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Standing high

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Felt like the top of the world standing up so high. And we CLIMBED that high up… it was tiring xD It was also really crazy to see it in person, it looks bigger and way cooler. really! We went to the observatory in LA and it was so smoggy we couldn’t see much. But this was a park (still sorta an observatory) but it was far from any smog so the view was awesome. I do wish we stayed just 30 more minutes to watch the sun set… I think it would’ve been cute (and harder to get down on the rough trail though…)

I did an schedule/itinerary for this day. Yesterday actually! It was my way to kinda make up for last month … (I really couldn’t tell if he liked it though honestly… :/ ) It started off with me picking him up and driving to grab boba and lunch at a cafe! I was just expecting a small boba cup and a sandwich but.. when the plates came out it was not what we were expecting o.o

 photo DSCN3563_zpsf3642d3c.jpg
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It came with fresh fruit and salad! I was quite impressed as the plate only cost us about… $8? It was quite impressive… normally that cost around $10. But we ended up paying quite the amount with the boba anyways xD It took us forever to finish though o.o Our longest lunch for sure! Took maybe a little over an hour o.o I was surprised. But we talked a lot … and nibbled. I guess it wasn’t that good xD Since we didn’t devour it…

Afterwards we went to climb up that mountain of a thing. Kind of a bad idea after eating though >.>;; So it was tough. Really tough. And after that we rewarded ourselves with… ice cream! Which was too sweet but still good. Snickerdoole cookies sandwiching root beer ice cream!

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And that’s that. Did some quick shopping.. I bought a new purse! Finally right? People were complaining that my purse looked beat up so… I just went for it. It wasn’t that expensive.. but it’s huge. But I like it, it’s different!

I’ll leave this post here then…. I have some other news but it’ll wait~



I said I would post up some pictures from my mini shoot… and here they are! or well…. a few. There wasn’t many taken and I’m a picky person>.> Either way… it shows off my skirt and my old haricut (?) Right! I forgot to post yesterday and the day before because well….

1. Wondercon was exxhausting

2. I got sick afterwards and I’m recovering really nicely

3. I spent Sunday with Mother getting a well needed haircut (love it btw) and I also got an early birthday present ^^

Well there is a short snippet of what happened for my weekend. I’m still working on getting Gee to give me the Wondercon photos and I did take some videos but I’m not happy with them so … those are being scrapped!

Right. The photos! —

**All photos below were taken by Hermsi and therefore are his. Please no redistributing or using it without permission!

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I hope this picture isn’t hard to look at >.<I’m working on editing photos but it’s hard especially if the originally didn’t have the greatest lighting T.T  Love this photo though! Believe it or not… this is also pretty much normal day attire for me. Mmm… maybe with a little bit more color though~

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This is more of a goodie-good picture of me xD You can really see the seam in my skirt.. it’s quite annoying.. but probably more-so now that I pointed it out to you huh? xD This picture, didn’t have edits. At least… none that made any difference xD

 photo DSCN280322_zps76933b0a.jpg

Lastly, I took this picture! It’s a picture of Gee taking a picture of turtles =3 Yea… I was being such a creeper~ =3 He looks pro though no? xD That or just Asian… >.>


Today <3


See~? Another ‘what I wore today’ Picture =3 I absolutely LOVE my blazers~ They are so.. so… fitting for me~ Anyways today was just a day out with friends and what not so I tried making it look really casual. We ended up even going into a ‘nerdish’ game shop which was really funny because I went in there looking like this XDD Oh! So my day was AWESOME~ hehe~ Here, I’ll share =3


First stop was SUSHI~ Oh..better yet… a revolving sushi place =3 Just opened up and we were REALLY excited for it… so we went!! Oh whim actually… it’s nice~ I LOVE their eel roollll~~~~ Gee I believe… liked it too but also liked the spider roll a lot. Price was decent… $18 for us two with Udon noodle special as well~ we were soo happy afterwards! Then… since I’ve been wanting to go for a while (and today was a great excuse to do so) we went to CUE~


Basically the asian picture places~ We ran out of time in the end because it was all in Japanese and it was just faster to experiment than to read LOL~ I got the hang of it in the end though =3 So most of the pictures are plain but.. man, <3 For like 3 seconds of prep time and no poses planned.. I think this went well =3 Definitely wanna go again… maybe in a year~? =3 (Too bad my favorite picture isn’t showing >.< MAybe I’ll take a picture of it later… maybe.


Then we ended off the day with Boba, Cajun fries, and MUNCHKINS. We all won once~ Which was really nice =3 Then I came home and made donuts… xD Oh… and also had a drink lol!! But more about that in later posts~~~




Well I finally updated my cosplay blog with some Pichu photoshoot pictures~ But for the sake of being different.. and because this is my more casual blog… I’ll post different shots up here =3 But you can check out the specific post here!

The picture above I really want to title “come play!” xDD We were on a cute little playground and it was really playful~ Fits with Pichu’s personality doesn’t it?


The one above was also at the playground~ I really do love some of the pictures but I wish I was more prepared. I need more experience that’s all. And to take it seriously.. I always.. kind of slack. But I know for sure I’m getting better than from before. That’s good right?

Anyhow.. today… man I did alot. I sent in resumes and requests and now I have in my hands a stack of things more to do. MORE FORMS!! T.T But I guess it’s okay.. one more week of complete rushing things and then I’ll get to have a little break where I’ll be doing some more sewing!

Yet recently I found out from a big bird that a little one has been taking my things to build a… nest. >.> Don’t know if I should crack down on that or not… hum. Oh well!! Class tomorrow, definitely not looking forward to it. T.T


Sushi Craving done~


I seriously dub Fridays food day~ That makes sense right? I mean… there IS a restaurant called TGIF and that’s just begging you to go there Fridays xD

So me and Gee went to try out this new sushi place that opened up close to school. It’s really modern and I like it alot o.o We got the Tiger Roll (which was YUM!) and a bento-type box consisting of chicken and gyoza and salad… You can see it in the picture above~ Guess what it looked like afterwards?


Beauty huh? Man it was … actually really good!! The Sushi place is called SanSai. I like it.. will probably go again if I have a sushi craving and don’t feel like driving 20 minutes away xD

Then since today was such a brain dead day for Gee… I didn’t get to watch the movie I’ve been delayed 3 weeks!! T.T ….T.T!! hmph. But its okay >.> We got food =3 And a.. book? lol!!

Oh… just to make you jealous…

Rasberry Gelato~ And my Tiramisu Mochilato~
Yea that’s right. Drool =3

and omgsh were cupcakes always so expensive?! It was $3 for this little cupcake!! I’d rather spend it on a slice of cake >.> But that’s probably my preference coming out xD


(And seriously Gee, eevee photoshoot dangit -.-)