Archive | September 3, 2011

Awkward Fashion…


I decided (since I have no money to go buy clothes I really want..) I went out on a let-me-try-on-something-different spree~~ Gee had a kick out of this xD
So first stop was the mall!! This is a… shirt/dress? That I tried on at a new store in the mall… it was a VERY interesting store. I know Kasu loves it but… man there is… alot of odd looking things that I tried on in there xDD It was really entertaining. Well here’s what I tried on.. I tried it on a few different ways but this is the only one I took a picture of. Interesting no? It’s with black shorts on btw… if it was at it’s full length well.. it wasn’t very pretty at all. I was actually kind of confused at it >.> Not my style as you can tell.

But I thought it was decent. Not something I would buy that’s for sure.  But fashion has gotten very awkward… In my opinion. What haas happened to fashion honestly… >.> It’s weird.. but I guess that’s what fashion is isn’t it?

Shirt somewhat cute no? I like the bow =3 Go figure~

Did errands today and writing strongly worded letters to people. Fun~ xDDD