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the fabric


FABRIC :D Yea… back to shopping for the right fabric! Which kinda sucks that I have to since I have so little time to finish this collection T.T plus more taxes are coming in and I like that cause I might actually be able to have some income! But… lack of time and some headache >.>

So yea. I had to take some pictures at Joanns of the fabric I was thinking of. This one caught my eye~ I like it but this is actually the wrong side of the fabric o.o yea. The other side is what it’s suppose to look like but I like this side more >.> Expensive fabric though >.>;; Hing.

On another note. Riot released official merchandise!! ITS ADORABLE STUFF. …. I WANT KOG MAW :D And well.. all of them but I cannot do any shopping so therefore I won’t T.T My logic there right? :D

Honestly gonna say I’ve been kinda moody today >.> Mainly just getting annoyed at people but eh. I think it just depends on the day. Actually had a full day at the office though! And got to see the mailman which is always so entertaining xD He pretty much thinks that I am all alone at the office all day everyday but he came in today and saw a full house! So that was entertaining.

Now time for some Tera because I want some stress relieving~


The loot I didn’t get


The craziness that comes with bookstores.. like seriously. So we went to kinukuniya (uh I think that’s spelled right? Its late and I’m tired lol!) And guess what we found?!?! KAMUI’S BOOKS! IN WRAP. AND $20! I found this quite amazing… and it makes me want to work harder! And another thing I found was a bow/ribbon wax sealing stamp! Yea. Like in the old days~ Except… now comes with pink pearly wax =3 Which I FULLY approve of~ I’m low on money from my fabric spree so… I couldn’t buy it this time >.< but NEXT TIME! Or… whenever I may encounter it again. Why? who knows. but if I could get a custom one of my logo… that would be amazing~

Fabric horde

Now for my fabric horde! I came home with 26 yards of fabric and then some leather pieces for under…. $50. And that’s a really great deal. I didn’t pay more than $2 for any yard of fabric! And those leather piles? Got lucky and they were only $5 each =3 So this pile will end up making the base and some extra details on a total of 4 cosplays I have planned! Yep. And can’t flake out on them either especially since I really want to make them all!! <3

In the process of washing all the fabrics though. Something about buying downtown makes me weary and I must wash them before sewing. I used to not but… then I realized all the fabric has dust particles of whatever the warehouse had. And I figured I like working with clean fabric that I don’t mind rolling around in! (plus its just beneficial to your health anyways)

Well. I did nothing today for the most part. It was REALLY hot here and I woke up early to brunch so… my day seems long and was very tiring >.< I shall play some league and sleep!


Velvety goodness


FINALLY! A day for working on the show =3 It included making the 2nd part of the show and me just working on the main outfits… I’m so happy for this opportunity but at the same time everyone still expects me to be doing the same thing as I was before. So if that’s true I’m self employed in like…3 different aspects in 3 different industries making my life quite difficult. But minus that… let’s see if I can even finish this show on time. It’s crazy that I lost a week to family T.T

SO! I busted out a really pretty blue velvet. That picture was with flash~ Without flash it was just alll a dark midnight sea~ I like it =3 But I need lining cause im not happy with the one I have… so time to go buy some more!!

Oh and that pic is heather and alex just kinda contemplating ..whatever.

I’m excited though~ Its all starting to come together quite well =3 Looks like diao Chan will be postponed to ALA cause I have to make up the week I lost…. meaning taking one thing out to account for the higher priorities! Hopefully I can run through all these patterns, do fittings and have enough time to remake parts of costumes so I can have something new to post! (cause 9 new outfts werent enough? lol!)


Pacchi worthy fabric mound

 photo 20140719_131649_zps4121aa13.jpg

The fabric horde with a Pacchi comparison!! :D It took SO long to get that all nicely folded too…. minus the chiffon on top cause that wasn’t getting into any sort of folding. Hate the chiffon =.=

Anyways! At this point I found a spot for all the fabric. Since I need it accessible I moved around my closet and gave half the top shelf to it! It’s just sitting on the shelf… some in bags.. some not. Like the chiffon and tulle and velvet are in bags just to preserve and contain the madness. The rest seems to enjoy the freedom from a bag xD Josie the mannequin is having a fun time wearing two outfits at once as I’m unable to just work on one outfit but have the need to always be working on 2. xD

I also went on a snack run today =3 Got myself some healthy munchies because hot Cheetos from the kids weren’t cutting it. That and their endless supply of macaroni & cheese in a cup and microwavable dinners. btw- didn’t know mac&cheese came in simpler forms of cooking. I thought the kraft box of heating it up and pouring cheese/milk into it was easy enough o.o

So yea! Looks like 2 of them are coming along great~ The secret 2nd half is also going great~ And im super excited for it all~~ :D Been in the sewing mood so I haven’t really updated…. I have a long list of things to do tomorrow so I guess I should get some rest and wake up in a decent timely matter cause my parents are getting on my butt about it again =.= (I blog more cause I sit on my laptop in my room after my so called ‘curfew’)


A trip of wonders


Aha! Today was the big day after AX where I got to hang out with the group~ I’m lucky that they were all ok with going downtown with me so I got 4 full bags of fabric and spent around $60 for pretty much 95% of the fabric for the show! Yep =3 Found a new store which I’m in love with and a tea shop right in the middle of the fabric stores that sells pretty cool looking tea~ They also give a free fishie snack on top of the boba for free!! That’s always fun~

So all the fabric now fills up my desk. I have no idea where to put it let alone where to put the finished products so this will be fun xD Thats… a random picture of me eating the snack cause Gee had my phone and took selfies of himself LOL Yea… I get that randomly. Then we went over to the beach area to walk around and found this lovely dinosaur spewing water so I made Gee stand and open his mouth XDDD Its hilarious and doesn’t make sense but whatever!! And the boba is in the corner~ You see that green leaf? The tea bag is attached to that and is seeping in the drink as we drank it =3 Kinda cool!

So yep. I’m  REALLY happy that I was able to spend less money (ish?) I paid for parking and threw money at the dopples cause they were brave enough to drive xD So I’m glad…. some pretty hardcore friends of mine to just go to downtown and follow me xD Hea got hit on which was quite awkward… a dude selling fabric got in trouble cause he brought the price down so freakin cheap for us girls~ I got velvet for $5 a yard. Yea. That’s cray. I love it. =3 It’s not some weird crushed velvet too! So I got an extra yard cause why not. Maybe I can make Gee a cool cape too =3

So yea! I’m a little deydrated from the trip… lack of water =.= So time to drink more now and tomorrow and sleep! I have a LONG few weeks ahead of me~

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! (who is currently away on a summer trip but eh. She comes back to a outfit for my show =3)