Archive | September 24, 2011

A New Scent~


Believe it? I got a new scent!! Why? Cause it was really cheap >.> My brother got a $55 one that… somehow we were able to bargain to get his and this one for $50 o.o I’m not even sure how that happened but.. oh well!! It’s like I got it for free.. and it was either LOVE or LUST from this collection. I picked the pink one just because.. if you can’t tell.. I’m biased~
But it smells good… I like it. Not LOVE it like what I used to put on.. but its nice for those days I feel like.. smelling. Lol!!

I had one of those .. nap days. I woke up…took a nap. Then went on my comp for a bit.. then took another nap while waiting. And then after dinner I took.. another nap… but that last nap was because of my tooth ache. Yes. Toothache. It hurts like a bish and I can’t wait to get it done. I’m practically begging for it at this point.

Site one step closer to being done =3