Archive | September 6, 2011

Singing in the World

So I’ve been.. kinda addicted to this song for the past few days now. Thought I would share =3 This is one of my favorite songs from Disney~ I sing it ALLL the time… I wish I had a better voice for it but… it’s fun anyways~ I’ve… secretly always wanted to do a duet xD But guys never sing apparently -.- =3= ….. LOL That’s not true either. Gee loves to make people’s ears bleed~ But I highly doubt he’ll let me record him >.>

Megan Lee, the girl singing in this, sounds like JB… actually. no. JB just sounds like a girl so naturally.. he sounds like her singing. xDD Except when she sings the high parts, I envy her for that~ I need to go singing more… car singing!!!

So as a result I did a lot of car singing on the way home today… mostly to try to stay awake but… it was fun~~

Today wasn’t as interesting as I would have hoped… too bad right? xDD