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Quick Fix 1


I’ve been quite inspired lately to not only make my own clothes from scratch but to just… update my wardrobe with pieces that I already have but want to change a little bit.

An example is this pink dress here! It’s a nice stretchy dress I bought maybe a year ago for less than $10 from a random store in the mall. I got it because I do like the color even though I was pretty skeptical about the lace part on top. Ever since I bought it I had tried to wear it out but it just seemed too… old and proper. The neckline wasn’t actually that flattering on me so I decided to change it up!

Since spring is here and I wanted more strappy dresses I could pair with a cover-up to make it more elegant. And with summer right around the corner I could just wear it with a belt and sandals to have a casual outfit!

I just seam ripped the lace part off and took the bias from that to make the straps. I cut the neckline a bit more into a V shape and finished it off to match the rest of the dress.

It’s a simple fix, took me about 2 hours while playing D&D with some friends through skype! Now instead of wondering how to wear it, I’ll have an easy time pairing it with jackets to get out of the house~

I’ve been loving pinks again actually! I made a floral skirt which I want to do a proper photoshoot after I get through some exams.


Girlie… and pink!


I feel so… girlie!! It’s so.. PINKK!!!! But no worries… there is a reason for this madness! I meant to post yesterday but my day was all wonky. And today was… really weird. But putting a major amount of ranting aside… LOOK!

First off… brother got me a Mia 2 which I’ve always pretty much wanted xD Then to the top right there is a pair of cute sterling silver earrings I bought with the help of Gee~ So I’m wearing those beastlys now. And next is an inflated and a deflated bow for the sylveon ears I finally finished like.. yesterday! And to the bottom right that’s… well. That’s hunny bunny. He’s guarding my mannequin… >.>;;

But now all this doesn’t compare to the sexy new ride I WILL HAVE ONE DAY >:DD reallys. I must have it. If not… I will MAKE IT. That’s the beautiful Alodia in that picture…. T.T *jelly*

So now while I pet my bunny… clean my skin and slave off more ear production… I has a goal. I. Have. A. Sexy. Goal.


Mad… happy!

I haven’t posted this on here yet and I figured now is a better time than any? xD It’s from AX 2013~ A mini shoot at their wonderful backdrops =3 It links to my dA post so just click if you wanna read up on it a bit xD

Man.. looking back on this shoot makes me laugh >.> Really! The picture on the left was taken on day 2 when I had to work at the booth later in the day so I changed from Asuna to Mikoto. This … didn’t make my group happy cause I spent more time that day in this outfit than my main Asuna xD But either way! I was able to play photographer and made Gee (Kirito) and Heather (Liz) take pictures doing weird stuff and pose all over the place =3 It was sooooooo fun! But.. it kinda bit me in the butt later >.> Cause we saw the photo set ups and the pink bed called out to Gee -.- Oh! I forgot to mention the main reason why I didn’t change back into Asuna even though I had time to was because my feet were killing me T.T So in the picture I’m wearing flats xD (Short much? T.T) I also was feeling gross cause the hair wasn’t cooperating too =.= So in all honesty… I wasn’t a happy camper. Then Gee makes me jump up on this bed and do THAT pose… and that’s me genuinely hating it xD

(Honestly I’m not surprise there is makeup running down my face cause it was late in the day)

On the right I was so perky so that’s a lovely smile from me xD

Anyways. Point is… photos on different days work really well. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible actor? Makes it hard to get into a character for photoshoots >.< At least without some extensive planning. Need to get on fixing up Asuna very soon before Gee has to cut his hair for school xD Odd right? Well that’s what happens when he refuses to wear a wig -.-

Anyways. I took like 4 naps today and I’m still tired. I even tried working out to wake up… I guess it’s just one of those days?


Lacy galore~


I went shopping with my mommeh today~ And if it was a normal shopping day to myself… I probably would’ve gotten this shirt!! It’s cute no? A bit… too girlie but I could’ve made it work. Think of this shirt with my black half blazer on top…. oooo I so wish I got the shirt now T.T That with some dark wash jeans? ARGNERKFVN
Can I go back to get it? T.T

Yep I went on a shopping trip with my family today. I… didn’t get any clothes T.T I’m so picky… even if its not my money I just… can’t let myself buy something expensive!! It’s just… not in my blood? Lol!!
But on the bright side I started my school supply shopping!! Almost done with it too o.o I got folders.. which is all I really need. And highlighters (VERY useful when you don’t care how many marks in the book you make xD) Now all I have left to do is to  buy a school bag, hopefully a laptop bag, and paper!

Finally starting on the website again. And I’m also designing a bit more… I want to hone in on my sketching skills so it looks pretty even in sketch =D That was I don’t have to rely on Gee so much for sketching things out >.<

I have a hoodie on line to make next!! I’m excited for it. Think about it… a warm lacy hoodie!!! <3 I’m looking forward to it ^-^


New skirt – Pink!

Okay this skirt is so ECC! Epicly Cool Cuteness. fshoo~

So I just took pics of my steps. It’s a circle skirt. And I forgot to take some pics but… meh.

Just some cute fabric~

Cute it into a square. Folded it like origami! Twice.

Top corner is the waist hole

Bottom is.. the bottom.. xD

Circle! Kinda xD

This is it on without lace…

And the finished product! I wanted bigger lace but I didn’t have enough T.T Next time I have to buy more.

I’m just glad I did something today. Now to do some last minute reading xD
Took about… 2 hours to make? Well I was watching Jackie Chan at the same time… soooo hehe