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The iron-er broke..


Ahhh…. T.T The string of uneventful days I’ve been having…. Lately I just haven’t done much in terms of … life and what not xD I did level in Tera more which is nice~ I just hope its not a game I ditch later and regret all the time I spent on it >> I also ended up breaking the iron-er today cause it kinda just… fell from the ironing board.. >> Normally I have it in it’s little slot that’s built into the board but my mother was using it today and she didn’t do that. But really I should have know better xD

I’m also hording stuffed animals… next to my hording of figurines~ =3 That always makes me happy to see =3 But now I have a problem since I need to get a new iron-er like.mm.. asap? It’s an iron-er. Comon. I need that stuffs LOL

Anyways. I have like a backlog of like. 2 weeks worth of stuff. ………………… and then the new projects -hopefully- with other people sooon. Sister’s prom dress is still on hold. My AX stuff hasn’t been touched. OH! Neither has the commission. Heck I need to write an email actually o.o ah crap. Ok. Cutting this short to write more elsewhere –aka emails XDDD


Fluff of a skirt!

reversible skirt

I had a sketch in my book of a ruffly 3-tier skirt with lace for awhile and finally decided to act on it o.o I dunno why but… I did. The blue fabric is just some leftovers from the fashion show… and the lace was also bought for the show but I never ended up using it o.o Soooo… made this! It’s 3 circle skirts… ok one layer is a little less than a circle (I had to improvise with the amount of fabric left) I finished about… 80% in an hour or two… and then this morning I finished the skirt which took awhile because I kept messing up by taking shortcuts =.= Yea. No more shortcuts… I should really know that by now!!

Anyways.. just wanted a new skirt to wear around o.o And felt… inspired! So …yay~!

Spent a little too much time on Tera today too… the graphics and prettiness of the game really makes me want to just.. live in there. It’s quite amazing how something that doesn’t exist came to life because of people o.o I’ll have to take some screen shots and post them =3


New corset … idea.


Well~ I’ve been working on a full corset recently. It’s taking a little longer than expected… a few days now (partially.. ok mainly because of starcraft 2) but so far I’ve gotten a lot more progress on it. Not all the lines are in yet though… making it all a little different from the last ones I’ve made. It’s a learning and working process for sure. I’m trying to take as many pictures as I can just to keep it as a reference and hopefully find photos and see if I can make a guide out of it!

On another note… this week is gonna be weird. Can’t say much of that yet. And Bulba finally got all her shots! Minus one but it’s… not making her unable to go out for walks. So I’m happy~ She’s a little trooper~

I want to finish this cosplay this week just so I can get some pictures sometime at the end of the week. I dunno if I’ll be able to make it in time but.. I’ll try! :D


Poof skirt!


Felt like starting on my next cosplay project sooo… I did! Here’s a really poofy teacup skirt~~ It’s in brown… and won’t be that plain in the end xD But it’s also not hemmed so… that’s abnormally long >.>;;

It’s funny cause I actually made this skirt BEFORE actually deciding on a final design for the cosplay… and I don’t like doing that :/ It holds you back from going all out with the design. But in the end after a LOT of changing from color to shape.. I think I finally got one that works! And I get to use the original wig I planned to wear with it =3 After some not-so-extensive planning I also am planning to wear this to PMX! It’s probably been over… … holy 5 years? Last time I went to PMX was in 2009! I think at that point is was barely starting up. I’m curious to see if they have grown from then. I’m only planning to go for one day in this cosplay. Hopefully I can check out to see if they have any fashion shows! That and maybe talk to some staff people…

Other than that… oh. Morning went pretty… terribly. Just kinda got pushed around a lot so… Meh. After coffee and some good ol’ sewing time I was feeling better :D I also took a late night trip grocery shopping with mother today just cause she asked so nicely. That and I was feeling bad I’ve been rejecting her with going out >.> Plus it was either that or invite a dude over and drive us all 20 minutes away to boba >.> Not really a plus for me in that company. I still feel like such a 3rd wheeler o.o;;

Anyways. Time to get some sleep. I need it.


Velvety goodness


FINALLY! A day for working on the show =3 It included making the 2nd part of the show and me just working on the main outfits… I’m so happy for this opportunity but at the same time everyone still expects me to be doing the same thing as I was before. So if that’s true I’m self employed in like…3 different aspects in 3 different industries making my life quite difficult. But minus that… let’s see if I can even finish this show on time. It’s crazy that I lost a week to family T.T

SO! I busted out a really pretty blue velvet. That picture was with flash~ Without flash it was just alll a dark midnight sea~ I like it =3 But I need lining cause im not happy with the one I have… so time to go buy some more!!

Oh and that pic is heather and alex just kinda contemplating ..whatever.

I’m excited though~ Its all starting to come together quite well =3 Looks like diao Chan will be postponed to ALA cause I have to make up the week I lost…. meaning taking one thing out to account for the higher priorities! Hopefully I can run through all these patterns, do fittings and have enough time to remake parts of costumes so I can have something new to post! (cause 9 new outfts werent enough? lol!)