.. anything else that’s happening…. I finalyl finished my resume and cover letter for a job I want… gotta finish up some interview questions tomorrow and I get to send it in! I’m stoked but really scared at the same time. I feel as though I’m putting all my eggs into one basket with this application…. and I have no idea what I’m gonna go to afterwards if I don’t get it! I know.. not very smart of me. But I’m optimistic…  something I hope to keep around me while I continue on this early job hunt.

Alright. I’m off for now. Have a test tomorrow. And the gym. The gym? the gym T.T


Dress shirts

I have to admit… first seeing the title of the video I went: Is this for after that really sexy night? xD But it’s not oddly enough.. unless the boyfriend really doesn’t mind his shirt getting wrinkly and tied in odd spots >.> xD

Though I have to give her (and the guy) props for the creativity in this. I wouldn’t have thought of it like that xD So wo? Thought I’d share~ I love guy’s dress shirts…. it’s just so.. so…. /faints

Did I mention I got a few for myself? Gotta wear what I love right? lol!

On another note… man did I even do anything today? time flew by o.o


not so ugly…?


I stopped putting pictures of myself up because… I think I’ve been feeling more self conscious lately xD But I don’t mind so much if the picture is super blurry? xD Anyways! Remember how I used to put up pictures of interesting things I find when I go shopping? Well here is one with a nice story~~

Went shopping today with the lovely Kasu~ ….and her bf. xD We like trying stuff on and it helps that… I’m looking for a dress to wear to vegas and she is too~ As well as some casual cute clothing ^^ So she saw this blue dress on the hanger and thought it would be funny if I wore it xD Yes. We tend to do this.. Gee loves doing it too. Putting ‘ugly’ things onto me to see how it’d look >.> Well… every now and then it surprises all of us because… this blue dress actually… looks… nice! Like.. I really like it… and so does everyone else o.o Soooo time to go back and buy it tomorrow! I mean.. yea it’s not clubbing worthy but… hey I can enjoy a nice dinner party with it right? I also think this dress gives me curves that… I tend to not have….Well okay. I HAVE them.. just it accentuates it more!

Man my teeth hurt…. currently eating jello in thin slices >.>

That was the highlight of my day… shopping. I shop too much huh? xD